Paige/C13 Housewarming party.
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Paige/C13 Housewarming party.
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C13 Housewarming party.

After Uriel made lunch for them, he got a phone call. It was urgent so he had to leave. Paige was still asleep and he didn't want to disturb her. He left her a note on the nightstand. He told her to have lunch with her mother, and that he'd call her later at night. It was a meeting with some of his father's older brothers, who wanted to take over his dad's hotels in Dubai. He hated those men the most, and he'd do anything to get rid of them.

When Paige woke up, she found the note he left. She washed her face, and went down happily to eat. When she got downstairs, she saw her mother already at the dinner table. "Mom you're awake". She said surprised. "Yeah. I went to wake you, but you were sleeping with a smile on your face. I didn't want to disturb you". She said to Paige. Paige took a seat at the table and started eating. " Uriel was here. He wanted to see you but you were asleep so he left". She said to her mother. "oh he was here - that explains your happiness". Mrs Warren said smiling. Paige containing eating silently. "Did you guys talk?" Mrs Warren asked. "Yeah we talked - about what are you asking?". Paige asked. Mrs Warren placed her cutlery down. "About the issue dear - he's going to take responsibility right?!". She almost yelled Mrs Warren asked. She pretended to not have heard their conversation. She wanted to know if Paige had started hiding things from her.

Paige told her the details of their conversation. Mrs Warren was happy. She wished them happiness in her heart, and decided to say a prayer for both of them. After a few days, Uriel came back to pick Paige up. He went with her to the boutique. He wanted her to look most beautiful amongst the guests. He picked out a lot of dresses for her. Paige tried to remind him that it was just a housewarming party, and there was no need to dress up so much. Uriel insisted. He picked out a few casual dresses for her, then they left.

He drove her to his house, then went upstairs to his room with her. He insisted on helping her try out the dresses, even though he knew they were all the right sizes. He took off her clothes, and she was left in only her underwear, standing in front of the floor length mirror. He pulled out an icy blue dress from one of the many shopping bags. He held her gaze with his, through the mirror for a minute. "Let's try this one first". He said into her ear. He helped her wear the dress, and pull up the zipper. "You looking stunning - but this one isn't good enough". He said as he undid the zipper, and pulled the dress down her hips, and let it fall to the floor. Next they tried a red one, then pink, a yellow one, and a silver dress. Uriel finally settled on a sleeveless white tulle dress and a light jacket, with a pair of matching sandals. "This is the one - it brings out your innocence and beauty". He said as he kissed her neck. "Yeah it brings out the innocence 'you' already stole. My innocence is dead and long gone". She said while rolling her eyes.

Uriel chuckled. He went to the kitchen and got her a bottle of water. "All that dressing up and taking the clothes off must've made you tired. How about a nice bath and a nap". "No?". He asked, waiting for her response, while taking his clothes off. When she didn't say anything, he went closer and took off her clothes, then carried her into the bathroom and shut the door. The tub was big enough for two. He got in with her in his arms. "W-what are you doing Uriel?". Paige asked stuttering. "We've already seen each other naked head to toe and we've touched each other - it's just bathing together why can't we?". Uriel asked angrily. He was a bit upset. It seemed like Paige was avoiding him. Paige didn't resist anymore, as they both got into the tub and slowly relaxed.

Uriel pulled her close and kissed her. He took her hands to hold his erection. She pulled back immediately. "What are u trying to do?". She asked with her head lowered. "You're mine, and I'm yours. If I can touch you then you have every right to touch me as well - so help me out with your hands". He said firmly. Her face grew red. She held his erection, and started stroking gently. He carried her out of the tub to continue on the bed. He placed her on the bed, and kissed her gently. He spread her legs, and slipped his fingers in. She let out a soft whimper. She bit her lips, trying to muffle her moans, as he kept teasing her. "Baby you can scream if you want - this place has good sound proofing". He said to her, panting. She released her lips, and started moaning loudly. She had completely lost control of her body.

Uriel rolled the condom on his erection. Then he pinned her hands above her head and gently thrust in.

He kept thrusting in and out of her. They tried different positions. Paige felt like she was being punished. He obviously didn't want to stop. She couldn't count how many times he had cum. He only stopped, when Paige said she was tired. He carried her into the bathroom to shower, before changing the sheets and hoping her. "What was the use of bathing, if we were going to do that eventually. I'm covered in sweat and cum". Paige complained to him. He chuckled. "It doesn't matter - if you want we can do it in the bathroom, right now". Uriel said.

Paige fell asleep while Uriel was helping her dry her hair. He called her mom to tell her that Paige would be staying over. Mrs Warren agreed. Paige was wearing his shirt and shorts. He went downstairs to get some water. Paige opened her eyes. He had finished drying her hair and covered her with the blanket. When he returned, she hugged him tightly. "Where did you go". She asked. "To get some water. Did you want some? ". He asked. "No no I'm fine. The bed just didn't feel warm without you". She said, snuggling closer to him. He kissed her forehead. "I'm here now. Happy?". Paige looked up at him. "Mhm". She kissed his cheek and said goodnight. She inhaled his scent, and fell asleep peacefully in his arms. He felt happy with her by his side. Everything seemed perfect and complete. Now he just had to deal with his asshole relatives. And care for little Gabrielle.

He woke up early the next morning and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. When the housekeeping lady came over he told her not to clean his room and that he had an important guest he didn't want to disturb. He looked very focused while making the breakfast. The old lady look at the smile on his face and she felt happy for him. "This young master has finally decided to grow up - he now has his own woman. I'll say a prayer at the Temple so they can be together forever". The woman said softly to herself. The old woman started cleaning the house immediately she didn't want to stay longer than she should and interrupt some things.

After a while Paige woke up. When the old lady saw her, she immediately greeted her. "Good morning young madam". She said to her. "Oh no no no I am not your young madam! I'm just here for a bit today - I'll be leaving after the party". Paige corrected her. "You wouldn't understand madam our young master has never brought any girl home before. Besides the young miss. You are the first if he could bring you home that means you are our future young madam". The old woman said to her. "And you are also the first woman to make him wake up early in the morning by 7:30.a.m to make breakfast". She said to Paige. "He's making breakfast?!" Paige asked surprised. She ran downstairs to the kitchen before the woman could respond to her.

When Paige got to the kitchen she saw Uriel focused on making breakfast. "Sorry I woke up late". She said apologetically. His head snapped toward her. "Good morning - you didn't have to wake up so early I was going to wake you up after I was done making breakfast". Uriel walked closer to her and pecked her lips. " how do you like your coffee?". He asked. "I like whatever you make for me. Just make sure you use less sugar and more milk". She said. "Wow - for someone who said she likes whatever I make her, that's pretty specific". He said to her as he turned to get the coffee mugs.

While they were having breakfast he told her that the physiotherapist he assigned to her mother had called him. The physiotherapist told him that her legs could be treated and she could walk again if she gets the right treatment. He told the good news to page and she couldn't stop crying and thanking him. The previous doctors they had visited told them that her mother's condition could not be treated, and that she should try to live the rest of my life happily in a wheelchair. It took Uriel a lot of effort to get her to stop crying. After breakfast, a few people came over to help decorate the house for the party. This was the grandest housewarming party Paige had ever been to. About an hour before the guests would start coming in, she went upstairs to get ready.

Paige went upstairs to Uriel's room to get ready. Yesterday after they had finished shopping the attendant gave her a little makeup kit as a compliment for the thousands of Dollars they had spent in the store. She watched a few makeup tutorials and decided to do her own makeup. She covered up all the love bites on her neck and shoulders. Then she did a little bit of dark makeup around her eyes. She styled her hair in a pretty bun to reveal her slender neck. She applied a nude shade lip gloss then she went downstairs. When Uriel saw her, his mouth hung open. He walked closer to her, and kissed her. She pushed him gently. "Uriel, you'd ruin my makeup". She said to him softly. "You look so beautiful I really just want to call this party off and have you to myself". Uriel said to her. "Don't say that - you already invited everybody so you can't call off the party now". She said to him as he wrapped his hands around her waist. "Okay - I'll listen to you but after the party you are mine". He said to her.

When the guests started coming in he let go of her waist and held her hand. Some of them noticed the intimacy between the both of them. Camila became jealous as well as Brittney. "What on earth is he doing with that slit?!". Brittney asked angrily. She pulled Pascale closer. "Hey look! Seems like someone made a move before you did". Brittney said trying to make him jealous. Pascale yanked his arm out of her grip. "And...why are you showing me this?". He asked Brittney. "Didn't you have a crush on Uriel, weren't you going to confess to him at prom?!". She asked sounding surprised. Pascale lowered his head. "Yes - yes I planned to confess to him at prom initially, but I thought it might be better to speed things up, so I wrote him a letter, and slipped it into his backpack on the last day of exams". As he spoke, he wiped the corner of his eyes. "when he didn't respond, I thought he didn't see the note, so I invited him to lunch. I felt like I had the courage to confess face-to-face. When I told him, that I loved him since tenth grade, he told me that he wasn't gay and that he already had someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with". He explained in a shaky voice. "Aw....poor guy. I'm so sorry but you shouldn't give up so easily". Brittney said comfortingly. "I will not force myself on a guy, who is in love with someone else. You saw how happy they looked together. As much as I'd want to be with him, I wouldn't want to steal his happiness!". He said angrily and left. He went to the garden to smoke and take some fresh air. There, he let go of everything, and cried.

The other guests had started handing the gifts they brought over, to Uriel. Sigrid came over to where Brittney was standing, as she watched Pascale leave the party. "You shouldn't have let him see that ya know". Sigrid leaned close and said to her. "I didn't mean to upset him - I just thought if he saw his crush with Paige, he'd hate her and help us get revenge". Brittney said in her defense. "Well your perfect plan blew up in your face". Sigrid said and walked away. Brittney went back to where Camila stood with her boyfriend. She felt Camila would have the perfect plan. "Camila you've got to help. That b*tch she--". Camila lifted her hand signaling her to stop. "Relax kid - she probably cast a spell on him. She can't date the hottest guy in our school, without bleeding". She said with a wicked smile plastered on her face. "Hey Camila why are you still fighting over Uriel, when I'm your boyfriend?!". Camila's boyfriend asked angrily. She didn't say anything, and he walked away. Some of his friends came to comfort him. "Relax bro. We all know she's a lose bitch. Has never been able to keep her legs closed". Said one of the boys. They all roared with laughter. "Besides you were only using her in highschool. Now that we're about to graduate, just dump her. Unless you've really fallen for her". The other boy said. He pushed him away and left the party. He wasn't sure what he felt for Camila. "To be honest, I would never be with a girl, who gives blow jobs to random boys in the janitors closet". Said the chubby boy. They all laughed and went to grab some drinks.

Camila and Brittney were getting ready to execute their plan. They saw Paige dancing with Uriel, and got infuriated. They waited for her to be alone. When Uriel went upstairs, they took the opportunity, to act fast. Camila went close to Paige, and pretended to want to chat. "Hello four eyes. What are you doing standing alone - where's your lover boy?". She asked. Paige didn't answer her. She tried to walk away, but Camila pulled her back. "Where are you going? - have an appointment in his bedroom? What is your relationship with Uriel?". Camila asked. "I don't think I'm obligated to answer your stupid questions" . Paige said to Camila. Camila pulled her, and jabbed a piece of glass into her abdomen. The blood immediately stained her white dress. Camila pulled her to the bottom of the stairs, and left her there to die. Soon Paige was covered in her own blood. She passed out from the blood loss, while silently calling out to Uriel.

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