Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C5 Receiving a Certificate
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Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C5 Receiving a Certificate
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C5 Receiving a Certificate

Before he left, Jiang Lu even threw down a heavy bomb, and after a long while, Li Nuo kept this posture, to the point where he forgot to vomit:

"There is? She's not that bad, is she? To hit the jackpot on the first try? "

He calculated the date in his heart. As expected, the moon incident did not happen!

In an inexplicable panic, Li Nuo's face also became deathly pale. She turned around in astonishment and her pair of angry blue eyes entered his field of vision without any warning, emitting a cold and gloomy glow.

Instinctively, she took a step back. Him?

"Mine?" The faint closing sound rose, the atmosphere was terrifying!

Nodding her head, she fiercely shook her head: "No! I'm not pregnant! "

At the same time, Li Nuo bit her lips in frustration: Idiot! There was nothing worth three hundred taels of silver in this place, they wanted to cover it up!

Indeed, in the next second, Feng Yimo dragged her to the obstetrics department. When she came out with the checklist, her expression explained everything:

Three weeks?

"Come with me to get your pass!" Feng Yimo's face was so dark that water dripped from it, and he completely refused to say anything.

"NO!" "Less than a month …" This had been a mistake in the first place, how could he add to it? At this moment, Li Nuo had finally awakened from the shock of his pregnancy.

"If you dare touch my child, I will kill you with me!" Now come with me to get a certificate, or do you want me to do it? "

Guoguo's emotions caused yet another wave of coldness to spread throughout her body. However, Li Nuo pursed her lips, her resistance was obvious. "..."

Threatened by two men a day? What kind of luck did she have?

At that moment, his mother's shocked voice rang through the air. "You're pregnant?"

Thus, under the pressure of the two people's persuasion, Li Nuo muddleheadedly finalized his life's important matter.

The whole process was a complete giddiness. It was only when someone had taken a red book into her hands that she realised that the man who had received her certificate was called Feng Yimo.

Such a familiar name, why did he seem to have heard of it before?

She paused in her steps and screamed, "Feng … Feng Yimo? "

Could he be one of the top figures in the Qingcheng Four Young Masters, that mysterious, unapproachable, and yet extremely perverted young master who once placed an eel into a woman's body, who nearly killed the beautiful little star known as "Beautiful Chop" and even got onto the headlines?

He had a mannequin figure, mixed features, a cold and arrogant look, and a handsome face. His gestures were filled with respect, a top-notch watch, and millions of Rolls-Royces …

Each and every one of these lines seemed to confirm the legend!

Heart, a burst of coldness!

Turning around, Feng Yimo glanced at her indifferently: "Is there something?"

Only then did she realize that the two of them had not completely left the registration hall. Around her, ten pairs of eyes were staring at her and shaking their heads, Li Nuo's face instantly flushed red.

She had a fair complexion to begin with. On this day, she wore a simple and elegant dress, her long hair flowing down. Her cheeks were slightly red, and her shy posture softened her originally gorgeous appearance.

"Let's go!"

When he opened his mouth again, Feng Yimo's voice was obviously softer than before, and even his steps had slowed down.

Along the way, Li Nuo's heart was beating wildly: "What do we do?" What should he do? She wouldn't be so unlucky, right?

After getting on the carriage, Li Nuo's eyebrows were about to wrench!

The car slowly started, and Feng Yimo said: "How much longer do you want to see me for? If you have something to say, say it! "

He choked on the doubts on his face and said, "About that …" Happy marriage! "

After saying that, Li Nuo started to despise her ruthlessly. At the same time, Feng Yimo turned his head and looked at her for two seconds.

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