Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C16 Kicked out of Bed?
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Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C16 Kicked out of Bed?
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C16 Kicked out of Bed?

"The girl has entrusted herself to you, so she has to be responsible to others, do you understand?"

Li Nuo was very touched by her grandmother's reprimands. These past three years, Li Nuo had tasted all the warmth in the world, and very few people had ever protected her. On the other side, Feng Yimo did not have the slightest disobedience on his face. He was very calm and patient, just listening and nodding.

Finally, the three of them went downstairs and had a beautiful morning meal.

Because it was a weekend, the family was all casual. After dinner, Feng Yimo received a call to busy himself, then accompanied Grandma on a walk in the courtyard.

All morning, she listened to her grandma talk about the past. Occasionally, she would say a few words to her grandmother. She was also very attentive towards this old man who cared about her. She poured tea for him.

Even if Feng Yimo was present, he basically wouldn't say a word. At night, it was as if she was forced into Mount Liang, suffering all sorts of hardships.

Closing the door, she stood in front of the bed like an angry little daughter-in-law. Someone was sitting on it, looking at her with a pair of icy eyes:

"I don't care who sent you here, or what your purpose is. In the future, you are not allowed to mention these two words in front of Grandmother!" "If the relationship continues, don't play any tricks on me!"

"I didn't!"

She was not happy that she had been slandered again and again. Furthermore, the situation had changed drastically and Li Nuo's mental state was no longer what it was before.

"Let's get divorced! On the surface, I will still fully cooperate with you and take care of Grandmother's feelings whenever you want. Can you do this? "

After all, they had only known each other for a short time, and in fact, he was the one she dreaded the most — the rich and the young, and moreover, the best of the best. Now that their only connection had been cleared, subconsciously, Li Nuo rejected them, or even strongly rejected them!

The relationship he had with Zhang Yueze had already hurt her to the bone. She had no illusions about the so-called "noble family" or "Prince Charming".

The young miss of Jian Family three years ago, did not even manage to "tie the knot", let alone the poor Jian Linuo right now?

She knew her own limits!

Feng Yimo disdainfully rolled his eyes at her as he sneered:

"When you understand the Feng's and are familiar with the rules of the Feng Family, you can talk to me about it! "Tonight, do not touch a single hair on my head, or else I will throw you out!"

Feng Yimo went back to bed and turned out the lights.

Facing him, Li Nuo grinded his teeth and grimaced, but in the end he also climbed onto the bed with his shoulders hunched.

In the middle of the night, a soft and jade-like body snuck into his embrace once again. Although he was in a daze in his sleep, Feng Yimo actually enjoyed the feeling of it being smooth and cool, causing him to feel comfortable.

The next day, early in the morning, Li Nuo was thrown awake.

Opening his eyes, he saw himself half under the bed, half hanging on the bed. At this moment, Feng Yimo's pajamas were slightly scattered, from head to toe, all of them black:

"It smells so bad!" If you don't wash up, you are not allowed to come up! "

It really was like dog skin paste. It actually stuck to his body to sleep?

Faintly staring, Li Nuo lifted his hand to take a sniff, then pouted:

"Can you not be so mischievous during special times? Isn't that what women do? I didn't despise you! "His body is as hard as stone, and there are hairs on his legs …"

Muttering, Li Nuo got up and walked towards the bathroom. Looking at his proud and fat chest, Feng Yimo's face turned ugly.

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