Overbearing Chief Meets His Naughty Girl/C20 I'm Gonna Take Revenge on Her!
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Overbearing Chief Meets His Naughty Girl/C20 I'm Gonna Take Revenge on Her!
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C20 I'm Gonna Take Revenge on Her!

When Qiao Xiaoxiao arrived at Empire Hotel, she saw Chu Muran the moment she got off the car. She stood obediently on the steps and looked very beautiful.

Chu Muran was from the south and she was 1. 65 meters tall. She had a standard oval face, big eyes, and wore a dress. She was very charming.

Chu Muran looked like a delicate beauty.

But only Qiao Xiaoxiao and her close friends knew that the delicate Chu Muran was actually very straightforward!

"Qiao Xiaoxiao, what's wrong with you? I've been waiting for you here for half an hour!" Chu Muran scolded when she saw Qiao Xiaoxiao. She instantly became unladylike.

"I'm sorry! I know I was wrong! It's all my fault! " Qiao Xiaoxiao raised her hand and begged.

"Forget it! Let's go. " Chu Muran said proudly.

Qiao Xiaoxiao followed behind her unhappily.

In the security room of Empire Hotel.

"Sorry, our hotel has a rule that outsiders are not allowed to watch the hotel's surveillance. "

At the entrance of the security room, a handsome security guard stopped the two of them. No matter what, he would not let Qiao Xiaoxiao in.

"I will go in and take a look. I will go in for a few minutes and come out! Let me go in for a while! " Chu Muran said coquettishly. As she spoke, she approached the security guard.

The security guard said shyly: "Sorry. Rules are rules. " After he finished speaking, he pushed Chu Muran away. But Chu Muran pounced on him again and said coquettishly," Just let me in. . . "

Qiao Xiaoxiao looked at Chu Muran's appearance and was very dissatisfied. She wanted to cut off relations with her immediately. She was too embarrassed now.

Chu Muran, you are really lustful!

After they argued for a long time, that security guard still did not let them in.

Chu Muran, who was acting coquettishly, saw that it was useless. She took a step back and looked very unhappy. Her expression was cold and proud. She looked completely different from before.

Chu Muran's attitude changed very quickly.

Chu Muran said coldly, "Do you know who I am? Do you know who this hotel belongs to?"

The security guard was shocked by Chu Muran's sudden change of attitude. He was speechless.

"miss? Why did you come to the hotel? How could you do that!? You actually dare to block miss outside the door? Do you still want this job?! "

" miss, this way please. "The hotel manager walked over and scolded the security guard. He then led Chu Muran and Qiao Xiaoxiao into the room with a fawning expression.

When Chu Muran passed by the security guard, she was very arrogant.

Qiao Xiaoxiao looked at Chu Muran helplessly.

Chu Muran was the weirdest Young Lady she had ever seen!

Qiao Xiaoxiao smiled as she looked at the shocked security guard.

. . .

"Move the monitoring time to a week ago. The venue was the hall where the Lih family held their wedding banquet. Around 8. 30 pm. " Qiao Xiaoxiao said to the staff.

Surveillance was the easiest way to find the person who drugged her. Every hall in Empire Hotel was installed with surveillance cameras, covering every corner.

The surveillance cameras were very clear. Very quickly, Qiao Xiaoxiao found herself. At this moment, she was holding a glass of fruit juice in her hand.

"Stop! Pour it back. " Qiao Xiaoxiao said. She wanted to observe carefully.

At this time, a waiter was holding a cup of fruit juice. When the time was up, a woman was holding a glass of fruit juice.

A sinister smile appeared on the woman's face as she held a small pink bottle in her hand.

"Shen Yu!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao and Chu Muran exclaimed at the same time. Both of them knew this woman.

Shen Yu was their university classmate and also their roommate.

"It was actually Shen Yu who did it!" Chu Muran said angrily.

"She actually dared to harm me!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao was also very angry. She was so angry that she wished she could kill Shen Yu!

. . .

When Qiao Xiaoxiao and Chu Muran came out of Empire Hotel, it was already night. The entire city was brightly lit.

"Xiaoxiao, what do you want to do?" Chu Muran asked. As her best friend, no matter what she did, she would support her.

Qiao Xiaoxiao raised her head and looked at the dark sky. Then she lowered her head and smiled coldly.

This made Chu Muran somewhat afraid.

"What do you think I will do?" Qiao Xiaoxiao asked back. At this moment, she looked very cunning.

"Go to hell!"

Chu Muran immediately started to curse like a hooligan.

"Yes! Go to hell!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao would take revenge no matter what!

" Call her and call her out! "

"Okay. I'll take care of it. " After Chu Muran finished speaking, she took out her phone and called Shen Yu.

"Hello, Shen Yu. Are you free now? Come out. We are having a gathering in 113 Bar. " Chu Muran said naturally.

Shen Yu usually had a good relationship with them and often called them sisters. It was just that Qiao Xiaoxiao did not think that Shen Yu would actually harm her.

Why? Qiao Xiaoxiao was very puzzled.

Recently, Shen Yu had been very worried that the matter would be exposed.

But fortunately, there were no problems in the past week. She finally calmed down.

After Shen Yu received Chu Muran's call, in order not to expose herself, she still pretended to have a good relationship with them. She smiled and said, "Okay! I'll be right there!"

After hanging up the phone, Qiao Xiaoxiao and Chu Muran looked at each other and smiled.

She was quite good at acting!

Qiao Xiaoxiao did not mind acting with her.


I know how to do it too.

"Let's put something in Shen Yu's wine. " Qiao Xiaoxiao said as she walked.

Chu Muran followed and asked curiously, " What are we putting on?"

Qiao Xiaoxiao turned around and waved her fingers at her and said very mysteriously, "Secret! A secret that cannot be told. "

The more Qiao Xiaoxiao did this, the more curious Chu Muran became. She was very curious about what she wanted to do now.

When they were young, the children around them were very afraid of Qiao Xiaoxiao. They secretly called Qiao Xiaoxiao little witch!

"You will follow my hint later. We cannot let her know that we already know about that matter. We have to pretend that nothing happened. "

"Let her think that we're still good sisters"


Qiao Xiaoxiao sat on Chu Muran's sports car and quickly rushed to the bar.

113 Bar was a very famous bar in Kyoto. The people who came here to spend money were mostly the second generation of the government.

Qiao Xiaoxiao was fortunate enough to come here with Chu Muran a few times.

Shen Yu's family was also very rich. Qiao Xiaoxiao did not know the specific background of her family. She had only occasionally heard that Shen Yu's father held a position in Kyoto and his position was very good.

"Stop! Stop here. " When they passed by a pharmacy, Qiao Xiaoxiao waved to Chu Muran to stop.

After Qiao Xiaoxiao walked into the pharmacy, she directly asked the salesperson, "May I ask where is the laxative?"

"Laxative? Did you buy laxatives for humans or animals?"

Qiao Xiaoxiao thought for a moment and then firmly said, "Laxative for animals!"

"Laxatives for animals like pigs, dogs, cows, and horses!" She stressed again.

Chu Muran parked the car and heard Qiao Xiaoxiao's words as soon as she entered the pharmacy. Chu Muran was very shocked. She somewhat sympathized with Shen Yu.

Qiao Xiaoxiao gave the laxative to the animals to Shen Yu. It seemed that Shen Yu was finished.

This was very similar to Qiao Xiaoxiao's behavior.

Qiao Xiaoxiao put the laxative into her pocket and got on the car again. The two of them quickly drove towards 113 Bar.

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