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C13 He Is too Overbearing

Qiao Xiaoxiao was not willing to give up. She tried to argue with reason again and did not hesitate to hurt herself. She said to uncle, "Why me? I am small, and my figure is not very good. Furthermore, I am also young. People with high positions like you will have many women who like you. "

Damn it, why did he want to pester her?

Qiao Xiaoxiao felt helpless. If he was not her, uncle, Qiao Xiaoxiao would have agreed long ago based on his looks!

"I just like a young woman like you. Your figure is also just right!"

Lih Mingxiao's skin was extremely thick. His words made Qiao Xiaoxiao's face turn slightly red.

The corner of his mouth curled up and he said in a charming manner, "You have no choice!"

Lih Mingxiao suddenly exerted strength and forced her to the side of the wall. His two powerful hands tightly locked her in his embrace, making her unable to move.

She had just taken a bath, and her hair was still stained with a few drops of water. He also did not know what kind of shower gel she was using. It had a faint smell.

His nose had always been picky. At this moment, he actually felt that this smell was somewhat good.

"I really like the smell of your body. " The man's head was still buried in front of her collar. As he spoke, a hot breath sprayed out on her face.

Qiao Xiaoxiao only felt that the man's breath was like a fire. A wave of hot air slowly rose from the ground, as if it was going to burn her whole body.

Qiao Xiaoxiao's watery big eyes were as big as a light bulb, filled with disbelief.

He did not seem like a cold person.

He was clearly a rogue!

"Aiyah! What are you doing?" Qiao Xiaoxiao's face was red, and at the same time, her small heart was beating rapidly!

Compared to Qiao Xiaoxiao, who was shy and shy, Lih Mingxiao's face was calm. There was a domineering look between his brows.

She scolded herself in her heart, You are even more shameless! Although he is very handsome, he is your uncle. "What's wrong?" Lih Mingxiao raised his eyebrows and teased.

"Nothing!" Qiao Xiaoxiao would not admit it even if he beat Qiao Xiaoxiao to death!

"But I feel very comfortable!" Lih Mingxiao smiled lightly. He was really arrogant and overbearing.

Qiao Xiaoxiao struggled and said in a begging tone, "uncle, what are you doing?"

Lih Mingxiao looked at her. He did not get angry, but his imposing manner made Qiao Xiaoxiao almost unable to move.

Then, he said in an irresistible and tempting voice, "Call me Lih Mingxiao. I want you to remember this name in your heart!"

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