Overbearing Chief Meets His Naughty Girl/C17 Shameful Begging for Mercy.
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Overbearing Chief Meets His Naughty Girl/C17 Shameful Begging for Mercy.
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C17 Shameful Begging for Mercy.

Lih Mingxiao finished bathing five minutes after he entered the bathroom. Just as he was about to leave the bathroom.

He found that something was wrong. The door couldn't be opened?

Lih Mingxiao had just put his hand on the door when he felt a resistance when he exerted his strength. This made him frown unhappily.

Very well, the little fellow actually locked the door!

The corner of Lih Mingxiao's mouth twitched. His eyes became gloomy, and there was no change in his expression. There was a cold expression on his face.

Immediately after, Lih Mingxiao felt the air in the room drop to zero degrees. If he was someone else, he would have been shivering from the cold.

However, Lih Mingxiao did not even blink. He did not care, let alone shiver.

When Lih Mingxiao was still a special forces soldier, he had once lived alone in the uninhabited snow mountain at -10 degrees Celsius for a week. He was unharmed.

To be honest, the temperature in the room was a piece of cake for him.

This little guy's courage was a little out of his expectations. The corner of his mouth rose and revealed a dangerous smile. "Is she a Kitten with claws?"

Lih Mingxiao's gaze fell on the bathroom door that was locked. He frowned slightly and the corner of his mouth rose. A look of disdain appeared in his eyes.

Did the little guy think that he could trap him like this?

She was too naive!

Suddenly, Lih Mingxiao raised his long legs and swept his sharp legs towards the door in a domineering manner.

Boom! There was a loud sound.

The solid door broke open with a loud bang. Lih Mingxiao walked out with his long legs, like an invincible war god.

His handsome face was cold and demonic. A strong and domineering feeling spread out from his body.

"You are my Little Apple!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao heard a sound and subconsciously turned her head to look. She did not expect that she would see Lih Mingxiao breaking out of the door in an overbearing manner.

This was the power of a human?!

The song that Qiao Xiaoxiao was singing suddenly stopped. Her entire body froze. At this moment, it was as if time had stopped.

Lih Mingxiao walked towards Qiao Xiaoxiao step by step. His entire body was emitting a frightening aura. Under the cold air, Qiao Xiaoxiao felt as if her blood had frozen.

She looked at Lih Mingxiao weakly. Qiao Xiaoxiao knew she was in trouble now!

Who could save her?

In this kind of situation, Qiao Xiaoxiao sadly discovered that she could only rely on herself!

Countless thoughts flashed across Qiao Xiaoxiao's mind. However, when the man's lips curled up and revealed a dangerous and cruel expression, her mind went blank.

Begging for mercy!

She did not expect Qiao Xiaoxiao to suddenly stand up. In the next second, Qiao Xiaoxiao used her small arms to tightly wrap around Lih Mingxiao's thighs.

Lih Mingxiao looked down and his pretty eyebrows slightly wrinkled. His gaze stopped on the little guy who was hugging his thighs.

Qiao Xiaoxiao saw Lih Mingxiao looking at her and felt fear in her heart. She did not dare to meet his gaze at all, afraid that he would ruthlessly shake her off. Qiao Xiaoxiao's small hands that were hugging her thighs became even stronger!

"Lih Mingxiao, I'm sorry. I won't dare do it again next time!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao begged for mercy. Her big wet eyes were filled with innocence as she looked pitifully at Lih Mingxiao.

Her innocent expression was like a cute puppy that wanted to please its owner.

Simply put, she was too cowardly.

"Lih Mingxiao, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have locked you inside. I'm really sorry! I know I was wrong. Please forgive me. " Qiao Xiaoxiao hugged Lih Mingxiao's thigh and rubbed it.

She immediately apologized for what she had done wrong!

Qiao Xiaoxiao, this idiot, was looking for an excuse for her shameful and shameful behavior.

Lih Mingxiao was expressionless. He looked coldly at Qiao Xiaoxiao and found that this little fellow was actually sitting on this ice-cold floor. His eyebrows, which were as cold as a mountain, finally moved.

His sexy and low voice carried an inherent dignity as he said, "You should stand up first! You sitting on the ground is too outrageous!"

The little fellow sat on this cold floor. What if she caught a cold? He will feel his heart ache!

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