Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C2 This Was Not the First Time?
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Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C2 This Was Not the First Time?
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C2 This Was Not the First Time?

Before she could recover from her shock, she saw her best friend, Jiang Lu holding onto Zhang Yueze's arm as they walked in.


Unbelievable, Li Nuo's eyes instantly widened again.

At this moment, Jiang Lu's faint gaze swept across the messy and wrinkled bed sheets with an ulterior motive, stopping on top of it for a few seconds.

There were no bloodstains on the pure white bed sheets? This was out of her expectations! Could it be that this wasn't her first time?! If she knew earlier, she wouldn't have bothered!

He was overjoyed, but on Jiang Lu's face, he pretended to be regretful and regretful:

"Li Nuo, today is my father's birthday, can't you bear with it? Why must I do it... Do such a thing? Such a big commotion? It was a waste of this year. I've been doing my best to help you, and I've never forgotten about you! "

The meaning behind her words was that this was not the first time she had done this!

Zhang Yueze's voice was extremely impatient as she opened her mouth to speak, "To waste time with this kind of hypocritical bitch! What is there to say? "

"Yueze, don't be like this! At least I can't help but fall in love with you, and feel guilty in my heart! "

"You are too kind!"


Looking at the two of them talking at the same time, Li Nuo was even more confused than usual: Hypocritical? Despicable?

The heck! One, saying that he loved her, yet leaving her alone at the wedding, causing her family to be ruined, and so far he hadn't even given her a single explanation?

One of them was treating her with kindness and righteousness, cursing him as a "scum" with more righteousness than her, yet he was actually doing this behind her back …

Who was more hypocritical? Who was more despicable?

He did not expect to hear such a vulgar word from the mouth of the man he had loved and waited for for for three years. As if he had just vanished into thin air, Li Nuo crawled back up as he let out a cold laugh.

"Same here!" "It's rare that our understanding of each other actually came to a consensus!"

Pushing the two people aside, Li Nuo picked up the clothes on the floor and walked towards the washroom. He couldn't remember how he got home, but when he closed the door, he couldn't help but cry like the rain.

At this time, at Starmoon Nightclub, just as Feng Yimo walked to the door of the room, he bumped into Tang Lisheng, who grabbed his arm. Tang Li Cheng stared straight at him, his eyeballs almost falling out.

"elder brother Feng, your eyes —" Your expression changed!

Did he break?

As if he had seen a ghost, he looked up and down a few times. Tang Lisheng's eyes were filled with shock, but it was as if someone had splashed ink on his face.

"elder brother Feng, whose family's little son is he? He is so charming, how could he enter your eyes?"

After confirming that his eyes had changed from the "black" he was familiar with to the "blue-black" he was now, Tang Lisheng could not hide his surprise.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, it would have been unbelievable!

The two prodigies of the Feng's, young and promising, handsome beyond life. One was a playboy, the other was not even close to a woman. He thought that the "Feng's's special gene" was definitely going to be seen by the "playboy" Feng Yiting. He never thought that the "playboy" Feng Yiting, who hated women to the extreme, would actually break the technique first!

"If you don't speak, no one will treat you as a mute!" Why don't you bring it up?

At this moment, his eyes were still screaming in pain, reminding Feng Yimo of what had just happened.

The next day, when Li Nuo woke up from his trance, he found a blue embroidered box in his hands. Inside the box was a pair of butterfly shaped diamond earrings.

The earring was the token of love that Zhang Yueze had proposed to her in the past.

Her heart suddenly hurt and she threw it into the drawer. Suddenly, she felt a wave of nausea and ran into the washroom.

Ugh …

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