Overbearing Chief Meets His Naughty Girl/C4 He Dreamt of a Handsome Man
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Overbearing Chief Meets His Naughty Girl/C4 He Dreamt of a Handsome Man
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C4 He Dreamt of a Handsome Man

When she fell into a bucket of ice water, the effect was temporarily suppressed, and she woke up a little.

Lih Mingxiao saw that he had achieved his goal, so he bent down, picked up Qiao Xiaoxiao from the bathtub, and threw her onto a large white bed.

"Where is this?" After being thrown, Qiao Xiaoxiao's eyebrows wrinkled slightly and revealed a trace of displeasure.

"You're awake?" Lih Mingxiao lied on the bed and lifted Qiao Xiaoxiao's lower jaw with one hand, forcing her to look at him.

It could be said that Lih Mingxiao's eyes were sharp, as sharp as a knife!

If it were any other time, no one would dare to look directly at his sharp gaze.

However, Qiao Xiaoxiao's medicinal properties were still there, and her mind was still in a daze.

She saw that she was in a strange place. This place was luxurious and resplendent, like a paradise.

Qiao Xiaoxiao thought that she was dreaming. Yes, this was a dream.

Otherwise, how could she come to such a beautiful place?

After that, Qiao Xiaoxiao realized that other than herself, there were other people in her dream.

"Oh my god, this person is so handsome. Could this be heaven? Then, is this man a god? So handsome!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao's eyes were filled with love.

"Oh my, the heavens are so generous to me! He actually made me dream of such a handsome person!"

Qiao's little delusion was beyond cure at this moment.

"This pretty nose, this thin lips, they are really sexy. I really want to take a bite! This black gem-like eyes. "

"Perfect, flawless!"

"Ten points!"

Qiao Xiaoxiao completely thought that it was a dream. Anyway, in her dream, she was the boss! So, she calmed down and admired this handsome man bit by bit.

Qiao Xiaoxiao's calm appearance made Lih Mingxiao's cold and sharp eyes show a trace of astonishment.

His gaze that was as cold as a knife stared intently at Qiao Xiaoxiao. That gaze was profound.

He really wanted to know what this woman was thinking.

Gradually, Qiao Xiaoxiao was not satisfied with using her eyes to appreciate. Looking at the handsome man's strong body, Qiao Xiaoxiao swallowed her saliva. She wanted to touch it.

Qiao Xiaoxiao had only seen a naked man's body in movies. However, none of the men in the movies had a body that could be compared to the man in her dreams!

The six protruding abs, the sexy mermaid line. . .

Qiao Xiaoxiao blushed. Since it was in her dreams, what was there for her to be afraid of?

As she thought about it, Qiao Xiaoxiao's gaze became bold. It was very brazen!

"I really want to touch it!" The six abdominal muscles made Qiao Xiaoxiao's eyes heat up. It was too tempting.

If it was in reality, Qiao Xiaoxiao might only dare to look at it and imagine it in her heart.

But now, this was in her dream. In her dream, she controlled everything!

As she thought like this, Qiao Xiaoxiao stretched out her hand. She touched the six abdominal muscles and there was an intoxicated expression on her small face. In a praising tone, she said, "Wow! He's really strong. "

Lih Mingxiao's face was gloomy and scary.

He, Lih Mingxiao, was being teased by a woman?

Lih Mingxiao accurately grabbed Qiao Xiaoxiao's dishonest hand and asked in a deep voice, "How old are you?"

"Nineteen years old. " Qiao Xiaoxiao answered subconsciously and just said the words nineteen years old.

Before she could react, the man quickly kissed her lips, making her unable to speak anymore.

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