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C12 Sleeping Couch!

"I don't know what I bumped into!" I'll clean it up quickly, I won't get dirty, I'll use cold water later... "Wash!"

No one would be able to blame her even if they saw her. Furthermore, she was an exceptionally beautiful woman, and she was even injured.

As for the other towel, Feng Yimo wiped it hard on her hair twice: "You haven't washed yet, but want to burn yourself first? Just die from stupidity! "

After reprimanding her, he opened the wardrobe and gave her a brand-new bathrobe. "I'll help you adjust the temperature of the water! "Go out and apply the medicine first!"

His tone was not friendly and his actions were rough, but somehow, Li Nuo's heart warmed.

Feng Yimo walked out and saw Li Nuo standing there dumbly, and he was still a step away from the sofa: "What are you standing there for? Is my brain also burnt out? "

Pursing his lips, Li Nuo turned back and said: "What do I do if I dirty the sofa?"

Couldn't he talk properly?

"This one is still missing?" The meaning in his words was, haven't you dirtied many of them?

As long as he said that, Li Nuo would not stand on ceremony and immediately sat down. After thinking that it was wrong, he changed his body and sat down.

Feng Yimo turned over the ointment, and seeing her cautious posture, he couldn't help but feel uncomfortable. He pulled her arm, scooped up some cool ointment, and applied it to her:

"This medicine is very effective. It will stop hurting in two minutes! I helped you change into a new set of ladies' toiletries. Go take a shower! Rub it again before you go to bed. The red mark should be gone by tomorrow! "

"Oh!" "Thank you!"

Li Nuo got up and thought of something. "I'll clean up the bathroom first!"

"Enough!" Don't try to be brave! Just don't tear down my bathroom! We'll wait for the servants to clean up tomorrow! "


With a low grunt, he turned around, but a trace of light flashed in Li Nuo's eyes: Second round, Small Victory!

One should feel comfortable first in life! Besides, she wasn't a slovenly person!

In the bathroom, Li Nuo still cleaned up simply and then comfortably took a bath.

As he walked out, a cold voice rang out, "Sleep on the sofa!"

With regards to this, Li Nuo did not object. Changing the man's T-shirt, he walked towards the sofa. She knew that everything had to be measured, and she knew that she had to stop when she saw something good.

A person like him would definitely be extremely smart. He might understand her little tricks, and it might just be to give a woman face. Therefore, it could only be bought and sold in one go. He definitely couldn't use it a second time!

With regards to this point, it had to be said that Li Nuo was smart!

In the past three years, what she had learned the most about people was how to look at others and how to live with them!

Therefore, she wasn't the least bit displeased. After she finished tidying things up carefully, she prepared to rest. When the two of them had just laid down, Mother Miao's voice suddenly came from outside:

"Eldest Young Master, are you asleep? "The madame asked me to send some ladies' clothes over!"

Mother Miao specifically served Grandma. Hearing that, Feng Yimo understood what he meant.

The two of them stood up at the same time. One of them waved and the other glanced at each other.

At this time, Feng Yimo also walked to the door and opened it.

"Eldest young master, the madame said that she was not well-prepared. She had only managed to find a few unworn pajamas at the bottom of the trunk. Although they looked a little old, they were all new to her and she could wear them for one night. She will send some new clothes over tomorrow morning."

After saying that, Mother Miao's eyes looked deeper into the cave.

"Alright, thank Grandma for me!"

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