Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C3 Wishy-washy Bitch!
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Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C3 Wishy-washy Bitch!
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C3 Wishy-washy Bitch!

"Xiao Li, are you awake? What's the matter with you? It's time for breakfast! "

Outside the room, Li Nuo heard his mother's concerned voice. Li Nuo hurriedly rinsed his mouth, "Immediately!"

It was as if all his internal organs had been vomited out, along with his previous unwillingness and grief! Some things should have been put aside a long time ago!

When he got up, Li Nuo felt relaxed, but a layer of moisture suddenly appeared in the corner of his eyes:

"Unfortunately, she woke up too late! Her precious first time — "

Thinking back to last night, a wave of hatred suddenly came to her mind. She had always been cautious, and had not drunk much wine the night before. However, her memories were actually fragmented!

It's Jiang Lu! Definitely!

No wonder her eyes were always filled with sand last night and she could blow on it from time to time! Now that she thought about it, she must have taken the opportunity to mess with her drink!


Because of Zhang Yueze?

But she clearly knew that it was impossible for her to be together with him!

Why did he still harm her so much?

A sharp fingernail pierced his palm, causing Li Nuo's chest to swell with anger. At this moment, his mother's voice sounded once again:

"Xiao Li!"

"He's here!"

In an instant, like a deflated ball, Li Nuo hurriedly wiped away the tears at the corner of his eyes.

At the table, her mother served her food. "Why do you look so ugly? Is it too much work? Or was the party unhappy last night? You fought with the Lulu? "

Seeing his mother's obviously aged face, Li Nuo felt a wave of discomfort in his heart. Picking up an egg, he placed it in his mother's bowl and laughed:

"Nothing! "Maybe he drank too much and didn't sleep well …"

She couldn't let her mother worry anymore!

Before he could finish his meal, Li Nuo's phone rang. Before she could feel sad, she had already left the house.

"I have to work overtime, so I might have to make a mistake. Don't wait for me!"

When Li Nuo returned, it was already more than half a month later.

Li Nuo first reported to the company before pulling his luggage towards home. Not too far away from the intersection, he saw a pastry shop, and when she thought about how her mother liked to eat their Durian Soup, she joined the queue.

As he walked, it was unknown when, but a tall, light gray figure had already appeared in front of him. Li Nuo's mind instantly went blank, and his hands loosened as the convenience pouch fell to the ground:

Zhang... Zhang Yueze, why is he here?

Her lips moved, yet Li Nuo could not make a sound. It was as if lead had been poured onto her feet.

At the intersection on the other side, Jiang Lu saw this scene from afar. He almost broke his nails, and picked up his phone.

Li Nuo had thought about the scene of the two meeting again countless of times, but he never thought that it would not be extremely awkward for them to not have anything to say.

The sudden ringing of the mobile phone broke the silence of the two people. Picking up the phone, Zhang Yueze turned and left.

After smiling bitterly, Li Nuo also subconsciously turned around. Suddenly, with a "Pa" sound, he slapped her heavily!


"Don't call me! I don't have such a useless daughter like you! Your father is still in the hospital, and you still have a relationship with him? Are you happy because you want to kill me too? Why did you become a complete laughingstock? Why did our family end up like this? Why did we leave our hometowns? Have you forgotten all this? If it wasn't for Jiang Lu informing me, I would still be in the dark... "

Jane's mother was trembling with anger.

Jiang Lu! It's Jiang Lu again!

This b * tch was scheming!

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