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Paige/C12 I love you
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C12 I love you

Paige woke up sore the next morning. She couldn't get out of bed and she had bite marks on her neck and shoulders. She didn't want her mother to see it. She limped all the way downstairs to get a warm compress and pain meds. She didn't know if the warm compress was going to work she was just in too much pain to think straight. She was about to go upstairs to her room, when she bumped into her mother at the kitchen entrance. "um....hi Mom. Good morning. I-I was just about to make b-breakfast you didn't have to come downstairs". She said stuttering.

Mrs Warren felt something was off. "Are you making breakfast with a warm compress and pain meds?!". Mrs Warren asked. Paige looked down at her hands, and quickly replaced the things in the cupboard. "N-No - I was just checking the expiration date on the pain meds. It's been here for a while". Paige didn't dare to look her mother in the eyes. She kept looking at her feet. "Mrs Warren looked at her from head to toe.

Mrs Warren coughed. "Why are you being shy? Is it because of the love bites on your neck and shoulders?". Mrs Warren asked, holding back her laughter. Paige's eyes widened in shock. "It's normal to feel sore after your first time. Uriel was gentle right?". Paige didn't say anything. Her face was red and she couldn't respond. "Pain meds wouldn't help anyways. If the bleeding has stopped, then the pain wouldn't be there the next time you do it". Mrs Warren said. "Go to your room and rest. I'll make breakfast today". Paige obediently ran away. She didn't want her mother's words to continue making her shy. How did she even know what happened yesterday.

Mrs Warren made her signature meatloaf with orange juice for breakfast. When she was done she called Paige down to eat. "M-Mom how did you know about what happened yesterday?". Paige asked as she took a bite out of her meatloaf. "Hmm....its a long story. Let's just say I was told to take care of you". Mrs Warren said smiling. "What?! Uriel told you? That asshole!". Paige almost choked on her food. "It's okay - since you both like each other so much, and he respects me so much, I'll let you date him. At least you're finally growing up". Mrs Warren said happily. "As long as you use a condom". She said, while taking a sip out of her juice. "Aah....and what if I told you we didn't?". Paige said slowly.

Mrs Warren chocked on her food and quickly gulped down a glass of water. "You did what?!". The poor woman was shocked out of her wits. "Relax mom nothing's gonna happ.....". Mrs Warren interrupted in the middle of her statement."What do you mean nothing's gonna happen?! Oh my goodness Paige. Did you learn sex education at school? How could you make such a stupid mistake?! What if you get pregnant? We can't tell yet - we can only know if fertilization occurred 73hrs after intercourse. Oh my gosh!". Mrs Warren was completely scared. Paige was yet to get into college. She had her whole life ahead of her. She didn't want her daughters life to be ruined.

Paige was silent for a while. "Relax mom - everything is gonna be fine. I'm fine and Uriel promised he would take responsibility". Paige said trying to reassure her mother. "Okay. How far off are you in your cycle?". Mrs Warren asked. "I was done with my period a day before we did 'that'". Paige said. Mrs Warren became more concerned. She finished her glass of juice, and went upstairs without say anything to her daughter. Paige didn't understand her mother's reaction. She finished eating and started cleaning the house.

She heard her phone ring, and ran upstairs to see who it was. It was Uriel. She answered the phone excitedly. "Hey, Uriel". She said in a happy voice. " seem pretty happy - no pains at all?". Uriel asked. "I'm still in a little bit of pain, but I'll be fine. But the bleeding stopped". Paige said to him. She walked downstairs to continue cleaning the floor while talking to him through the Bluetooth earphones. "Okay that's good then - I thought I'd have to send you to the doctor. Can you guess what I'm doing?". Uriel asked. "uh....I don't know, probably laying in bed and talking to me?". She said confidently.

Uriel giggled at her reply. "I'm at your front door". He said to her over the phone. Paige quickly turned to look at the door. "There's absolutely no way you're standing at my front door". She said doubting his words. "Why don't you open your door then?". Uriel asked. Paige walked to the door and gently opened it. She saw Uriel in front of her house. He looked even more handsome than last night. Uriel walked to the door, and looked into her eyes for a while before ending the call. "Hey, aren't you gonna let me in? ". He asked Paige and poked her forehead. She came back to her senses. "Y-Yeah sure come in". Paige said as she stepped aside for him. "Why were you staring at me - do I look more handsome?". He asked Paige trying to tease her. "Yes...I mean NO! I mean you look the same as yesterday". She said stuttering. "Thanks for saying I'm handsome babe". Uriel said while laughing at her.

She walked into the kitchen, and started preparing to make lunch. "Do you want anything to drink?". She asked Uriel. Uriel walked into the kitchen and hugged her waist from behind. He buried his head in her shoulder, and took a whiff. "What are you trying to do Uriel. My mom's at home - what would we do if she sees us". Paige said in a whisper. "It's okay - I'm sure she wouldn't mind me hugging you. It's not like I'm pounding you in her kitchen". Mrs Warren was about to come downstairs with her wheelchair, when she overheard their conversation. She stopped halfway down the stairs and continued to listen.

Paige stomped on his feet, and took the vegetables to wash. "Ouch!... Paige you're not a nice girl. After everything we've been through". Uriel said pretending to be in a lot of pain. Paige didn't say anything to him. He went closer to her, and held her hands to wash the vegetables together. Paige's cheeks burnt a bright red. He kissed the side of her neck. "I love you Paige". He said to her, as he turned her to kiss her lips lightly. Paige hugged him. "We have a problem and I don't know what's going to happen in the future". She said to him. He pulled away a bit to look deeply in to her eyes. "What's the matter?". He asked concerned. "We didn't use protection last night, and there's a chance I might get pregnant. If that happens what are we going to do? Would you still love me?" Paige said as tears stung her eyes.

Uriel took her hands, and kissed them. "Listen Paige, to be honest I wouldn't want you to end up being pregnant, before we can get into college. You have a bright future, and I wouldn't want to ruin your life by asking you to give birth to a child for me". Uriel said to her in a soft voice. Mrs Warren wiped her tears away. In her heart she felt Uriel would always care for Paige. It reminded her of her youthful days with her husband. She went back upstairs to cry to her heart's content.

"If you do get pregnant, I'd take responsibility for you and the child. It's my fault for not using protection". He said reassuringly to Paige. He lifted her and placed her on the kitchen island. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and hugged his neck. She kissed his cheek softly. He lifted her chin to kiss her deeply. He invaded her mouth with his tongue. He didn't want to stop - he was burning up inside and she was like a spring of cold water. They only pulled apart for oxygen.

He gently pulled her pants down. "N-No Uriel. We can't do that here. My mom's asleep". She said panting. "Relax I just want to see". He said into a hoarse voice. "But what about your boner?". She asked while using her feet to rub his erection. "I can handle it, but you touching it would make me lose control". He said as he grabbed her leg. He spread her legs and bent down to kiss her. He used his thumb to rub her clit.

She moaned out loudly, and quickly slapped her hand over her mouth. He kept teasing her with his fingers, till she couldn't take it anymore. She bit into his shoulder, as she tried to control her moans. He hissed in pain. He continued, until he felt her cum into his hand, while trying hard to muffle her moans. She hugged him and continued kissing his neck and shoulders. She saw the bite mark she left on his shoulder. It was bleeding a little. She licked the blood away. Uriel pushed her away slightly. He carried her up to her room to help her clean up.

He went into her bathroom to take a cold shower. If she wasn't in pain from last night, he wouldn't have controlled himself like this. He wanted her every single day. After his shower, Paige handed him her spare towel, and helped him dry his hair. He told her to rest while he makes lunch. " I love you Uriel". She said to him before he left her room. "I love you too. More than you know". Uriel said to her

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