Overbearing Chief Meets His Naughty Girl/C2 Little women are so weird.
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Overbearing Chief Meets His Naughty Girl/C2 Little women are so weird.
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C2 Little women are so weird.

Lih Mingxiao's sharp eagle eyes were terrifyingly gloomy at this moment. His handsome face was taut, and his entire body was releasing a cold and cautious aura.

This woman who touched his chest with her hand was extremely bold. Where did she come from?

His body suddenly froze.

He, who had always hated women, actually did not feel disgusted at this moment!

This was the first time in twenty-seven years.

This discovery made Lih Mingxiao both angry and surprised.

His pitch black eyes stared at this bold woman.

His eyes were like the sea of stars, trying to swallow this woman.

"Why is the floor so slippery?" Qiao Xiaoxiao only wanted to stand up, but she could not.

In a daze, Qiao Xiaoxiao reached out her small hand and groped on the floor.

She wanted to support herself on the floor and stand up.

However, Qiao Xiaoxiao's action of supporting herself on the floor made Lih Mingxiao's body shake.

"Don't move anymore!"

This woman actually treated his chest as the floor?

These words came out of Lih Mingxiao's throat slowly.

It was filled with a bone-chilling feeling.

"Ah? Who's talking? Your voice is nice! So magnetic! "I like your voice!"

Even though she was delirious, Qiao Xiaoxiao's infatuated personality did not change.

First, she praised this voice. Then.

Qiao Xiaoxiao seemed to be seriously replying, "Move? I don't want to move! I just want to stand up now. The floor is so hot!"

But, this floor is so slippery. I can't stand up! "

Qiao Xiaoxiao seemed to be angry from embarrassment. She used her small hand and angrily patted the floor.

"The floor has become a monster! The floor can actually move!" Qiao Xiaoxiao seemed to have seen a monster and quickly withdrew her hands in fear.

Lih Mingxiao's pair of eyes were as deep as water. Under Qiao Xiaoxiao's heavy pat, his eyes began to change.

Her small hand was like a cat's claw, scratching his chest.

Even though Lih Mingxiao had experienced countless storms, his character had been tempered to the point of being as steady as Mount Tai.

However, he was still stunned for a second just now.


Woman, when God created you, did he forget to install a brain for you?

"Damn it!" His entire body tensed up.

Lih Mingxiao's expression was tense, his outline was stiff, and a violent storm was surging in the depths of his eyes.

Qiao Xiaoxiao, who was in the middle of the violent whirlpool, did not know at all. She still wanted to stand up from the floor.

Lih Mingxiao was afraid that he would explode from the heat.

"You are an adult?" Lih Mingxiao asked in a hoarse voice. His voice was mesmerizing.

Qiao Xiaoxiao heard the nice voice again. She exclaimed in excitment, "Ah! I can't take it anymore. Your voice is too charming!"

Lih Mingxiao's handsome face darkened when he heard the woman's unconscious mumbling. He looked at the woman with a cold gaze, as if he wanted to see through her. What kind of weirdo was this?

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