Paige/C15 You're under arrest!
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Paige/C15 You're under arrest!
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C15 You're under arrest!

That evening, aunt Claire had gone to Uriel's place. When she saw the blood stains on the floor, she instantly became worried for Paige. She wondered what could've happened that could make her bleed so much. She went into the guest room to rest.

The next morning, she went to a convenience store close-by, and bought a few cleaning items. She bought rubbing alcohol, and some disposable towels. The blood had dried up on the wooden floor, and the stench was strong and disturbing. She poured some rubbing alcohol to the floor. It took a lot of effort to clean up the floors.

She was exhausted when she finished cleaning the ground floor. She watched the CCTV footage from last night, and was terrified. She copied to footage into a flash drive, and sent a copy to Uriel. Uriel had a friend who's uncle as a police commissioner. He forwarded the footage to the man. The commissioner quickly set out to make the arrests.

At this time Paige had already woken up. She still looked weak and tired. Uriel settled her discharge procedure after the call. He went out to buy her a change of clothes. She got a few stitches because the cut was deep. She would come back in a few days to take out the stitches. The the doctor prescribed some painkillers for her, and told her to eat and rest properly so that her wound could heal. But for the time being she should make sure the wound stays dry.

Uriel got her a lose fitting dress and a pair of underwear. He helped her get dressed and style her hair in a ponytail. "Did you really get all of them arrested? I never imagined that Camilla would hurt me like this. I always knew she hated me, but I never thought she would want to kill me because she couldn't get to date you". Paige sat on the bed as Uriel helped her brush her hair. "You shouldn't worry about those people. I will make sure she never goes free after hurting you. You just have to focus on getting better - I honestly don't know what to tell your mother".

Paige held his hand tightly and looked up at him. "It's not your fault you don't have to feel guilty - I'm sure my mom would understand. You already take such good care of me - thanks. Uriel lowered his head to kiss her. "You shouldn't thank me it's my responsibility to protect the woman I love and to care for her. I don't know why she would hurt you because she likes me, all I know is I never gave Camilla the impression that I loved her or liked her in the slightest. And she must be insane to hurt another girl over a guy who doesn't even know she exists".

He had his friend bring his car over to the hospital this morning, so he drove back carefully with her in the passenger seat. When he got home aunt Claire had already prepared millet pudding for Paige . He thanked her and said she could leave and go back home to rest. The house was completely clean and the blood stains and the smell of blood from last night was gone. Paige ate her pudding and went to sleep after taking painkillers.

The commissioner had gone to Camilla's house. Camila was sitting in the garden with her mother. It was a warm summer afternoon, and they were enjoying cold lemonade while sunbathing. When Camilla saw commissioner, she became afraid. "Good day sir, what brings you to our house?". Camilla's mother stood up to greet the commissioner. The constable put handcuffs on Camilla's wrists. "You are under arrest". Camila began to tremble. "W-what! I didn't do anything wrong! why are you arresting me?! Mother, tell them I'm innocent". The constable locked the handcuffs. "You're under arrest for attempted murder. You are urged to stay silent - anything you say will be used against you in the court of law".

The glass in Camilla's mother's hand fell to the ground. "W-what are you saying sir, you can't arrest my daughter, she's innocent". The commissioner turned to look at her. "your daughter is not innocent - I have footage here to prove that she's a sly, wicked girl. I suggest you arrange for a good lawyer. She won't be getting out of this one easily. An innocent girl wouldn't try to kill someone else". Camilla's mother fell to the ground and cried. The constable dragged Camilla to the police car, and drove away.

As the car drove away, Camilla kept crying for her mother to save her. Her family was rich, and they always saved her out of every situation. Back in junior high, she had fought with a girl, and broke her arm. The fight was baseless. All because the girl refused to go on errands for her. Camilla's parents paid off the girls parents, so they wouldn't go to the police. The girls parents later changed her school after the semester.

Uriel called Mrs Warren after Paige fell asleep. He wanted to tell her about Paige's injury, but he couldn't get himself to say it. He only told her that Paige would be staying at his place for a few more days, and he wanted her to move in with him. Mrs Warren said she'd think about it. He watched Paige sleep. He prayed they'd be happy together.

The next week was their graduation party, and he was glad Camilla wouldn't be there. She lost the opportunity to build a bright future by herself. He hoped Paige's injury would heal before the day of their graduation. She was the most important to him at this point.

In the morning, he helped her clean her body with a towel. She felt shy even though she knew he had already seen her naked. He spent all his time with her, and wouldn't go out to work even though she said she'd be fine. The commissioner called Uriel, and told him that Camilla had been sentenced to 6 years in prison. That was literally enough time to graduate from college.

He went out to buy ingredients to make porridge for Paige.

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