Overbearing Chief Meets His Naughty Girl/C16 Qiao Xiaoxiao Played Tricks on Li Ming Xiao.
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Overbearing Chief Meets His Naughty Girl/C16 Qiao Xiaoxiao Played Tricks on Li Ming Xiao.
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C16 Qiao Xiaoxiao Played Tricks on Li Ming Xiao.

Qiao Xiaoxiao took a deep breath after she was sure Lih Mingxiao had walked into the bathroom. She called Qiao's mother again. Mom, I accidentally hung up just now. I'm sorry. "

Qiao Xiaoxiao innocently blinked her eyes. At this moment, she was very beautiful.

Qiao's mother received the call again and was very puzzled. She felt that her daughter was a little strange and asked worriedly, "Xiaoxiao, are you alright?"

Qiao Xiaoxiao used a towel to wipe her hair as she said, "Mom, I am very well! I was just taking a shower and did not have time to answer your call. "

"Taking a shower?" Qiao's mother was even more confused. She did not know why her daughter took a bath during the day.

"Yes! I was just bathing. Mom, I still need to blow my hair. I'll hang up first!"

. . .

After Qiao Xiaoxiao ended the call with her mother, she stopped smiling. She looked worriedly at the bathroom.

I'm so worried!

Why did Lih Mingxiao bathe in the bathroom in her room?

He should know that there was a difference between a boy and a girl! He shouldn't have casually walked into her room!

Damn it!

Qiao Xiaoxiao looked at the tightly shut bathroom door and thought of an idea.

The bathroom door's structure was very special. Once someone locked this door from the outside, the people in the bathroom would not be able to open the door from the inside.

Qiao Xiaoxiao thought as she secretly walked to the bathroom door. She quietly locked the bathroom door!

Lih Mingxiao!

You always bully me! I'm going to take revenge on you now!

Lih Mingxiao, just wait in the bathroom for someone to save you!

I'm not going to be your woman!


Dream on!

I am young and beautiful! Everyone likes me! I am not willing to be your woman!

Dream on!

I'm going to lock you in the bathroom! I won't let you out! I want you to remember this, You're not allowed to bully and threaten me anymore!

"I want you to remember my power!" Qiao Xiaoxiao said angrily. No one had ever bullied her since she was young.

Qiao Xiaoxiao's hair was almost dry. Just as she was about to change her clothes, she thought of another idea. She looked at the air conditioner in the room.

She thought of another bad idea that could make this man suffer!

Let's do it! Qiao Xiaoxiao threw the towel on the ground and ran to the bedside.

"Lih Mingxiao! Don't blame me! You asked for it! " Qiao Xiaoxiao smiled mischievously as she held the remote control of the air conditioner.

At this moment, she did not look innocent at all.

"Lih Mingxiao, it was you who bullied me first. I want to take revenge on you!"

She adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner to negative five degrees Celsius.

After doing this, Qiao Xiaoxiao felt that she was in a good mood. When she thought about how Lih Mingxiao would shiver from the cold later, she felt very happy.

"I'm always too lazy, I'm always too lazy!"

"I play from dark to dawn. I casually waste my time. "

"I know I'm not that busy. "

"I'm always too lazy, I'm always too lazy!"

"I've spent all my time playing. . . "

Qiao Xiaoxiao's mood was very good when she thought about how that man would suffer in a while. She started to sing happily.

A few minutes later, the temperature in the room dropped completely. Qiao Xiaoxiao said in surprise, "It's so cold!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao said as she got into the warm blanket.

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