Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C9 He Has a Lot of Homes?
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Overbearing CEO Dotes on His Wife/C9 He Has a Lot of Homes?
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C9 He Has a Lot of Homes?

Could she be the one that caused his eyes to change?

Facing her beautiful face, there was a faint sense of familiarity. In that moment, Tang Lisheng seemed to understand it again.

Laughing, he took the initiative to greet them: "Hello! I am a friend of the elder brother Feng, Tang Lisheng! "

"Hello! My name is Jian Linuo! "

The man's attitude was gentle, but Li Nuo's face also revealed a smile, good will against good will, was her principle.

"What are you —" Sweeping through the shopping bags in Li Nuo's hands, Tang Lisheng still found it hard to believe that he would actually accompany a woman shopping? Was it really going to rain?

Seeing the two of them with their arms around each other's shoulders, as if they were very familiar with each other, Li Nuo did not think too much and immediately replied, "Let's go home and eat!"

Tang Lisheng's eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets: "Which family?" Eating?

How far had he progressed?

With his face full of question marks, Li Nuo was also confused by his question: Does he still have a lot of homes?

"It's a big deal!"

After throwing these two words, Feng Yimo pushed him away and walked forward. He didn't know that these two words were said to Tang Lisheng, but her mouth curled up as she angrily made a face at his back. Only then did Li Nuo raise her heels and walk forward, and even waved her hand towards Tang Li Cheng at the side.

"I'll be leaving first. See you later!"

Being deeply pleased by her cute appearance, Tang Lisheng watched the two leave as a hint of an interested smile flashed past his eyes.

Because Feng Yimo had cut all ties midway, Li Nuo did not go home to pick up her present. On the carriage, she gave her mother a call to reassure her. She thought it was just a casual meal, but when she walked in, she realized that it was filled to the brim with people.

She ignored him all the way in, unconsciously grabbing one of his fingers the moment she entered the room.

Feeling something, Feng Yimo turned his hand around and gripped it tightly, pulling her to a sofa at the side. The first to get up, was a beautiful woman who had taken proper care of herself:

"Yi Mo is back? Your whole family is waiting for you! "

He ignored the entire process, but Feng Yimo turned to the other side. "Grandmother —"


The old lady let out an obviously very dissatisfied cry, causing Li Nuo's heart to suddenly sink.

Just as she cried out in her heart, she saw the old lady turn her head and her expression immediately turned dark. "Ah! You really brought someone back? "

Standing up, the old lady was as if she had found a treasure. Her face instantly lit up with happiness, "You really didn't lie to me this time! "Quick, quick, come over here and sit!"

Although he was not sure about the situation, Li Nuo scanned the room indifferently. He noticed that the expressions of the family members were completely opposite, some were happy while others were sad.

She had thought that it would be a Hongmen feast, but who would have thought that her name and job would be something like this?

After making contact with everyone, her intuition told her that other than her grandmother, Feng Yimo had a very cold and detached attitude towards everyone else. Relatively speaking, he was even closer to his second uncle's family than to her own father.

At home, other than the older generation who had blue-black eyes with Feng Yimo's, the rest of their eyes were completely black. This made him particularly eye-catching among the younger generation.

Feng Yimo sat beside his grandmother all night and spoke very little. From his body, Li Nuo felt a strong aura of loneliness! Indeed, in this family, a small group of people was so obvious, but he, was like a single person. For a moment, Li Nuo felt sorry for him.

Very quickly, dinner was ready and everyone was holding onto their chopsticks. Li Nuo picked up some vegetables and placed them in Feng Yimo's bowl, as a response to the chicken pieces he just picked up for himself.

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