Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C11 She Despised the Smell on Her Body?
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Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C11 She Despised the Smell on Her Body?
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C11 She Despised the Smell on Her Body?

Which planet is he from? So many problems?

Li Nuo screamed in his heart. Facing the man's cold and detached figure, Li Nuo still turned around and walked towards the bathroom.

As he closed the door, Li Nuo unconsciously stopped in the middle of the room. She could clearly see that everything was neatly arranged in a spotless, mirror-like bathroom with no traces of having been used at all. She could imagine how obsessed this man was with cleanliness.

How tired would it be to live with such a man?

His gaze landed on the small red basket on the washstand. Seeing that it was filled with one-time use items that were like travel sets, Li Nuo knew that this was what he meant by "red box", it was all prepared for him!

Thinking of that pile of "No", she was so angry that she wanted to go on a rampage.

"She actually has a scent on her?"

Lifting his hand to take a light sniff, Li Nuo could not help but scoff at her. Since young, no matter male or female, anyone near her would envy her clean and good skin, as well as her fresh and elegant body fragrance!

He actually disliked her? There was clearly something wrong!

Her days in the future wouldn't be so tough, right? This is just the beginning, how do we do it?


Suddenly, she thought of the scene at the dining table. With a flash of inspiration, Li Nuo twisted open the door that was supposed to be "locked from the inside".

Then, when she opened a bottle of lotion, she poured some on the floor, and when she saw the items on the shelves, she threw some of them down too. Then she combed her hair with a comb, and deliberately put some of her hair into the corner, and when she was done, she picked up a bottle of slightly scented essential oil.

Everything was ready, so Li Nuo took off his clothes and wrapped a towel around himself. He first laid a towel on the floor to suck in the water, then used the slightly small warm water to moisten his hair and body, and then kicked the towel to the side to boil the water. He purposely stretched out his arm to burn it, and then screamed:


Sure enough, in the next second, Feng Yimo barged in, and became as furious as thunder: "What are you doing?"

This damned woman!

A fragrant smell wafted over, the bathroom was filled with the smell of water, it was a mess, and she was standing in a corner with a towel wrapped around her, the water splashing around her. With every step she took, Feng Yimo had the urge to jump and kill.

He quickly rushed over and flipped the switch: "Jian Linuo! Are you deaf to my words? "

After spinning his body, Feng Yimo's whole body became restless.

As he sobbed, Li Nuo also did not argue. Instead, he lowered his head, looking wronged and sobbing, "Sorry, I'll clean it up immediately!"

At this moment, she was not faking it. It was just that she did not expect the water to be so hot. One of her arms was burning with pain.

Glaring fiercely at her, Feng Yimo finally noticed that she was rubbing her arm that was completely red. Her skin was very white, especially at night under the white light, it was crystal clear and flawless, at that moment, a large area of red was extremely shocking. Adding to that, she was only wearing a bath towel, her entire body was drenched, and even her hair was dripping with water.

Seeing that she bent her body to pick up the fallen bottle and was about to grab the mop, Feng Yimo grabbed her other arm and suppressed his anger:

"What's going on?"

"I'm afraid of dirtying the bathroom and would like to wash my hair first. I can't turn on the tap, so I don't know where I pressed. I also don't know where I got the water. I found out that I took the wrong shampoo. If I want to change it, I suddenly got hot water, so I …"

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