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C7 Mr Mystery

Qiao Xiaoxiao was in a daze while Lih Mingxiao comfortably rolled over on the bed. This slight movement woke Qiao Xiaoxiao up.

Qiao Xiaoxiao, could you be more reserved! Under the current circumstances, she was actually still in a daze!

Qiao Xiaoxiao secretly scolded herself in her heart, but failed to meet her expectations. Then, she rolled off the bed.

Her movements were very light. She tried her best not to make any noise. She was as guilty as a thief and did not dare to disturb the sleeping man on the bed!

Oh my god! This bad man!

He was too violent!

Who raped whom?

Qiao Xiaoxiao muttered to herself. Her entire body was in a terrible state.

She looked like she had been bitten by a dog!

After getting off the bed, Qiao Xiaoxiao quietly searched for her clothes. However, she found that her skirt had already turned into rags and she was lying alone on the luxurious marble board.

Looking at her body again, it was shocking, as if she was being abused.

She quietly searched the room for a while but was unable to find a girl's clothes. Qiao Xiaoxiao could only pick up the black suit neatly stacked on the bedside table.

It was very obvious that the suit belonged to a man. Qiao Xiaoxiao buried her little head into the suit shamelessly and sniffed. This was the smell of this man.

It was a refreshing and pleasant smell.

She could not care less that this was a man's clothes, nor did she care about the clothes that were seriously incompatible with her body size.

Qiao Xiaoxiao was like a gunny sack as she put her in a large suit.

The wide clothes were on Qiao Xiaoxiao's body. The sleeves and the corners of her pants were all long. At this moment, Qiao Xiaoxiao was like a clown on the stage, rather funny.

Frowning, Qiao Xiaoxiao rolled up the sleeves and trousers. This way, her movements were much more agile.

Putting on her shoes, Qiao Xiaoxiao buried her head into her tattered clothes to look for something. Not long later, she took out a phone and a big red packet.

At her mother's wedding, stepfather gave this small red packet to Qiao. Qiao Xiaoxiao didn't have time to open it yet.

Qiao Xiaoxiao opened the red packet and let out a breath of relief. Her stepfather was indeed rich. He gave her a check.

Sixty-six thousand six hundred and sixty yuan! To Qiao Xiaoxiao, this was a huge sum of money!

Qiao Xiaoxiao looked at the red packet with heartache. Then, she reluctantly placed the red packet at the most conspicuous place on the bedside table and found a piece of paper and a pen.

A message:

Handsome, I shouldn't have entered your door and had sex with you!

You are a magnanimous person. Please show mercy and let this matter pass like a floating cloud.

The big red packet on the bed can be considered a small token of my appreciation!

After she finished writing, Qiao Xiaoxiao placed the note under the red packet and quietly slipped away.

Halfway there, Qiao Xiaoxiao took a deep breath as if she had made a big decision!


She suddenly turned around and took out her phone to take a few pictures of the beautiful man on the bed.

He was too handsome. She had to leave some for him to remember.

After doing this, Qiao Xiaoxiao put her phone in her pocket in satisfaction. She opened the door and slipped away!

Yes, Qiao Xiaoxiao wanted to slip away.

Not run? She kept it until she went to jail?

Qiao Xiaoxiao was not that stupid!

Just as she walked out of the hotel, Qiao Xiaoxiao's phone rang. The person who called was her mother.

"Hello, Mom. "

"Xiaoxiao, why didn't you come home last night? Do you know that Mom is very worried about you!?"

The moment the call connected, Qiao's mother's anxious voice sounded.

"Mom, I'm fine. It's just that I drank a little too much last night and went to sleep at my classmate's house. " Qiao Xiaoxiao did not want her mother to worry and casually made up a reason.

"Classmate? Xiaoxiao, since when did you have a classmate with such a good relationship?"

"Mom, your daughter is very charming, making friends is very easy. "

"Alright, I know that my daughter is the best. " Qiao's mother heard that her daughter was fine and her heart finally settled down.

"Right, Xiaoxiao, let's go home early today. Shengjie's brother wants to meet us today. Shengjie's younger brother is a big shot, we can't neglect him!"

Lih Shengjie was his mother's new husband, Qiao Xiaoxiao, stepfather.

Qiao Xiaoxiao had never seen stepfather's younger brother before. She had heard many people talking about him.

They were not actually brothers. There was a story behind this.

His father and stepfather's father were originally comrades. They carried guns together and went to the battlefield to experience life and death. They were really good friends, and their relationship was very good.

Later on, his father had been injured in a secret mission, and he might not be able to give birth.

Stepfather's father had discussed with his family in order for someone to take care of his friend and send him off. He had decided to give his eldest son, Lih Shengjie, to his friend as an adopted son.

It was a coincidence that the two families did not have any blood relations with each other, but both families had the surname Li.

Then the family agreed with gratitude. After all, it was unacceptable to not have children and no offspring at that time.

Lih Shengjie then lived in that family as an adopted son.

But seven or eight years passed. Because that family belonged to the nobility, coupled with their contributions, their status rose, and the rapid development of medical treatment, their comrades finally gave birth to a healthy child.

Lih Shengjie liked this nominal younger brother from the bottom of his heart, even though they were not related by blood and had no legal recognition.

He had a gentle personality and was very good to this younger brother.

When the two families saw this situation, they became even happier. The relationship between the two families was already very good, and the bond between the next generation was formed.

However, the problem was that this family finally had a biological son, and he was the first heir to that family.

What about Lih Shengjie? No matter how much that family loved this adopted son, just this identity would make people feel awkward.

Before that family could think of a way to not hurt their relationship and relationship, the teenage Lih Shengjie took the initiative to ask to return to his biological parents' home, but he hoped to be with his younger brother often.

Lih Shengjie's father also had the same idea. When he mentioned it to his friends, both families were happy.

His younger brother gradually grew up with Lih Shengjie's company.

Lih Shengjie, who had almost never quarreled with anyone else, pampered this younger brother endlessly. The two of them were like brothers.

In the eyes of outsiders, they were brothers.

Twenty to thirty years later.

He had become a noble figure in Kyoto!

He held power in his hands, and at the same time, he controlled a part of the nation's economic lifeline!

Qiao Xiaoxiao thought, should she call him second uncle or uncle?

Even if there was no legal recognition between them, and there was no blood relation between them, it was also necessary for her to call him that, right?

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