Overbearing Chief Meets His Naughty Girl/C11 You Are Not Allowed to be Picky.
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Overbearing Chief Meets His Naughty Girl/C11 You Are Not Allowed to be Picky.
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C11 You Are Not Allowed to be Picky.

Because Qiao Xiaoxiao had something on her mind, she did not have the appetite to eat. After eating a small bowl of white rice, she put down her chopsticks and stopped eating.

"Uncle, Mom, I'm full. " After saying this, Qiao Xiaoxiao wanted to leave.


Qiao Xiaoxiao had just taken two steps when Lih Mingxiao's firm voice came from behind her. This caused Qiao Xiaoxiao to stop.

The moment Lih Mingxiao spoke, everyone at the table turned to look at him. They did not know what had happened.

Lih Mingxiao had a calm expression. He completely ignored the gazes of others. He sat straight and did not speak.

Qiao Xiaoxiao knew that she had escaped, so she obediently said to Lih Mingxiao, "uncle, do you have anything else?"

"Eat up all the dishes in the bowl. You are not allowed to be picky!"

Lih Mingxiao pushed the bowl to Qiao Xiaoxiao as he spoke. Qiao Xiaoxiao looked at the dishes in the bowl and instantly felt very sad.

The bowl was full of fat and greasy streaky pork!

This was the food he hated the most!

"uncle, can I not eat it?" Qiao Xiaoxiao said pitifully. She stared innocently at Lih Mingxiao. She really didn't want to eat fat!

"You must finish all of it!" Lih Mingxiao said firmly.

Qiao Xiaoxiao was very thin, so Lih Mingxiao had to make her change her bad habit of being picky about food.

Lih Mingxiao was really overbearing!

Qiao Xiaoxiao cursed in her heart. But she knew that she could not disobey his orders, so she obediently sat back down at the dining table.

Qiao Xiaoxiao helplessly looked at the fat in the bowl. Finally, she made up her mind to eat it with difficulty.

She closed her eyes and stuffed the fat into her mouth. She did not dare to chew at all, but her mouth was still full of oil.

Twenty minutes later, Qiao Xiaoxiao finally finished eating. She endured the feeling of wanting to vomit and said, "uncle, I finished eating. "

Lih Mingxiao looked at the bowl and nodded in satisfaction.

Qiao's mother kept looking at Lih Mingxiao and Qiao Xiaoxiao. Especially when she looked at Lih Mingxiao, she was full of surprise.

Qiao's mother was very clear about her daughter's character. Qiao Xiaoxiao was never afraid of anything since she was young. Moreover, she liked to be picky about food. This had always troubled Qiao's mother.

But Qiao's mother was very gentle and she could not control Qiao Xiaoxiao at all.

But just now, she saw that Qiao Xiaoxiao listened to Lih Mingxiao very much. This made Qiao's mother see hope. At this moment, Qiao's mother had an idea. . .

After Qiao Xiaoxiao returned to her room, she immediately rushed into the bathroom. She felt so uncomfortable that she wanted to throw up.

Qiao Xiaoxiao felt that her stomach was filled with greasy things and was very uncomfortable. So she took a bath.

Qiao Xiaoxiao wrapped herself in a towel and walked while wiping her hair. She did not notice that there was a person standing in front of her.


"Ah! It hurts! When did my room have an electric pole? "

Qiao Xiaoxiao rubbed her head. She did not raise her head and said angrily.

"An electric pole?"

Qiao Xiaoxiao, who was in front of her, angrily lifted her chin and asked. He forced her to look at him directly.

"Qiao Xiaoxiao, can the pole make love to you?"

Lih Mingxiao was getting closer and closer to Qiao Xiaoxiao. She could feel his breathing and his aura.

Qiao Xiaoxiao was in a daze as she blinked.

Lih Mingxiao fascinated Qiao Xiaoxiao.

Lih Mingxiao did not say anything as he looked at the lecherous Qiao Xiaoxiao. At this time, Qiao Xiaoxiao was very infatuated with Lih Mingxiao.

She really liked good-looking people.

He felt that Qiao Xiaoxiao was more interesting than he imagined.

Qiao Xiaoxiao finally came back to her senses. At this moment, her naked body was only wrapped in a towel. Qiao Xiaoxiao was shocked and said, "uncle? How did you come in?"

Qiao Xiaoxiao clearly remembered that she had already locked the door.

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