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C8 Little Uncle Appeared

In the wealthy district of Kyoto, in the mansion of the Lih family.

Qiao Xiaoxiao tiptoed into the house and stretched out her neck to observe the situation inside. She did not want her mother to see her strange clothes.

"Second Miss? What are you doing?" She did not see her mother, but the housekeeper, Fu, was shocked by her.

"Fu, lower your voice. " Qiao Xiaoxiao entered the house and did not see Qiao's mother. She asked Fu, "Fu, where is my mother?"

"Madam and sir went out to buy groceries personally because second master is coming back today. " Fu replied.

"Alright, Fu, you are busy. I will go upstairs first. "

He heard Qiao's mother wasn't home. Qiao Xiaoxiao was relieved when she heard that Qiao's mother was not at home. She felt much more relaxed. She kicked the small steps and went upstairs.

Seeing Qiao Xiaoxiao jumping around like a little rabbit, Fu revealed a kind smile. He shook his head and sighed.

It was good to be young!

Qiao Xiaoxiao was originally in a good mood, but when she turned the corner of the staircase on the second floor, a sharp female voice instantly broke her good mood.

"You still know how to come back! You actually came back after a night wearing men's clothes! Country bumpkin, you're really shameless! "

At the entrance of the third floor. Lih Yuran, who was wearing a pure white lace princess dress, looked down at Qiao Xiaoxiao who was on the second floor. Her eyes were filled with disdain and disgust.

Lih Yuran, stepfather's adopted daughter. She was twenty years old this year and was one year older than Qiao Xiaoxiao.

Ever since Qiao Xiaoxiao moved to this house, she had been making things difficult for her and ridiculing her.

The most disgusting thing was that in front of stepfather, she cared about her like a big sister, as if the two of them were very close sisters.

Just thinking about that kind of scene made Qiao Xiaoxiao nauseous to the point of wanting to throw up!

Qiao Xiaoxiao's footsteps paused, then she acted as if she did not hear anything, as if nothing had happened, and walked straight towards her room.

Regarding Lih Yuran, Qiao Xiaoxiao did not want to talk nonsense with her. She also disdained it!

Could it be that if the dog barks at you a few times, you will have to lower your status and bark back at the dog?

"Hey! bumpkin, I'm talking to you! Did you hear that? Stop right there! Who allowed you to leave! I order you to stop!"

Seeing Qiao Xiaoxiao ignore her, Lih Yuran was angered to death and her face was distorted.

Qiao Xiaoxiao's indifference made Lih Yuran angry and angry!

Returning to the room, she locked the door behind her and blocked her voice outside. Qiao Xiaoxiao laid on the soft bed and instantly felt very comfortable.

Lying on the bed, Qiao's little mind was very messy and there were many things that she could not figure out.

Last night, she slept to set up a trap for her and drugged the juice that she drank! And locked her in the same room as that hooligan?

If she hadn't been so fierce last night and cut that man's face with a bottle of wine, she was afraid that she would have died last night.

She had come to the capital to study for more than half a year. Who on earth had such a huge grudge with her and wanted to kill her?

If she knew who had drugged her, she would kill that person!

A ruthless look flashed across Qiao Xiaoxiao's eyes!

And that man she raped last night, would he sue her or not? After all, it was she who broke into the room!

She stayed in the room for an hour. A servant knocked on the door, saying that lunch was ready. There was also the legendary second master coming, asking her to go down and welcome him!

After changing her clothes, Qiao Xiaoxiao went downstairs.

When she went downstairs, stepfather and his mother were already standing at the main entrance of the main hall. Lih Yuran, who usually delayed for half an hour, was unexpectedly standing at the side at this moment.

Furthermore, Lih Yuran even put on makeup and wore exquisite clothes. Her dressing was as if she was about to attend a very grand gala.

Qiao's mother was very nervous at this moment. When she saw Qiao Xiaoxiao, she used her eyes to look as if she was standing beside her.

The entire Lih's Mansion was exceptionally quiet at this moment!

Suddenly, there was the sound of cars coming from outside, followed by a wave of neat and powerful footsteps. A group of armed soldiers rushed into Lih's Mansion in an orderly manner. They were well-trained and divided into two rows!

The steady and powerful leather shoes hit the limestone floor. The sound made was like the sound of a button hitting people's hearts. They could not help but feel nervous!

Everyone's gaze was involuntarily attracted. Against the sunlight, a tall figure slowly appeared.

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