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C19 Her Embrace

Back in the room, Feng Yimo's entire body was covered in a layer of ice, she took the ointment and helped wipe her wounds!

Fortunately, the skin wasn't broken, otherwise, he would have to go for a tetanus shot!

Looking at the extremely cold him, Li Nuo's heart suddenly felt warm. Suddenly, she felt that he wasn't as bad as she had imagined. At least, in front of others, he would always protect her!

This was the complete opposite of the Zhang Yueze of the past!

Leaning his head on Yun Che's shoulder, Li Nuo reached out and hugged him tightly:

"Sorry, I caused you trouble, I didn't do it on purpose! I wanted to be with my grandma again before I left. "

Not knowing why, Li Nuo suddenly wanted to hug him.

Feng Yimo's body stiffened, and all the blood in his body seemed to freeze over. For a long time, he didn't move an inch, and the corner of his eyes just stared straight at the woman who gave him a big hug from the side!

That's right! Woman!

The "woman" he hated the most in his life had actually given it to him when he wanted warmth!

After suffering such a setback to grow intelligence, if he were to leave the house, Li Nuo would definitely be on his guard. Follow Feng Yimo, she would not touch anything that she doesn't want to touch, she would not speak if he didn't.

When it was dinner time, Grandmother naturally noticed that something was amiss. In fact, she already knew about it.

Therefore, when Feng Hanxiang was in a temper and did not eat, she asked the empress to wake him up.

After sitting down, Feng Hanxiang's mouth was still pursed, and his eyes seemed to be a little red.

After a "hmm", the old lady said, "You're already getting married, why are you still acting like a child? It's all customary! "

As she spoke, the old lady cast a sidelong glance at her father, who remained silent. At the same time, her mother didn't dare to say anything. She could only agree.

"Mom is right! I told you about her! "

"Xiang Xiang, don't talk about grandmother's bias!" The last time Mrs. Nguyen came to visit, your cat almost scratched her and she should have thrown it away long ago! Which rich lady was not delicate? Only your elder sister-in-law is not an outsider. If this were to hurt someone else, they would accidentally ruin their appearance. How would your father behave? How can we be at home? Therefore, he had done the right thing! This matter shall come to an end here. No one is allowed to bring it up again in the future! A family was made up of peace! It's rare for a whole family to gather together. Come, let's drink! "

The Old Granny spoke up. No matter how dissatisfied everyone was, they all went down the stairs. Soon after, the family started to eat. The atmosphere was quite good.

Towards the end, the old lady suddenly said,

"Xiao Li, you are too skinny. You need to eat more so that you can grow more leaves for the Feng Family. If Yi Mo dares to bully you, tell Grandma to take care of him, and don't get mad at him! Yi Mo, you have to work hard too.

Who would have thought that the Old Granny would bring it up right in front of everyone at the dining table? Li Nuo's face was so red that he almost buried everything in the rice, but Feng Yimo still agreed naturally.

Besides their foster father, the expressions of the others were all more or less unsightly.

After dinner, the two did not stay for long. They went to sit alone in Grandma's room for a while before deciding to leave early.

Because they still had to work the next day and didn't live together before, Feng Yimo decided to send Li Nuo back to the Jian Family first. Unexpectedly, after receiving the news, the Jane's mother was already waiting at the entrance.

"Yi Mo, come in and take a seat. Eat some supper before leaving!"

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