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Owned by a Rich Man/C3 The fateful meeting
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C3 The fateful meeting

A car parked outside the Herrenhaus Manor, but actually, it was a tall tower. Leon looked up at the building after getting out of the car. At the entrance, four people waited to welcome the Young Master.

Leon went ahead to enter as the servants bowed their heads.

"Good evening, Young Master. Please have some rest for a while," The butler greeted him and led him the way.

"Thank you," Leon said politely as he entered. This tower stood in an isolated land, and it took them a while to get here, and now it is already dark.

"You have come a long way, Sire, so we arranged your room to rest a bit. Meanwhile, we will prepare her for tonight." The butler told him as they walked into the large hallway.

Leon glanced at the butler and saw his expression as if he was explaining a food he will serve to him later and can't help but shook his head helplessly. He then just entered the room to settle down.

The room was large and very clean. It looked elegant with antique furniture, Leon once again felt like this place was a castle, much different from the modernity he was used to back at the city.

Well, it housed their "goddess".

Leon then entered the bathroom to shower. He was just from a long flight and drive, and he needed to freshen up.


Meanwhile, in another bathroom, a young woman sat in a bathtub and a woman was washing her hair behind her, and two maids brushed her arms.

It was her mother behind her, caressing her hair.

"Tonight, is the night, do not be scared, he won't be cruel and hurt you." She whispered to her daughter.

Only the two of them were talking, as no one was allowed to talk to them, aside from the President.

This has been their lives. They were locked in this tower the day they were born, both clueless about the world and human relationships.

What they do understand is that this place was the safest for them. Aside from their powers, their ancestors have passed to them their history on Earth, and how the first generations of their kind suffered at the hands of humans.

It was better than being sold and treated as a profiting machine by greedy people.

Here, they were well taken care of and were only owned by a single man all their life. their innocent and pure minds had always been like this until the present.

The young girl nodded her head and remembered all the words and tales her mother told her. In her mind, she needed to make the Young Master happy, so that he would like her.

After bathing, she was put on in a white dress flowing dress. She entered her room sat on the bed and waited for the moment to come.


Back outside the hall, Leon sat on one of the sofas, dressed in comfortable pants and shirt, and was scrolling through his iPad. Even in this place, he was still thinking about work, that was why even though he was settled down to rest, he read some documents. Anyway, this was considered his rest, typical for a serious and work maniac man.

But when the time arrived, the butler approached him and announced.

"Master, it is time."

Leon raised his head and saw the butler standing, with servants holding candles, towels, and basins of water.

He rubbed his temple, even with his age he was still getting a bit of embarrassment with this kind of preparation.

However, when he stood up and finally followed them, leading him up the stairs and faced with a large door with numerous locks in it, he furrowed his eyebrows.

This was when he realized this was really serious and they were keeping a woman locked up in this tower.

The metal door clanked as it opened, and no one dared to look inside, only Leon who faced the door.

Leon's face became solemn as he glanced at the people and the room before him. did they really have to reach this far to keep a woman? Had she lived like this all her life?

But he knew asking them won't give him an answer. So he passed by them and finally entered the room.

The room was large, but it was desolate. Only a bed in the middle draped with velvet sheets and curtains on its pillar.

And in the middle sat a woman with long golden hair. Leon was taken aback as he stared at her.

Her skin was porcelain white, a striking contrast to the dark sheets. Leon's eyes slowly went up to her petite figure to her breathtaking face. She had bright blue eyes, a smooth and ruddy face, and red pouty lips.

Despite already seeing the vastness of the world, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

He can't help but think at this moment whether she was really a goddess. Just this face would let anyone think so.

Leon stood up for a moment in his place and did not even notice the sound of the door closing. But when he saw the woman's eyes tremble, he finally woke up from his thoughts.

The delicate woman looked like an anxious cat.

Leon approached the bed and looked down at her. She seemed young and she timidly moved her eyes, raising to his face and looking down.

"How old are you?" This was Leon's concern, with the atrociousness of this family "tradition", he felt he needed to prepare himself for more ridiculousness.

The woman was taken aback, as she didn't expect he would ask her this. She stumbled to answer. Her mother told her how old she is, it was this.

She raised her hands and showed her how much.

Leon stared at her doing this and clarified.


The woman hurriedly nodded. Leon became relieved a bit and sighed. He then sat at on the bed and leaned on the headboard.

"You can't talk?" He can't help but ask.

The woman thought for a while, shook her head, then nodded again.

Leon furrowed his brow.

"You can?"

The woman nodded.

"Why won't you talk?" Leon still communicated. He felt funny like talking to a kitten, though he didn't know where that metaphor came from.

The woman was anxious and moved her hands and gestured stumbly.

Leon looked at her movements and spoke.

"You're not allowed to?"

The woman sighed in relief and nodded.

Leon felt funny watching her but also felt helpless. This woman, how much was she restricted.

"Come here," He told her gently.

The woman looked at him hesitantly and slowly crawled towards him. She looked nervous.

"Scared?" Leon asked as he softened his eyes.

The woman only pursed her lips and looked at him with her bright eyes.

"Don't be afraid you can talk to me." Leon coaxed as if coaxing a child.

"What's your name?" He then asked.

The woman stared at the man's face and she was fascinated. He was really handsome, he was more handsome than the prince in the picture book. He was also gentle and talked to her. He was the only one who had been close to her like this aside from his mother.

And she only had one thing on her mind. She wanted to please him. So even though she was not allowed to speak, she would take any punishment to talk with this prince.

"Sweetheart." A sweet and soft tone came out of her mouth.

Leon was even more fascinated.

"That is what my mother told me." She whispered. She doesn't have a name, and neither does her mother. But her mother calls her this.

Leon felt his heart beat more and more as he talked to this woman.

"Sweetheart." He called.

The woman's cheeks blushed when she heard this. somehow, when he says it, it felt different.

Leon saw the beautiful blush creeping in her cheeks and it made him want to take a bite.

He raised his hand to gently caress her cold cheeks.

"Shall I call you that?"

The woman timidly looked at him and shyly gazed down. Leon can't help but want to wrap her in his arms.

"Are you nervous?" He asked as he looked at her stiff and timid body. He looked for something to distract her and touched his pocket. He then took out the contents and was glad he brought some with him.

It was a strawberry candy, which reminds him of her. He opened the wrapper and brought it to his lips.

"I'll give this to you," He said softly. Now he really looked like coaxing a child.

The woman felt a sweet thing held against her lips and unconsciously opened her mouth.

The candy was pushed in and she felt a burst of sweetness in her mouth. It was very delicious.

Her heart brightened. It was the first time she tasted some. Although the cooks sometimes gave them sweet food, but it was her first time tasting this novel thing.

The moment the woman opened her mouth, Leon got a glimpse of her soft pink tongue and it made him roll his throat.

Thinking about what they were here for and what they were about to do, finally, he can't help but take the woman closer into his arms.

The woman was no longer fearful and let him hold her, so Leon became even more preposterous and brought her to his lap.

Leon looked down at the delicate woman and asked.

"Do you know what we will be doing?"

The woman also looked up and she was drawn by his deep eyes. She nodded bravely.

"Yes, the Master is going to own me."

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