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C6 She's gone

The light spilled from the window and shone in the large bedroom. The handsome man's face scrunched up by the bright light and can't help but raise his arms to shield his eyes.

His other hand patted the other side of the bed and immediately noticed the emptiness. His eyes opened and looked beside him.

She's gone.

Leon got up and looked around the room. The vigorous exercise last night lasted until almost dawn, and his last impression was them falling on each other, still entangled. But now, she was nowhere to be found.

He got up from the bed. If it wasn't for the messy sheets, the obvious water stains and the red blood splattered on the quilts, he would think it was a dream.

But no. It felt so real.

But where was she?

He quickly put on his clothes. Last night, they requested for water multiple times, and he had already wiped their bodies clean. So, his first thought was to quickly find her.

He pushed open the metal door and found the quiet atmosphere outside. He furrowed his eyebrows and went down the long stairs.

When he arrived at the hall, he saw the butler.

"Good morning-"

"Where is she?" Leon immediately cut him off.

The butler was taken aback, but he immediately settled and answered.

"Young master, she was taken away as per the President's order."

"Taken away? Where?" Leon's expression became even more solemn as he asked persistently.

"Sire, you would meet her again at the right time," The butler answered vaguely.

"Bullshit!" Leon finally burst out as he turned back and ran up the stairs again. He needed to find her.

"Where are you?!" Damn, she doesn't even have a name and he doesn't know how to call her.

"Sweetheart!" He called as he looked at the rooms at the tower.

The butler followed him anxiously.

"Young master, please settle down!" This was the first time he saw the refined heir of the family lose control like this.

Leon breathed heavily and turned back to him with a bad face.

"Where is she?" He asked threateningly.

The butler trembled as he stared at the tall and imposing man. He gulped and feared the latter even in his old age.

"Sire, only the President knows." He answered in a nervous voice.

Leon pursed his lips.

He knew even if he turned this tower upside down, if that man interferes, then he wouldn't even find a strand of her hair.

He needed to talk to his father.


"You'll meet her at the right time." Anastacius Albrecht said. He sat leisurely on his swivel chair behind the large desk and looked at his son standing before him.

Those very same words from the butler.

Leon sneered.

"Father, tell me now. Where is she? What did you do to her?" He persisted. He was not buying these words from this weird family. Who knows what they are up to after this?

It was like they were being played by their hands. it was all bullshit.

He didn't know what he expected after hearing the history of the Albrecht, but he knows he wouldn't be at peace until he sees her again.

They didn't even have a proper talk after last night, how could he feel resigned.

Anastacius looked at his son and sighed.

"Well, she needed to be kept away for a couple of years. You will meet her again soon, not now." He answered.

"Did you lock her up again? What more inhumane things have you done?" Leon can't help but blurt out.

"Insolent!" His father burst to his feet and pointed angrily at him.

Leon looked at his angry father and maintained his cold face, staring back at him. Anastacius saw that he lost his cool and sighed once again.

He slumped back to his seat and looked at his foolish son.

"You think its cruel, but the outside world will be even more cruel to them." He explained.

"Years before our family took the Goddess, they had been mobbed, exploited, treated as a profit machine by greedy humans. Sold and abused." Anastacius tattled as he looked back at the history of the goddess.

"They are the safest with us. We give them enough protection and security. Food, clothes, shelter, everything they need. They are not humans and should not be treated as humans." He added in a lukewarm attitude.

Leon clenched his fist.

Thinking of the ugliness of the world, he knew how much a treasure like them suffered and will suffer if it would be known to the world. But still, there should be another way.

"You don't need to worry about the Goddess right now. She is well taken care of. What you need to think about is looking for your future wife."

Leon quickly raised his sharp eyes to his father.

Anastacius knew the tenacious trait of his son, but this is an important matter.

"Now that you had received your Goddess, it's now time to have a wife. Focus on that more."

"I'm not looking for a wife." Leon retorted.

"Leon Zigmund." His father warned.

But without adhering to his call, he turned back to leave.


Back on his pad, he looked out of his window, looking far away.

In frustration, he slammed his hand on the table before him.

He hated this. He hated the feeling of powerlessness and helplessness.

He doesn't know if it was his desire, his ego talking or if something else, he badly wanted to find her.

Leon never wanted to be shackled nor wanted to be dictated of what to do. The first time he followed something was meeting this Goddess. But maybe, because of curiosity, or just fate, he really wasn't unwilling in the first place.

He was destined to meet her.

But now, she was out of his grasp and this made him frustrated.

He shut his eyes and countless images of her kept flashing. He couldn't get her out of his head.

Her beautiful face, her soft body, her moans, the way she moved as he manipulated her body in pleasure, all of these kept scratching his heart.

Remembering the eyes that looked at him with dependence and trust, her expectation of him taking her, he can't just go on as if nothing happened.

Even with just a night, he knew she was special.

Maybe at this moment, she was thinking of him, waiting for him.

Was she hurt or uncomfortable? He was very unrestrained last night, and she was very delicate, her body might overwhelm her.

He can't get her out of his mind and it's making him crazy. He was not a newbie in one night stand, but she, she had left something in him, as he did to her.

He badly wanted to see her.

Leon clenched his hand.

Only the President knows where she is, huh?

Well, let's be the President then.

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