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C17 Does It Hurt?

In less than three minutes, Li Nuo walked out.

Then, he carried a thin blanket out of the cabinet and walked straight to the sofa at the side. He didn't even glance sideways as he saw her tuck in her pillow, lie down and fall asleep again.

Watching the entire process, Feng Yimo was so angry that his mouth almost went crooked.

The strong force made the quilt and bed creak. Perhaps he didn't even realize it, but for the past few days, it was as if he had swallowed gunpowder and was on the verge of erupting.

After two days of crashing against the ground, it was finally coming to an end. In the afternoon,'s grandma had the habit of taking a nap in her room. When Li Nuo woke up, it was already past three o'clock.

She was thinking of leaving after dinner. Seeing that Feng Yimo had not come back yet, she packed up her things and left to accompany and Grandma.

Just as he walked down the stairs, he felt something strange at his feet. Li Nuo lowered her head and saw a fat, pure-white Persian cat at her feet. It had snow-white fur, big blue eyes and was especially cute.

"What a beautiful cat!"

"Don't touch my cat with your dirty hands!"

His hands were empty, and before Li Nuo could regain his senses, he was pushed hard by someone. He stumbled and coincidentally fell on the stairs with his heels, and then sat down on the floor:


With a stuffy snort, Li Nuo saw clearly that the woman in front of her was actually Feng Family's eldest miss, Feng Yimo's half-sister Feng Hanxiang. At this moment, she was holding the cat, stroking it time and time again, and looking down at her with eyes full of disdain and disdain:

"Difficult people come from the backwater! You don't know other people's things, can't you just randomly touch them? How uncultured! A thief who asked for nothing! If I didn't happen to see you do it, would you be able to take advantage of me? "

Standing up, Li Nuo was not to be outdone:

"Miss Wen, if you don't ask, and if you aren't educated, can you just break the rules and slander the education system? I'm part of this family and I didn't know it was your cat, so I didn't plan to take it away! "Don't think that you can wrongly accuse me just because you think too much. I don't care whether I'm a noble or a lowly person!"

"Eh? Why did I say those words? Why did I get angry out of embarrassment?" He had a poverty-stricken look! My Baby is much more expensive than you! A sparrow is a sparrow. Do you really think you can fly up a branch and become a phoenix? "

He did not eat her again as he was not used to her tone. Just as he was about to say something, a low male voice came out:

"Li Nuo!"

Only now did he realize that Feng Yimo was actually standing at the door, and in that moment, he bit his lip, and turned around. Feng Hanxiang's face also changed.

He originally thought that he would find an opportunity to blame himself. After all, from the morning until now, he hadn't given her a good look.

Don't even think about her! "" Apologize!

Walking forward, Feng Yimo indifferently swept a glance at Feng Hanxiang, and then held her small hands, which had two faint red scars from being grabbed by the cat:

"Does it hurt?"

Looking up, Li Nuo instinctively nodded his head. He saw that Feng Hanxiang, who was extremely arrogant and domineering just a moment ago, was shaking his hands, and his anxious voice was obviously trembling.

"She was the one who didn't know when to stop and carried my cat. Baby, I was born —"

She's afraid of Feng Yimo?

The sudden realization confused Li Nuo. Why?

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