Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C18 Throw the Little Beast out
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Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C18 Throw the Little Beast out
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C18 Throw the Little Beast out

In the past two days in Feng Family, she had learnt a bit.

Amongst the elders in Feng Family, only Grandma was the only one. Naturally, Grandma was the leader, followed by Feng Yimo's father and second uncle. It was said that Feng Yimo's mother had disappeared from his side when he was very young, and after that, his father had gotten married and had a son and daughter.

So, in this family, Feng Yimo seemed like a loner; logically speaking, he should have been isolated and excluded, right? But why did she feel that Feng Hanxiang was afraid of him?

And just at this moment, the cat that was sliding down from Feng Hanxiang's body suddenly moved next to Feng Yimo's feet, and with a kick, he kicked the cat out. The fat cat actually rolled twice and crashed into the corner of the table.

"Swish ~ Swish ~ ~"

Feng Hanxiang ran over and hugged the cat. He then howled out in pain, "Why did you kick my cat? You're still using so much strength? "

"You blind beast!" What was he doing at home? Men, throw this little bastard out for me! "

"No!" This is my cat! "

Hearing that, the steward ran out with a servant, only to see it was the eldest young master and the eldest young miss. Everyone was stunned and didn't know who to listen to.

At this time, Feng Yimo spoke again: "Didn't you hear what I said? You want me to do it myself? "

Being captivated by his aura, the butler couldn't help but take in a breath of cold air. His gaze fell upon Feng Hanxiang's embrace, obviously looking troubled:


Hearing the voice, his father and mother also walked out. "What's going on? What are you doing? "

Turning around, Feng Hanxiang ran over and took hold of her father's arm: "Dad, it's him, it's Big Brother who insisted on throwing away my baby! Dad, my baby, I don't want it! "

Acting like a spoiled child, she tugged at his sleeve.

Patting Feng Hanxiang's hand, his father asked: "Why should I have such a big matter? "Alright, alright, there's nothing else. You can all go now!"

Feng Yimo suddenly spoke out, his voice becoming more unyielding: "I said throw this little bastard out!"

The servant moved, then stopped again.

Li Nuo did not expect the situation to turn out like this, looking at Feng Yimo, he did not know whether to say anything, and was stunned.

Obviously, the two of them were having an intense fight.

However, his father's voice slowed down: "Yi Mo, it's just a cat. Xiang Xiang likes — —"

"Is a little beast more important than a man? It bit Li Nuo! Who would dare to knock on the door of a house with such an injured animal? Or do you think people are different? An animal is more important than a human? If that's the case, then I have nothing to say! "

Feng Yimo raised his eyebrows, Feng Yimo's indifferent voice was not hurried nor slow, but he was resolute, and the gaze that he looked at his father with was cold and bone-piercing, but it was obvious that there were hidden meanings behind his words.

His expression suddenly changed as he thought of something. His father's lips trembled a few times, but he still said, "Someone, come! Throw the cat out! In the future, pets are not allowed to be raised at home! "

"Dad —"

With a scream of disbelief, Feng Hanxiang hugged the cat in his arms tightly.

"What are you standing there for? Hurry up and throw it out! "

As he spoke again, his father's voice became more severe. Feng Hanxiang pestered her until she was in a mess, but Feng Yimo didn't say a word, and carried her upstairs!

"Dad, don't throw it away, put it in the cage. I'm not letting it out, okay?"

He sighed and thought for a while before saying, "Butler, take the cat to the pet shop and let someone take care of it!"

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