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C19 Damn It

Qiao Xiaoxiao was like a mad tiger, baring her fangs and brandishing her claws at Lih Mingxiao. She looked like a seasoned female hooligan.

Lih Mingxiao stood up. Even though Qiao Xiaoxiao was standing on the bed, she was only about the same height as a man.

After Lih Mingxiao stood up, the strength between the two of them could be clearly seen.

Lih Mingxiao stared at her. At this moment, she was like an exploding Kitten. Perhaps it was because she was nervous and angry that her mouth was wide open. Her nose arched upwards. She looked like a cute little pig.

For some reason, Lih Mingxiao felt that she was very cute.

A thought arose in his heart. What would it feel like if he pinched her little pig's nose?

Lih Mingxiao's intuition told him that her nose should be soft. In short, the touch should not be bad!

With this thought, Lih Mingxiao took a step forward and grabbed with his big hand. It was powerful and overbearing. When Qiao Xiaoxiao reacted, she was already in his arms.

Lih Mingxiao's action had provoked Qiao Xiaoxiao. She struggled madly. "Okay! Let's fight!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao thought that Lih Mingxiao was hugging her to beat her up!

Therefore, Qiao Xiaoxiao did not want to be outdone. She fought back with all her strength and her two small fists rained down on Lih Mingxiao's chest like crazy.

"Humph! Are you afraid? Let me tell you, I have learned Taekwondo before. I am fierce! A man like you, even if ten more came, they wouldn't be able to beat me!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao crazily used her fists to hit him, trying to suppress this shining man!

She listened to her boastful words. Lih Mingxiao's lips moved, and his stoic face revealed a faint smile.

Can she beat ten men by herself? And those men could not beat her?

Her pink fist landed on his chest, as if it was tickling him. It was completely harmless.

Lih Mingxiao suddenly felt that the woman he had taken a fancy to was too cute!

"You are so naughty. "

Lih Mingxiao used one hand to grab Qiao Xiaoxiao's small and moving hand. He only used a little strength and Qiao Xiaoxiao could not struggle anymore. Her two small hands were controlled by one hand.

He reached out with his other hand. His finger, which had clear joints, had a slight chill. He pinched Qiao's little nose.

"Yes, it feels good. Not bad. " Sure enough, her nose did not disappoint him. Her nose felt really good. It was soft and a little warm. It was very enjoyable.

"Lih Mingxiao, what are you doing?" Qiao Xiaoxiao was angry again. The man in front of her rubbed her nose with his hand and had a look of enjoyment on his face.

Who could tell her what he meant by this?

Did he think she was a puppy or a piglet?

Damn it, he actually treated her like a pet!

His appearance was clearly the owner teasing his beloved pet!

Hmph! She's a human, not a pet!

Qiao Xiaoxiao was flustered and exasperated. However, Qiao Xiaoxiao's angry look really resembled that of a cute little pig.

"You better listen to me from now on, got it?!" He once again used a domineering mandate sentence.

The man's face was full of satisfaction. He let go of his fingers that were rubbing Qiao Xiaoxiao's nose.

Qiao Xiaoxiao finally got rid of the man's demonic claws. When she heard the man's words, Qiao Xiaoxiao really wanted to say to him, "Damn it!"

He was really overbearing and narcissistic. I am not your soldier, why should I listen to your orders?

As expected, old men are all perverts.

Of course, these were all Qiao Xiaoxiao's heartfelt thoughts. She did not dare to say it in front of this overbearing and stubborn man. She had not lived enough!

In the room, Lih Mingxiao's phone suddenly rang. He took a look at the message.

Suddenly, a cold light appeared in Lih Mingxiao's eyes. His eyes were very sharp, like a sharp sword.

The temperature in the room also dropped.

"Remember the agreement between you and me!" The man put his phone back and looked straight at Qiao Xiaoxiao. He was serious and dangerous.

Before Qiao Xiaoxiao could say anything, Lih Mingxiao looked away. Something urgent must have happened. He quickly walked away.

As soon as the man left, Qiao Xiaoxiao suddenly felt that the sun was shining brightly and she felt much more relaxed.

The cold and arrogant aura from the man just now controlled the entire scene, making Qiao Xiaoxiao feel as if she was under the rain, suppressed, and chilly!

It was clearly winter, but Qiao Xiaoxiao was sweating a little just now. She raised her hand to wipe away the sweat on her forehead and ran out of the door barefooted.

She stuck out her little head and looked towards the long and quiet corridor. She did not see the tall figure of the man and Qiao Xiaoxiao was completely at ease. It seemed that he really left.

"What agreement? That is just a temporary measure that I came up with!" Qiao Xiaoxiao laid by the door and muttered to herself towards the air. The corner of her mouth revealed an evil smile.

Her watery large eyes rolled around in her eyes. In her playful and cute eyes, there was a trace of cunningness!

He was her legal uncle, how could she be his woman!

Just now, she was just perfunctory to that arrogant and domineering man in an emergency situation!

She, Qiao Xiaoxiao, had a very positive view of the world.

Lih Mingxiao did not appear in Qiao Xiaoxiao's life for a few days, which made Qiao Xiaoxiao very happy.

Qiao Xiaoxiao learned from the news that there was some friction between Dragon Country and the neighboring country that day, and there was almost a war. Lih Mingxiao, as a special person, specially dealt with it.

On the news camera, Lih Mingxiao was wearing a military uniform, and he was tall, cold, and handsome!

Qiao Xiaoxiao almost went crazy from watching. This man, no matter whether it was his face or figure, had satisfied all of her fantasies about a prince charming.

With Qiao Xiaoxiao's picky eyes, the score he got was ten points!

Qiao Xiaoxiao liked his appearance very much.

However, Qiao Xiaoxiao already had a heart that belonged to him.

The person she liked was called Lih Jin. She liked him for three years.

Looking at his appearance alone, Lih Mingxiao was really too perfect. There was not a single flaw that could be found!

Unfortunately, he was his legal uncle!

And he was a crazy patient!

Qiao Xiaoxiao was slightly infatuated. She sighed at fate teasing people. She looked at the time. It was five o'clock in the afternoon.

It was time to get down to business!

Walking out of Lih's Mansion, After Qiao Xiaoxiao got into the taxi, she made a call, "Hello, Muran. Have you arrived?"

"Xiaoxiao, I am here. I am at the entrance of Empire Hotel. Come quickly. " On the other end of the phone was a sunny and pleasant female voice. It was very ethereal and pleasant to listen to.

Chu Muran was Qiao Xiaoxiao's best friend who had played since she was young. They were like sisters.

"Okay. Wait for me for ten minutes. I will be there soon. " He hung up the phone. Qiao Xiaoxiao's lips curled up slightly and revealed a trace of a cold smile.

There was actually someone who dared to scheme against her. If she found out who it was, she would not let that person have a good end!

Qiao Xiaoxiao was not a weak white lotus. She would not let others bully her!

Qiao Xiaoxiao only had one goal this time. That was to find out who was the one who drugged the juice she drank at her mother's wedding a few days ago.

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