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C6 Will She Go to Jail?

The next morning, Qiao Xiaoxiao slowly woke up.

She subconsciously wanted to get up, but she suddenly felt sore all over her body, as if she was being pressed down by a truck.

Especially in a certain part of her lower body, she felt as if she was being torn apart.

. . .

"Is there a problem with this cup of fruit juice?"

"Little girl, you're mine tonight. Don't be afraid, I'll love you!"

"You're too ugly, I don't like you!"

"Ah! Bitch, you actually dare to injure my face!"

"Quickly catch her!"

"I don't care anymore, I'll go in and hide for a while! "

. . .

"Uh, I'm thirsty, I want to drink water!"

"What a hard floor. "

"Hmph! This floor can actually move?"

. . .

"Little guy, you're playing with fire!"

"Are you an adult?"

. . .

"Handsome, don't be afraid. Since you appeared in my dream, I will love you!"

. . .

"Little guy, no one told you that in bed, men should be on women?"

"Hmph! This is in my dream!"

"I want to be above you!"

. . .

The memories from last night gradually entered her mind, like fragments of broken glasses gathering together, forming a complete image.

Qiao Xiaoxiao's originally somewhat misty eyes instantly woke up. It was as if a basin of cold water had been poured over her head in winter.

Her gaze shifted downwards. Sure enough, her entire body was covered with green-red spots.

Her gaze shifted to the right again.

This was the proof of last night's madness!

A perfect handsome face with a solid outline appeared in front of her.

At this moment, the man was sleeping. His eyes were tightly shut and his thin lips were slightly pursed. He looked cold and indifferent, and he had an imposing aura without being angry!

Even if the man was sleeping, a powerful aura lingered around his body.

In her memories, the man in her dream gradually overlapped with the man in front of her.

So, the madness last night really wasn't a dream?

It was something that could not be more real!

So, last night, she really raped a man!

Qiao Xiaoxiao only wanted to bang her head to death.

Oh my god! The message was too strong. Qiao Xiaoxiao felt that her small head was about to explode!

Although she was drugged last night, this could not erase the fact that she had raped a man.

Qiao Xiaoxiao felt a headache. Looking at the man's peerlessly beautiful face, Qiao Xiaoxiao swallowed her saliva!

This man was extremely beautiful. To someone like Qiao Xiaoxiao who was deeply infatuated with beauty, this face was an extreme poison and very tempting.

Qiao Xiaoxiao started to panic. Her eyes also started to panic.

What if this man sued her?

Forcing a person was a very serious crime, she had to be sentenced!

Even though he was a man!

Then did she have to go to jail?

No, she was only nineteen today. She was the young beautiful girl. She didn't want to go to jail!

Qiao Xiaoxiao, you have to calm down!

Qiao Xiaoxiao forced herself to calm down. Her brain spun rapidly, thinking about how to avoid going to jail.

However, Lih Mingxiao's handsome face was like a delicious cake, extremely tempting. Qiao Xiaoxiao's gaze was inevitably attracted by the man's handsome side profile again!

Qiao Xiaoxiao looked at Lih Mingxiao's face in a daze.

Qiao Xiaoxiao could swear that this man's appearance was the most beautiful among all the men she had seen in 19 years.

The most beautiful person! The only one!

Qiao Xiaoxiao completely fell into the abyss of being obsessed with the man's face, unable to extricate herself!

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