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C18 Such Punishment

In the pink room, Lih Mingxiao stood tall and straight.

If it wasn't for the little guy beside his feet, the room would have been the beautiful scene of a handsome man with a masculine aura standing there.

"Get up. " Lih Mingxiao saw that the little guy beside his feet didn't move and said indifferently.

"No, I won't let go. I'm afraid you will hit me. " Qiao Xiaoxiao had already made up her mind at this moment. Since she wanted to pretend to be a coward, she could not be afraid of losing face.

As she spoke, Qiao Xiaoxiao strengthened her hands and refused to let go.

Lih Mingxiao looked at this stubborn little fellow. There was a trace of helplessness between his brows. Then, he bent down.

"Ah! Lih Mingxiao, what are you doing?"

Qiao Xiaoxiao was shocked. By the time she reacted, she was already completely in Lih Mingxiao's arms.

She did not know if Lih Mingxiao did it on purpose. One of his hands was under Qiao's little butt. The strange touch under the butt made Qiao Xiaoxiao blush.

Qiao Xiaoxiao quietly raised her head and looked at Lih Mingxiao. His handsome face was as cold as usual. Qiao Xiaoxiao could not guess whether he was angry or not.

Qiao Xiaoxiao did not dare to act rashly without checking the enemy's situation. She did not struggle anymore and obediently hid in Lih Mingxiao's arms.

Being hugged by Lih Mingxiao in such close contact, Qiao Xiaoxiao could clearly feel the man's hard and strong chest.

Lih Mingxiao carried Qiao Xiaoxiao to the bedside and put her on the bed. He said, "Sit well. "

"Oh. " Qiao Xiaoxiao did not know what Lih Mingxiao wanted to do, but she still wisely chose to be obedient.

Qiao Xiaoxiao sat on the bed and looked at Lih Mingxiao with her big innocent eyes.

"Qiao Xiaoxiao, behave well. Maybe I won't punish you. "

With this thought in mind, Qiao Xiaoxiao obediently sat on the bed quietly.

Lih Mingxiao stood up and raised the temperature in the room. Then, he turned around, pulled a stool over, and sat beside Qiao Xiaoxiao's bed.

"Lih Mingxiao. " Lih Mingxiao's gaze was too direct and not reserved at all. He just stared straight at her. Qiao Xiaoxiao was a little shy from being stared at.

"Turn your body over!" Lih Mingxiao said in a commanding tone.

Lih Mingxiao stared at Qiao Xiaoxiao for a while. His eyes were deep and his pretty lips moved. He said something.

His voice seemed to carry an inviolable dignity!

Qiao Xiaoxiao's liver trembled when she heard Lih Mingxiao's stern voice. She asked weakly, "Ah? Why?"

Qiao Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded. Did he want her to lie down?

What was he going to do?

"If I want you to turn over, then turn over. Don't ask so many questions!" Lih Mingxiao's majesty was overbearing. He was like a stern parent.

Qiao Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, was a naughty primary school student who had made a mistake!

"No. " Qiao Xiaoxiao insisted.

She was so shy to turn over in front of a man!

"I'll say it again. Turn your body over. " Lih Mingxiao's tone became slightly heavier, indicating that his patience had run out.

"No!" Qiao Xiaoxiao was still persisting.

Lih Mingxiao had only slightly increased the tone of his voice, but Qiao Xiaoxiao felt as if a storm was about to descend, making her shiver in fear.

He did not care about Qiao Xiaoxiao's stubbornness and stubbornness, but he had to correct her mistake of not paying attention to her body.

He had to teach her a lesson and see if she still dared to sit on the ground in the future!

Under Lih Mingxiao's cold gaze, Qiao Xiaoxiao finally could not resist Lih Mingxiao's oppressive gaze. She unwillingly stood up.

So shy!

Qiao's little face was so red that it seemed like blood would drip out.

Qiao Xiaoxiao closed her eyes and did not have the courage to open them.

The ruler fell towards Qiao's little butt. Lih Mingxiao did not use much strength. But because Qiao Xiaoxiao was spanked, her body trembled.

Lih Mingxiao actually hit her butt?

"Do you know why I hit you?" Seeing Qiao Xiaoxiao enduring the pain, Lih Mingxiao suddenly could not bear to continue hitting her.

"I know. I should not have locked you in the bathroom. Also, I should not have turned the air conditioner down. I should have teased you. " Qiao Xiaoxiao lowered her head and replied with a wronged look.

Qiao Xiaoxiao felt another slap on her butt and her body trembled shyly.

Hmph! This overbearing and abnormal man!

"No!" Just as the slap landed, the man's stern voice sounded.

"Ah?" Qiao Xiaoxiao was at a loss. If it was not because of this, then why?

Suddenly, Qiao Xiaoxiao's gaze fell on Lih Mingxiao's lips. A piece of skin had been torn from There.

So it was because of this!

Qiao Xiaoxiao understood. But Qiao Xiaoxiao felt that on this matter, she was not wrong.

It was clearly Lih Mingxiao who had done something bad on purpose. He deserved it!

Although she thought this in her heart, Qiao Xiaoxiao did not dare to say it in front of this overbearing man. Who knew what he would do if she said it?

"Lih Mingxiao, I should not have bit your lips. " In the end, Qiao Xiaoxiao still surrendered to Lih Mingxiao's authority and chose to beg for forgiveness.


Lih Mingxiao's cold and stern words fell. After that, Qiao Xiaoxiao was beaten again!

However, Lih Mingxiao still had a cold and dignified expression on his face. Qiao Xiaoxiao felt that Lih Mingxiao had clearly created something out of nothing and deliberately bullied her.

This was also wrong, and also not right!

He had gone mad!

"Think about it carefully. " Lih Mingxiao's voice was very pleasant to the ears, but Qiao Xiaoxiao felt that it was extremely unpleasant to the ears!

"I don't want to!" Qiao Xiaoxiao's temper also rose. She gave Lih Mingxiao an uncooperative expression.

"I just don't like to think!"

Immediately, Lih Mingxiao's face turned cold. His eyes were like a sharp killing sword as he looked straight at Qiao Xiaoxiao.

The surrounding air instantly turned cold. Qiao Xiaoxiao shrunk her head in fear.

After that, Qiao Xiaoxiao felt that she could not be so cowardly!

She plucked up her courage, raised her small face, and stubbornly looked at Lih Mingxiao.

Her big wet eyes were filled with stubbornness and unwillingness to admit defeat!

In any case, she had already pretended to be a coward, but it was useless. This perverted and overbearing man still hit her.

"Qiao Xiaoxiao, you have quite a lot of guts?"

Lih Mingxiao reached out his hand and used his slender fingers to pinch Qiao's small chin. His deep voice was mixed with endless coldness, which frightened people.

No one had ever dared to say no to him!

Qiao Xiaoxiao felt very unhappy when Lih Mingxiao lifted her chin. Since she was young, she, Qiao Xiaoxiao, had never experienced this kind of wimp!

She turned anger into strength, strength into courage, and courage into action!

Qiao Xiaoxiao slapped Lih Mingxiao's hand away and said fiercely: "That's right! I, Qiao Xiaoxiao, am bold! What does it have to do with you!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao was completely enraged. She did not care about the consequences and started to curse.

"Are you unhappy? What do you want to do? Do you want to fight? Then come and fight!"

" Don't think that I'm afraid of you just because you're tall and big. Come and fight! I'm not afraid of you! "

Qiao Xiaoxiao was like a little madman. Her eyes were red as she suddenly lifted the blanket and stood up. She raised her small fist at Lih Mingxiao.

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