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C10 You Are too Thin

In the Lih family mansion, Qiao Xiaoxiao was only a few meters away from Lih Mingxiao, but Qiao Xiaoxiao felt that she had spent hundreds of centuries.

"second brother, this is the Xiaoxiao. " stepfather pointed at Qiao Xiaoxiao and introduced her to Lih Mingxiao.

"Xiaoxiao, this is you, uncle. " Lih Shengjie's gentle smile formed a sharp contrast with Lih Mingxiao's cold and indifferent expression.

Lih Mingxiao was tall and big, with a height of 1. 85 meters, not to mention he was wearing a pair of military leather shoes. Qiao Xiaoxiao, who was 1. 65 meters tall, stood in front of Lih Mingxiao like a little girl.

Qiao Xiaoxiao was drugged last night and her mind was not clear. That was why she could ignore Lih Mingxiao's oppressive aura that was like an iceberg.

But now, Qiao Xiaoxiao's mind was clear and she felt very guilty. Lih Mingxiao's powerful aura directly pounced on her, making her shudder!

Qiao Xiaoxiao raised her head and smiled sweetly, "uncle, hello. "

Qiao Xiaoxiao felt uneasy in her heart, but she still had a calm expression on her face. She could not let others see that something was wrong.

She absolutely could not let anyone know about the matter between her and uncle!

Her mother had finally found a place to belong for the rest of her life. Qiao Xiaoxiao absolutely could not allow her mother's happiness to be shattered because of her.

Lih Mingxiao's gaze fell on the short-haired girl in front of him as he smelled the voice.

Today, her attire was different from yesterday. She was wearing jeans on the lower half of her body. She was wearing a green jacket on the upper half of her body. She was dressed like a boy.

However, her clothes matched her delicate face, making her seem cute and cute, with a thick scent of youth.

Lih Mingxiao's face was expressionless, but in a place that no one could see, the corner of his mouth curled into a smile that did not have any meaning. He replied, "Hello, niece. "

His voice was low and magnetic, like the loudest sound of a cellist, low and slow. Those who heard it felt as if they had drunk a mellow, aged wine, intoxicated by it.

Seeing that Lih Mingxiao did not expose her, Qiao Xiaoxiao's heart, which was hanging in the air, finally fell to the ground.

No matter who had a relationship with her niece, it was impossible to publicize it!

Furthermore, her uncle was the most powerful person in Dragon Country. His every action attracted the attention of everyone in the country.

Someone like Lih Mingxiao should pay more attention to his reputation.

Lih Mingxiao's gaze had always inadvertently landed on Qiao Xiaoxiao. He had caught all the changes in Qiao Xiaoxiao's expression.

Lih Mingxiao had seen countless people. He had a pair of eyes that could see through people's hearts. He knew exactly what Qiao Xiaoxiao was thinking in her heart.

Lih Mingxiao felt that fate was really a wonderful thing. The only woman he had sex with was actually niece, whom he should have recognized verbally!

. . .

The Lih family had a rule that they could not talk during meals, so the living room was very quiet.

Qiao Xiaoxiao had a heavy heart, and when she ate, she seemed to be distracted. She did not eat, and only ate the white rice in front of her.

Suddenly, a pair of chopsticks appeared in front of Qiao Xiaoxiao and placed a piece of pork belly into her bowl.

A dignified and deep voice sounded from the top of her head, "Eat more meat, you are too thin!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao was indeed too thin. He touched her last night and it was very inconvenient.

"Ah?" Looking at the meat in the bowl, Qiao Xiaoxiao's face was stunned. Clearly, she was overwhelmed by the favor.

This noble and cold man actually helped her with the dishes. Qiao Xiaoxiao was not calm at all.

Most importantly, she also had an unspeakable secret with this person.

"Thank you. " She raised her head and met the man's charming eyes. Qiao Xiaoxiao was shocked and obediently picked up that piece of fat.

Qiao Xiaoxiao looked at the fat in the bowl and frowned.

Could she say that she did not like to eat fat?

She hated eating fat the most!

Lih Mingxiao's actions not only frightened Qiao Xiaoxiao, but also the others at the table.

Lih Mingxiao had always treated people coldly. When did he take the initiative to serve food to others?

But they did not think too much about it. Lih Shengjie and Qiao's mother had joyful expressions on their faces. After all, it was a good thing that Lih Mingxiao liked Qiao Xiaoxiao.

There was nothing wrong with uncle caring about niece!

Even if it was only in name, uncle.

Lih Yuran ate calmly. However, her hand that was holding the chopsticks was very strong. She was very angry!

Lih Yuran looked at Qiao Xiaoxiao with deep jealousy and a trace of resentment in her eyes, but she hid her true feelings very well.

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