Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C13 Hug Him and Call Him Another Man's Name
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Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C13 Hug Him and Call Him Another Man's Name
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C13 Hug Him and Call Him Another Man's Name

When Feng Yimo returned, he had also lifted up his blanket.

"Sleep here! It was to prevent her grandmother from checking the post again on a whim! Pick one! " With that, Feng Yimo pushed his clothes over.

It could be seen that he was sincere towards the old man and was almost obedient to him.

Seeing that the clothes were still there and the style was relatively conservative, she chose a noble dark purple nightgown and changed into it.

Although the two of them had accepted the certificate and had a relationship before, they didn't have much memories of each other. For Li Nuo, this was the first time she was in the same room with a man.

Just as he was at a loss about what to do, a bucket of cold water was poured over him.

"You're not allowed to cross boundaries, touch my body, move, touch, and pull blankets. You're not allowed to snore or disturb my rest …"

The worry in her heart disappeared in an instant and was replaced by a scuffling rage. How could she have forgotten that he was a freak of nature? Why think so much? Besides, she was pregnant!

How could a freak from another planet live so comfortably? The heavens did not open their eyes!

Who wants to sleep in the same bed as you? It was simply —!

He was cursing in his heart as he clenched his fists tightly. However, Li Nuo nodded his head and said: "Oh!"

Would she become a lunatic in the future?

Mm, that's entirely possible! It was simply torture!

Thinking about that, Li Nuo carefully got onto the bed, and the two of them were still a distance away from each other. Inwardly indignant, she thought that she would definitely be too angry to sleep. She didn't know if it was because she was too tired or because it was a habit she had developed over the past three years, but the moment her head touched the pillow, she fell asleep.

With another person beside him, Feng Yimo was not used to it at all. Adding to that, the indistinct fragrance of a woman wafting through the air, disturbed him even more.

This damned woman!

As he tightly closed his eyes, the cells in Feng Yimo's body could not calm down at all.

Does "counting sheep" work?

A thought suddenly popped into his mind. He, who only felt childish, actually began to mutter in his heart. Finally feeling a little tired, he suddenly stretched out his arm.

He suddenly opened his eyes, but his soft and slender body was pressed up against the ground.

Black lines instantly appeared on Feng Yimo's forehead. She gritted her teeth so hard that they made sounds, and then grabbed her little hand and pushed her to the side of her shoulder.

"Jian Linuo!"

"Well, why?"

As he moaned, Li Nuo used all her might to burrow into his embrace. No one knew if it was a dream or what, but her voice kept on crying, and in the quiet night, her tone of voice was filled with grievance, causing people's hearts to tremble.

"Why …" Do you treat me like this? "

Stunned, Feng Yimo's heart suddenly softened, because he thought that she was pregnant! He frowned, unconsciously, but the strength in his hand was gradually drained away.

"Yueze …"

When the man's name suddenly entered his ears, the veins on Feng Yimo's temples immediately jumped: Is she courting death? Calling out another man's name in his bed?

The fire couldn't get any hotter! Feng Yimo pushed her: "Jian Linuo!"

He raised his head, opened his eyes, and muttered: "I'm so sleepy, let me sleep, okay? Tidy up tomorrow... The bathroom, huh? "

Lowering her head, she snuggled against his embrace in a spoiled manner. She even hugged him even more tightly.

I've never seen such a woman! It was simply like dog skin plaster!

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