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C9 That Man

Lih Mingxiao was wearing a light blue army uniform today, with a pair of special badges on both sides of his shoulders. Those were the identification and symbol of his identity!

Lih Mingxiao had a tall body and a handsome face. He was wearing the army uniform perfectly. In his coldness, there was also a domineering aura that could not be regretted by mountains and rivers!

On the light blue uniform, a pure black belt circled around his waist, outlining his slender figure even more!

This kind of rude clothing was just like his person, never submitting to the norm. He liked to break the rules, tyrannically controlling everything!

His pair of long legs stepped on black leather boots, accentuating his long legs, making them even longer and more perfect.

This was a cold and domineering man who was like a god!

He was like a general who came from a battlefield filled with smoke, with his head held high and his chest puffed out. He was iron-blooded and domineering, cold and ruthless.

No matter where he was, his suffocating aura could never be ignored.

He was like a sun that released a cold light. He was cold, yet so dazzling!

From the moment Lih Mingxiao appeared, everyone in Lih's Mansion except Qiao Xiaoxiao, who was still in a daze, stayed where they were. The others had already taken the initiative to welcome him.

The first to speak was Lih Yuran. The moment Lih Mingxiao appeared, her eyes lit up. A trace of a woman's most primitive passion for men flashed past.

"second uncle. " Lih Yuran seemed to want to pounce on him as she used a sweet voice to call out.

She saw Lih Yuran was about to get within a meter of him. Yes. "En. "

One meter away, Lih Yuran could clearly feel the displeasure and disgust of men.

Under that cold gaze, her footsteps stopped deeply, as if there was a bottomless abyss in front of her, and she did not dare to take another step forward.

Even though he had known his niece for twenty years, Lih Mingxiao's attitude was still cold. It was as if she was a stranger.

Lih Yuran was not discouraged. After all, second uncle had always been so indifferent!

She felt that compared to her woman, second uncle was very kind to her. She thought that she was the lucky darling of the heavens.

"second brother, this is Feng Cai. " stepfather pointed at Qiao's mother and introduced her.

"Hello, sister-in-law. " Lih Mingxiao looked at Qiao's mother indifferently, then quickly looked up and left. His voice was as distant and indifferent as always.

Lih Mingxiao's eyes were extremely sharp and sharp. It was formed naturally after being in a high position for a long time, and it was extremely oppressive.

With just a simple glance, Qiao's mother became very nervous.

Before she finished speaking, Lih Mingxiao raised his hand and interrupted, "Just call me 'sir'. "

Logically speaking, Qiao's mother should call Lih Mingxiao 'second brother' or directly call his name. But Qiao's mother did not have the courage.

In the entire Dragon Country, no one dared to call Lih Mingxiao by his name directly!

They all respectfully addressed him as sir!

The word sir was an ordinary title. However, at a certain level, this title represented Lih Mingxiao in Dragon Country, and it represented monstrous power!

"Qiao Xiaoxiao, come here quickly. What are you standing there for? Come and see uncle. " Qiao's mother noticed that Qiao Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded. Afraid that the people from Lih family would say that she did not understand the rules, she quickly pulled Qiao Xiaoxiao over.


The moment Qiao Xiaoxiao saw Lih Mingxiao, when she saw him clearly, Qiao Xiaoxiao was stunned.

The man she should have called uncle was actually the man she had sex with after taking the medicine last night!

Even if the two of them were not related by blood, there was no legal problem. Just thinking about it made Qiao Xiaoxiao suddenly feel uncomfortable. Who could tell her what was going on?

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