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C4 There Is?

Mother Jian fainted on the spot.

Because of this misunderstanding, Jane's mother did not speak to Li Nuo for three days. Her blood pressure rose and she stayed in the courtyard. On this day, Li Nuo specifically stopped his mother from eating, and Li Nuo patiently explained the entire matter once again from beginning to end:

"Mom, don't be angry anymore! I really didn't get into a relationship with him, it was a coincidence … Without saying a word, Jiang Lu was his girlfriend now, how could you believe her? In the future, we'll all stay away from them, okay? I promise I won't have anything to do with him anymore! Eat a bit, your body is more important! "

Since she was young, her parents had never been willing to beat her up. The only times they had acted against her were three years ago and it had all been because of — Zhang Yueze!

She still didn't understand. Back then, why did he pursue her so crazily and abandon her? Once upon a time, their love, thunderous and passionate, was also a beautiful story on campus!

This knot in her heart had been bothering her for three years and had never been put down. At this moment, it didn't seem that important anymore. Now, every time he thought about it, there was only bone-deep pain left!

"Are you telling the truth?"

"I swear!" After thinking for a moment, her mother still received the bowl of soup, and Li Nuo revealed her first smile in a few days.

Seeing Li Nuo's haggard appearance, Jane's mother softened. "I'm fine now, go and get discharged! It's so expensive here, it would cost more than one day to stay here! "

"It's okay! "Then I'll ask the doctor before I decide …"

Just as he turned into the corridor, a familiar voice came out from behind him. "Li Nuo? What a coincidence! "

subconsciously increased his pace, but he was still blocked at the end of the corridor:

"Why are you running when you see me? Still angry at me? "

Li Nuo turned around, and Jiang Lu also followed along. She turned back, and once again, quickly blocked her path:

"Li Nuo, don't be so stingy! "I've always treated you as a sister, don't affect our friendship just because you're doing better than me!"

Could she be any more shameless?

Li Nuo frowned, and looked at her coldly: "I'm very busy, go find someone else to put on a show!"

When she moved, Jiang Lu suddenly grabbed her arm with a face full of grievance:

"Don't be angry! I didn't mean to hide it from you! Li Nuo, believe me, Yue Ze is not as bad as you make him out to be. He has never forgotten about you, he is extremely loyal to you, and during these two years, he has been suffering greatly.

Why did this scene change so quickly?

"Enough! "I …"

flung his hands, but before he could react, he saw Jiang Lu squatting on the ground, clutching his stomach: "So painful!"

What kind of singing is this? Didn't she push her?

"Yueze …"

As expected, she turned around and faced Zhang Yueze's ugly and indignant expression. In the next second, he had already passed her and hugged Jiang Lu who was on the ground:

"How are you?"

"Really …" It was my own carelessness! Don't think about it! "I shouldn't have taken the initiative to greet you …"

"I'll take you to a doctor!"


Seeing that the two of them were putting on an act and clenching their fists, the corner of Li Nuo's mouth twitched.

He's lying to a ghost! You don't even know how to do the entire set?

Staring fiercely at Li Nuo, Zhang Yueze revealed a sinister look: "If anything happens to Lulu, I won't let you go!"

A chill went straight to his head, and suddenly Li Nuo felt nauseous.

"You can't be... Is that it? "

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