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C3 Not Moving Underage

The 23rd floor of Empire Hotel. Ten minutes later, outside the suite on the 23rd floor, the burly man who went downstairs just now appeared on time, "Chief, I'm back. I also took care of a few people who wanted to barge in. "

Something was wrong! Someone had barged into sir's room?

The burly man was able to become Lih Mingxiao's bodyguard because he was well-trained and had extraordinary skills!

Even though he was separated by the door, the burly man could still hear two breathing sounds in the room.

In an instant, the burly man's expression was somber and murderous.

"Chief?" The burly man quickly closed the door.

Shock! At some point in time, a black handgun had appeared in the burly man's hand.

"Get lost! Tonight, no one is allowed to appear on the 23rd floor!"

Just as the burly man was about to break through the door, Lih Mingxiao's hoarse voice rang out.

He was overbearing and cold. He directly ordered, not allowing anyone to disobey.

The burly man withdrew his hand from the door and straightened his legs. "Yes, sir!"

Although he felt strange in his heart, he did not have the qualifications to investigate the matter of the chief.

He only needed to carry out the orders of the chief meticulously.

After that, the burly man strode to the staircase expressionlessly.

He stood there and built a line of defense. No one dared to cross that line!

He straightened his back like a sharp javelin!

In the suite, Lih Mingxiao was suddenly interrupted. Although he was unhappy, he had regained his senses.

Damn it, he was seduced by a woman!

What was even more hateful was that this woman actually succeeded!

His body had also recovered quite a bit. He could now move. He suddenly stood up and turned on all the lights in the room.

The dim room instantly lit up as if it was daytime.

Lih Mingxiao suddenly stood up. Qiao Xiaoxiao, who was pressing on him, rolled on the floor.

Qiao Xiaoxiao suddenly landed on the floor. Qiao Xiaoxiao was so angry that she clapped her hands on the floor.

The room lit up. Lih Mingxiao's pair of eagle eyes locked onto the woman in the room at the fastest speed.

No, to be precise, it was a little girl!

She wore a white dress and had short, neat, and clean hair. If one didn't pay attention, she looked like a handsome little boy.

That face was so young, like a clear spring. It wasn't flirtatious, but it was very charming.

On her pure face, between her eyebrows, there was a bit of ruffian air of a female hooligan.

On her small face, the fur was faintly visible, revealing some innocence.

This meant that this little girl was very young.

Lih Mingxiao even suspected that this little girl was not an adult?

Although he was extremely powerful and had absolute authority, he still had his own principles.

He would not touch an underage child!

After watching for a while, Lih Mingxiao took a step forward and grabbed the girl who was rolling on the ground.

Qiao Xiaoxiao was about to struggle, but Lih Mingxiao tightened his grip and increased his strength, trapping her in his arms.

Lih Mingxiao's gloomy and handsome face seemed to be restraining something. He walked towards the bathroom without saying a word. The wide bathtub was enough to accommodate two people and filled the water.

It was winter now, and the air was cold. Lih Mingxiao put cold water in the bathtub, which emitted cold air. The temperature could be imagined, and it was bone-piercing cold.

Looking at the vat of ice water, Lih Mingxiao took a step forward. His expression did not change, and without any hesitation, he opened his hands.


"Ah! So cold!" Qiao Xiaoxiao immediately felt that she had fallen into the frozen sea. Her entire body was filled with bone-piercing pain.

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