Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C20 Feng Is a Rare Woman?
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Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C20 Feng Is a Rare Woman?
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C20 Feng Is a Rare Woman?

Holding onto his mother's arm, Li Nuo wanted to politely reject, but Feng Yimo unexpectedly nodded his head: "Okay!"

The 80-foot-long hut only had the mother and daughter pair in it. It was cleaned up thoroughly because Feng Yimo had joined them, making it even more crowded. There was only a sofa and a table in the living room.

"The house is a little shabby, don't mind it. Xiao Li, tell Yi Mo to sit, I'll help you fill up the soup …"


Actually, she didn't really want Feng Yimo to enter the house, but she couldn't go against her mother's wishes either. After seeing her mother enter the kitchen, she said softly:

"Wait, let me get one for you …" A cushion! "

Knowing that he was germaphobic and afraid that he would despise her, Li Nuo subconsciously wanted to find a new bed sheet or cushion for him to sit on, even though the sofa cover was something new that they had just made, it wouldn't take long.

Just as she moved, she saw that Feng Yimo had already sat down. Shocked, she was stunned.

At this time, Jane's mother had already brought out a bowl of soup:

"Why are you standing there dumbly when you got someone to greet you? How come he didn't even know how to pour a cup of water! Lotus seed lily soup can calm your heart and rest in peace. You youngsters often stay up late at night to work under great pressure. Drinking some water is good for your health! "

"Mom, it's getting late, hurry up and go to bed! I'll call out to him! "

After all, Feng Yimo was not an ordinary man. Li Nuo was very afraid that he would not give face to his mother and hurt her heart.

"Alright, alright, Mom won't disturb you!"

Although Jane's mother wore simple clothing, her charm was still there. Coupled with the warmth of her smile, she looked very virtuous, giving off a very good feeling.

Before she turned around, Feng Yimo picked up the bowl and drank it all off: "Thank you!"

"Drink as much as you like!"

Glancing at his daughter, Jane's mother went back to his room.

As he sat down, Li Nuo felt like he was about to collapse. He never thought that Feng Yimo would actually give him such face, he had truly drank the soup to the end.

No matter if he was sincere or just acting, at that moment, Li Nuo's heart surged with gratitude.

After sending Feng Yimo out of the door, this time, Li Nuo did not say thank you. Instead, he said sincerely: "Drive slower on the road, and be careful of your safety! "Good night!"

He didn't know why, but even though he felt that her family's size was too small, he secretly felt that it was a little difficult to leave. With an "en", he actually didn't urge her to keep him here, which made Feng Yimo complain a little.

"Pack up your things this week!"

With that, without waiting for her reply, Feng Yimo angrily got on the carriage.

Curling his lips, Li Nuo faintly sighed: Sigh, as expected, I'm not happy!

After clarifying the matter of the pregnant Wu Long with his mother, he did not expect his mother to completely accept the marriage, even going to the extent of saying that he would move in with Feng Yimo, and even raised both hands in support.

So far, Li Nuo could be considered to have accepted the reality of the whole situation. Fortunately, in this chaotic chess game, it didn't seem too bad at the moment.

After a short period of time, everything gradually became peaceful again. Li Nuo also heaved a sigh of relief.

One day, after he entered the company, just as he was organizing the documents in his hands, a buzzing sound came from his cell phone.

An unfamiliar number?

"Hello, Jiayi Translator Jian Linuo, may I ask —"

Just as he reported his name, a beep sounded out. He stared at his phone and asked: What do you mean? Wrong call?

Shaking her head, she didn't think too much about it. She got up and went to the tea room.

When he came back, the office was in an uproar.

"Distinguished International has already taken down the project of 'World's Garden'. Does Young Master Feng even have any women? Are you sure? "

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