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C15 Divorce!

Just then, the bathroom door opened, and Feng Yimo walked out.

Unconsciously turning her body, Li Nuo's lips moved, but she could not utter a single word. If looks could kill, she would definitely be chopped into pieces now, no, minced meat!

He knew that he had committed an unforgivable sin!

Seeing that he was walking towards the wardrobe with a vicious and aloof attitude, as if he was not allowed to get near, Li Nuo picked up the sanitary towel on the floor and entered the bathroom.

Come out, after changing his clothes, Li Nuo glanced at him twice.

Thinking about it, whether this was her fault or not, at the very least, he didn't lose anything, right? He was so angry, why? It didn't seem like she was the one who said she was pregnant, wanted to keep her child, and was pestering him to marry her, right?

It wasn't her fault. Why was she so afraid of him?

The most important thing right now was the current situation!

Gritting his teeth, Li Nuo took a few steps forward, "Let's get divorced! I — "" I'm out of the house!

Looking back, Feng Yimo's gaze that was staring at her became even more vicious: Man, he has already brought her home, and now she wants to talk about divorce? Are you looking for excitement?

After a short pause, Li Nuo's mind was instantly in a mess:

"What's with this reaction? What exactly does he mean? "

Turning around, Feng Yimo walked towards a cabinet at the side, picked up his alloy watch and put it on.

Returning to reality, Li Nuo also turned his body and shouted: "I am serious! Let's get divorced! "

Before Feng Yimo could make a sound, the door to the room was pushed open with a "bang" and Mother Miao followed the old lady and rushed in in two or three steps:

"What?" Divorce? Yi Mo, are you even the descendant of the Feng Family? How could he be so irresponsible? Are you going to piss me off? "

Patting her chest, the old lady blushed.

When they were near the door, Li Nuo instinctively supported the old lady and patted her back, shaking his head anxiously. "Grandmother, no, actually, it's my fault!"

I don't know what's special about the Feng Family or its family rules, but I don't know what's special about the Feng Family. I don't know what's special about the body, but there's a special kind of gene in the Feng Family, a man doesn't care about women, the man in the Feng Family is born with black eyes, but after they touched the first virgin, their eyes would turn black and blue. This also means that when they become adults, only when their eyes turn blue and black can they make women become pregnant, otherwise, no matter how many girls they touch, they will have no offspring!

Because of this special gene, the Feng Family had always placed great importance on the family.

The first rule was that children of the Feng's would get married and never leave.

However, Li Nuo still did not have the chance to know of all these. She was only subconscious "speaking the truth", but at this moment, this performance, in her grandmother's eyes, was "understanding and reasonable", but in Feng Yimo's eyes, it was "hypocritical adding to the chaos"!

"Grandmother really dotes on you for nothing!" Look, such a good woman, you're still … Cough cough! "

Looking up at the sky, Feng Yimo was speechless. Did Grandma find out? He clearly wasn't the one who said he would get a divorce!

Feng Yimo walked forward and helped the old man to sit down, then gently patted her back and said, "Grandmother, don't be angry, don't hurt your body! It's not a problem, Li Nuo is angry at me! "


Raising her eyes, Li Nuo was momentarily shocked. But what responded to her was a single glance!

At the same time, Feng Yimo had also been caught by his grandmother.

"Don't scowl at Xiao Li, she's not your subordinate! Girls had to be spoiled! It's normal for you to have a small temper! "

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