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C1 He was set up.

The winter in Kyoto was very cold.

Qiao Xiaoxiao walked under the night sky. Her footsteps were very unsteady, and her heart was also very cold.

It was as cold as the winter in Kyoto.

Empire Hotel, in a certain room.

She was so tiny and helpless in this room alone.

Today was her mother's great day. It should have been a happy day. However, Qiao Xiaoxiao could not be happy.

Because there were a few people standing in front of her. To be exact, it was a few men.

A few men with bad intentions.

"Qiao Xiaoxiao, you actually fell into someone else's trap!"

She was drugged and the measurement was not small.

Looking at these few people in front of her, Qiao Xiaoxiao clenched her teeth.

Slap! Qiao Xiaoxiao slapped herself hard. The huge pain made her blurry eyes clear up slightly.

"Beauty, don't hit yourself. Brother will feel sorry for you."

Opposite Qiao Xiaoxiao, a red-haired man said with a wicked smile.

"Go away!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao scolded. Her eyes wandered around, looking for an opportunity to escape.

Very quickly, Qiao Xiaoxiao found her target, a bottle.

However, that bottle was a distance away from Qiao Xiaoxiao, so it was not easy to get it.

Qiao Xiaoxiao had a plan in her heart.

"Little brother, come here. I want..."

Qiao Xiaoxiao's little face was very red.

It looked very tempting, making people want to take a bite.

That red-haired man thought that the drug began to kick in. He smiled evilly and said, "Little beauty, come over. Big brother will satisfy you."

Qiao Xiaoxiao muttered to herself and leaned towards the man.

"Come over to big brother's embrace." The man reached out his hand and wanted to hold Qiao Xiaoxiao in his embrace.

No one noticed. Qiao's small hand quietly reached for the wine bottle.

Suddenly, Qiao Xiaoxiao's eyes flashed and she said fiercely, "Go to hell!"

Without any hesitation, the bottle was smashed onto the man's head.

The bottle shattered!

"Ah! Pain!" The man cried out in pain.

"Get lost!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao pushed the man away and ran out of the door while no one was looking.

"Damn it bitch! "You actually dare to use a bottle to injure my face! "Capture her, I want to cripple her!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao's figure had just disappeared from the staircase when a few black-clothed men rushed out.

One of the red-clothed young men had a ferocious expression as he cursed fiercely.

On his face, there was a wound that was about five to six centimeters long. Fresh blood flowed out, and the scarlet flesh was turning outward. It was a horrifying sight.

This was the result of Qiao Xiaoxiao smashing the bottle to him!

23th floor, Empire Hotel's forbidden area!

The wide corridor was silent. Qiao's small high heels stepped on the marble floor, causing a light sound.

"No, my head is getting more and more dizzy!" Qiao Xiaoxiao shook her head violently and threw her high heels down.

"This door is not locked!" Qiao Xiaoxiao noticed that there was a glimmer of light in front of the door.

"Forget it! I'll go in and hide first!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao's remaining rationality also disappeared at this moment. Her mind was in a daze.

"Ah!" Her body was like a wooden pillar that had lost its balance. She suddenly fell towards the door.

A sound suddenly rang out in the room.

"My nose hurts! What is this?" Qiao Xiaoxiao raised her hand to touch her nose.

Unexpectedly, her small hand touched an unknown object.

Qiao Xiaoxiao supported that 'thing' and wanted to get up.


From the darkness came a low voice with endless dignity.

"This is a person?"

Qiao Xiaoxiao stood up unsteadily. Her hand touched the wall and touched the switch in the room.

Then, she saw a man appear in front of her.

His figure, how could she describe it?

His figure was even better than a professional model.

His lips were thin and cold.

His facial features were as if they were carved by God. He was as handsome as a god.

His eyes were cold and spirited.


A cold feeling assaulted his face.

Too cold!

He was like the King of Darkness that had come from the depths of hell.

His cold eyes stared at her. His voice was devoid of any warmth, "Get out!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao blinked her eyes and shook her dizzy head, saying, "Handsome, there are people outside who want to catch me. Let me hide here for a while."

"Get out!"

The man was very heartless and did not move.


Qiao Xiaoxiao's stubborn temper rose. At this time, she would be finished if she went out!

"Get out!"

The man was angry. He pushed the woman out the door.

"No! I'm not going out!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao panicked and struggled.

There was water on the ground and it was very slippery.

Qiao Xiaoxiao used a little too much strength.

Qiao Xiaoxiao pushed the man down and pressed her entire body onto the man's body.

At the same time, the drug began to take effect. Her head felt dizzy and her consciousness began to blur.

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