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C12 Be My Woman

Because Lih Mingxiao was tall, Qiao Xiaoxiao had to raise her head when she wanted to talk to him.

But Qiao Xiaoxiao was only wrapped in a towel now. When she looked up, the man's eyes looked down and everything could be seen at a glance. The girl's figure was exposed in his eyes.

He did not expect this little girl to have such a good figure. . .

Lih Mingxiao's eyes darkened and his throat rolled.

The man pulled the collar button and smiled. "Qiao Xiaoxiao, you and I are both in bed. Could it be? I still can't enter your door?"

He had a cold expression on his face, but his words were not serious. His tone was arrogant and overbearing.

Qiao Xiaoxiao's face was full of disbelief. Her face seemed to be saying, uncle, where is your image of an ice mountain?

Qiao Xiaoxiao's face was completely red. Like a monkey's butt, she stammered, "uncle, what are you talking about? I don't understand. "

She was a pure and beautiful girl.

She didn't even understand what he was saying!

"Qiao Xiaoxiao, you really don't understand? When you raped me last night, your performance was very experienced!"

Lih Mingxiao hooked up Qiao Xiaoxiao's face and used a little strength in his hand. Lih Mingxiao forcefully approached her.

The distance between their faces and faces became extremely close. Their noses and noses even bumped into each other.

The aura of a mature man surrounded her. Qiao Xiaoxiao, who had never had such close contact with a man, could not think immediately. Her heart was beating wildly.

Qiao Xiaoxiao knew that she could not continue pretending. She still had to face what she needed to face.

She threw caution to the wind and stretched out her little head. She looked like a dead pig that was not afraid of boiling water. "uncle, I know it was my fault that I raped you last night, but didn't I give you money? What else do you want? "

Qiao Xiaoxiao's natural and natural manner made Lih Mingxiao's face darken. His eyes darkened and his heart was filled with anger. This little fellow actually dared to mention the matter of the red packet to him?

Once this matter was mentioned, a ball of fury would rise in Lih Mingxiao's heart. What did she think he was?

A man who bought a body? She had used it once and gave him a red packet. She wanted to leave?

This was trampling on Lih Mingxiao's dignity as a man! It was unforgivable!

"What do I want? Be my woman, this matter will be written off!"

The man's bewitching and domineering voice sounded like the King of Hell asking for his life in Qiao Xiaoxiao's ears.


Almost as soon as Lih Mingxiao finished speaking, Qiao Xiaoxiao's firm and firm voice sounded.

The little guy did not even think about it and immediately refused. This made Lih Mingxiao frown. He was unhappy.

There was actually someone who dared to disobey his orders and not listen to him?

"Qiao Xiaoxiao, this is an order! You have no right to refuse! Did you provoke me and want to escape? It won't be that easy!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao blushed when she heard the man's domineering voice. "You're my uncle, and I'm your niece. Even if we don't really have a relationship, we can't legally be together!"

The man smiled disdainfully. He was exceptionally handsome. He was like a devil from hell, wicked and stern. "I don't care!"

The little guy was the only one who could arouse his male urges. No matter what, even if he died, he would never let go!

Qiao Xiaoxiao struggled with her last breath and firmly said, "But I care!"

Even if it was not for herself, for her mother, she could not be entangled with her uncle. Even if they had nothing to do with each other!

"In this world, no one dares to speak ill of me!"

The man was overbearing and arrogant, he was insufferably arrogant, and nothing in this world was in his eyes.

Indeed, Lih Mingxiao had the right to be so arrogant!

Listening to the man's evil and overbearing words, Qiao Xiaoxiao finally knew that she had provoked a devil like existence!

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