Paige/C11 Losing my sanity when I'm with you
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Paige/C11 Losing my sanity when I'm with you
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C11 Losing my sanity when I'm with you

Uriel was silent for a while. "Is it your period?!". Paige was a little surprised by his question. "No Uriel - it's not my period. It's obviously because of what we did a while ago". Paige said while blushing. "Some girls bleed after their first time - haven't you ever been with a virgin?". "No I haven't been with one before - you're the first". Uriel said.

Paige got up to get dressed. "Where are you going?". Uriel asked. "I've got to go back home - did you think I was going to stay here tonight?!". Paige said while pulling up her pants. "What about your bleeding?!". He asked, concerned. "Don't worry - I had a tampon in my backpack. I'm fine with that till I get home". She explained. "Oh okay - I'll drop you off at home". Uriel said while grabbing his car keys.

The car was quite as Uriel drove her home. "I wish you didn't have to leave, Paige. I wish you could be mine forever". Uriel said while grabbing her hand. "You know that's not possible". Paige said softly. Uriel was really angry. He let go of her hand, took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "What do you mean?! So you could let just anyone take your virginity, without wanting to stay together forever?!". Uriel asked angrily. "N-No it's not that - I do feel something for you, that's why I let you take my virginity. I just don't think we can be together". Paige said while looking at her feet. "We can only wait and see what the future holds for us, Paige. Try being optimistic - even if a lot of bad shits have happened to you, good can come to anyone - even you". Uriel said reassuringly. He held kissed the back of her hand and continued drawing circles with his thumb. She was comforted by his words, but tears still stung her eyes. She wiped her tears quickly, before Uriel could notice.

He wished her goodnight and drove off after dropping her at home. She ran upstairs to find her mom asleep. It was already past 9.p.m. She already had dinner and took her meds. "Uriel must've taken care of this". She said to herself. "I'll call him and thank him". She ran to her room and laid on the bed. She was still wearing his shirt. She took a whiff, it still had his scent, which kind of turned her on. Her nipples hardened at the thought of how much he teased her earlier that evening. Her face turned red as a tomato. She took out her phone and dialed his number. He picked up immediately.

"Hey baby couldn't bare to part with me?" He asked smiling. "N-No I just called to thank you for what you did for my mom". Paige said Softly. "It's ok she's my mom too. You should go to sleep". Uriel ordered. "I miss you". Paige said in a whisper. "Really - when I asked you to stay over you really wanted to go". Uriel said laughingly. "I really hate you, you know?". Paige said, pretending to be angry. "I hate you too - that's why I'm making you mine, in order to save mankind. If you're not taken, I wonder what would happen to other poor guys out there". Uriel said while holding back his laughter. "Fuck you, Uriel". Paige said angrily. "Ahh yes! I'm afraid that's what I was thinking about right now". Uriel said. He loved teasing her. "Uh-huh...hope you break your back. But with how shameless you are, you'd still have sex with a broken back". Paige said feeling annoyed. "Fuck, Paige! If you keep talking, I might just come over to your house right now, or I wouldn't be able to sleep". Uriel said in a hoarse voice.

"Oh okay, I'll talk to you tomorrow then". Paige said, and hung up immediately. "No no no.....ugh she hung up". Uriel smiled happily, and went to take a cold shower. Paige buried her face in her pillow, feeling shy. "You have no idea Uriel, but I lose my sanity when I'm with you. I do the things I wouldn't normally do. Is this what love is? Or am I just infatuated with him?". Paige asked herself. She fell asleep without even realizing it.

She wasn't sure about what she felt for him - all she knew was that she felt safe and happy in his arms.

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