Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C10 F Ck He Has a Perverted Obsession with Cleanliness?
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Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C10 F Ck He Has a Perverted Obsession with Cleanliness?
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C10 F Ck He Has a Perverted Obsession with Cleanliness?

Unexpectedly, when she withdrew her chopsticks, she saw that everyone had stopped their actions. Dozens of eyes were staring at her from all directions as if they had seen a ghost.

In an instant, she was dumbfounded. "Did she do something wrong?" She had never used her chopsticks before!

At this time, Feng Yimo's half-sister Feng Hanxiang suddenly sneered, and ridiculed:

"Hehe, I say sister-in-law, how did you become a wife? Don't you know that Big Bro has a germaphobia and doesn't like anyone touching his things? Furthermore, don't you know that he never eats carrots? "

Li Nuo was dizzy: Could it be such a coincidence?

Mother also added fuel to the fire, "Quickly! Change the dishes for Eldest Young Master! "

Just as everyone was waiting for Feng Yimo to flip the table, he grabbed the vegetables and stuffed them into his mouth, along with the carrot.

This was a blatant slap to the face!

Instantly, the entire family was struck dumb again.

At this time, the Old Granny spoke up, "I won't speak if I don't want to eat! "Eat!"

Her words were sharp, but the old lady's eyes narrowed as she looked at the two of them with even more gratification.

After that, Li Nuo no longer dared to act rashly.

After a peaceful meal, everyone was left to spend the night. After chatting casually for a while, Li Nuo was called to his room by the Old Granny to have a private chat.

The old lady mentioned about Feng Yimo's past, and also asked about the two of them. Li Nuo had basically told the truth, and only told her the truth about her pregnancy, and was unsure if he had told her, or if he planned to tell her, that during the period of caution, she didn't dare say much.

After 10 o'clock, she finally got to Feng Yimo's room, led by a servant.

Just as he closed the door, a cold voice suddenly rang out: "Throw it away!"


Following his gaze, Li Nuo saw the red packet and the red embroidered box in his hand. This was given to her by Aunt Feng on the way! He said it was a rule!

"Didn't you hear what I said?"

"But this is money …" Was she supposed to throw the dustbin? This was money and jewelry! Moreover, with one look, one could tell that it was quite valuable! The money was still hot! What the heck was going on!

"Do you want me to throw you out as well?"

His voice had clearly sunk a little. It was obvious that he was angry! Gripping the thing in his hands tightly, Li Nuo said in a soft voice.

"Throw me out! I'll go and accompany Grandmother! "

"You dare threaten me?"

All of a sudden, Li Nuo remembered something her grandmother had said. She had said, "He is a wolf;

In an instant, she praising her small face, pitifully placed the thing in her hands onto a cabinet in the inconspicuous corner:

"How would I dare? Wasting is shameful, let's talk about it and donate it tomorrow, okay? You haven't slept in the open, have you? "He can't eat his fill, he can't wear warm clothes, he's sick and has maggots, yet he has to be chased away. What a pity …"

For a long time, Feng Yimo only heard her chattering nonstop and couldn't help but feel annoyed. "Enough! "Up to you!"

First round, complete victory!

Just as the lips of the two shallow Xiao Li scrolled up, a white towel was thrown right at their heads:

"Go take a bath!" Do not dirty my bathroom, do not touch my things, do not leave my hair... Do not move except in the red box, put it back after use, do not make a mistake. "I'm not allowed to smell anything, it smells terrible …"

After half a day, with countless numbers of "no" flying in front of his eyes, Li Nuo's heart was instead filled with countless of madly running f * cking horses —

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