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C14 Bite Him

Joe's little body suddenly had an indescribable feeling.

"Lih Mingxiao! Let me go! Don't be like this!" Qiao Xiaoxiao suddenly woke up. She was just a little bit away from falling into her trap. Luckily, she was awake.

But the man did not have any intention of stopping.

Unable to do anything, Qiao Xiaoxiao could only use her hands to push the man's body. Lih Mingxiao's body was strong, and Qiao Xiaoxiao could not push the There.

Qiao Xiaoxiao was embarrassed and angry. If she had a knife in her hand right now, she would definitely cut off the man's hand without hesitation.

The reality was that Qiao Xiaoxiao was afraid that she would alert the other people in this house. So she did not even dare to speak loudly. She could only deliberately lower her voice and speak softly.

"Lih Mingxiao, quickly stop! No, I beg you!" Qiao's small voice was begging.

" Qiao Xiaoxiao, stop? Then I won't stop. " Lih Mingxiao's face was full of evil energy.

The man raised his eyebrows. "How do you feel?"

Qiao Xiaoxiao's body stiffened. She was about to cry. "Don't, stop!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao was so shy that she was about to cry. Her small face was so red that it could drip blood.

"No one dares to disobey what I said!" Lih Mingxiao used his other hand to grab Qiao Xiaoxiao's two small hands. He lifted them over his head and pressed them against the wall.

Both of his hands were grabbed and Qiao Xiaoxiao was pressed against the wall. She could not struggle and was like meat on a chopping board, waiting to be slaughtered.

She could not struggle. Qiao Xiaoxiao raised her head and pouted her small lips in grievance. She stared at Lih Mingxiao hatefully. At this time, Qiao Xiaoxiao could not be bothered to be afraid of Lih Mingxiao's intimidating aura.

The little guy pouted his lips in grievance. Her eyes were round and sparkling, and there were even some tears flashing in them. Lih Mingxiao only felt that she was very beautiful, especially like the eyes of a puppy.

Lih Mingxiao had never been a person who would feel wronged. His eyes darkened. Qiao Xiaoxiao did not even have time to react before the man's kiss fiercely fell.

Qiao Xiaoxiao was caught unprepared and her pair of big eyes flashed with fear and anger. Her hands hit the wall and struggled with all her might but the difference in strength between men and women was too great. No matter what she did, it was useless.

Qiao Xiaoxiao was still struggling, trying to break free from this man's domineering and overbearing manner, but she was unable to do so.

Lih Mingxiao's kiss was too overbearing and did not give Qiao Xiaoxiao any chance to resist. She helplessly realized that she could only follow the man's rhythm.

There was a phone call. Qiao Xiaoxiao struggled, "Lih Mingxiao, let go of me. There's a phone call!"

"Whose phone is it?" Lih Mingxiao was suddenly disturbed. His cold brows showed that he was not irritated.

The man let go of her and Qiao Xiaoxiao finally had time. She secretly took a breath first and took out her phone. "My mom!"

"Your mom? So what?" The man raised his eyebrows coldly, bent over, and continued to bite the girl's sweet and delicious lips.

She was kissed again and Qiao Xiaoxiao struggled with all her might. Beside her ear, the phone from her mother kept ringing.

Qiao Xiaoxiao was angry. She fiercely bit Lih Mingxiao. In an instant, sweet blood filled her mouth.

Lih Mingxiao felt pain and had no choice but to let go of Qiao Xiaoxiao. He furrowed his brows, and within his beautiful eyes, monstrous flames of fury gathered. His entire aura was intimidating to the extreme, stifling and uncomfortable!

Qiao Xiaoxiao stood in front of him and felt this monstrous coldness. She couldn't help but shiver in fear.

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