Paige/C16 Time with you
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Paige/C16 Time with you
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C16 Time with you

Paige had recovered well under Uriel's care. The stitches had been taken out, and she could now bath on her own. Their graduation party was in three days. The theme for the party was wine red and grey.

Uriel asked the boutique to come to his place, since Paige was injured.

The boutique arrived rather quickly. Uriel explained Paige's condition, and asked to find a dress that would be suitable for her - something that wouldn't be tight around the waist.

The attendant had come with dozens of dresses in wine red, and few suits for Uriel. Uriel didn't spend a lot of time and effort to choose his outfit.

Paige settled on a wine colored lace dress, with silver flower patterned embroidery. The lace was beautiful and elegant. It didn't feel heavy, it wasn't tight around the waist. The dress was paired with a silver, ruby pendant necklace, and silver heels.

She liked the dress, and Uriel did too. She decided to put gauze over the wound, so the fabric wouldn't rub against it. Uriel bought their outfits, and the woman left. Uriel went to make dinner.

After dinner, they went back to the room for a shower. While in the shower, Paige wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him deeply. "I'm really horny. I can't remember the last time we had sex". She kept kissing him softly as she spoke.

"You weren't feeling well. How can we do that under such circumstances? And we can't do it now either. Your wound hasn't completely healed". Uriel pushed her away after pecking her lips. She pouted angrily .

After the shower, they went back to the room to dry their hair. Uriel placed Paige on the bed, and went to get her clothes. Paige stood up, and threw the towel to the floor. She went towards Uriel, and hugged him from behind. She slowly slipped her hands into the towel around his waist. She grabbed his cock, and started stroking gently. Her hard nipples rubbed against his back. "Aah....fuck! You're tempting me Paige. I don't want to hurt you". Uriel moaned as he spoke. The pleasure that came from her touch was amazing. And it had been a long time since they did anything sexual. He craved her.

He turned to face her, grabbed her chin and kissed her. "You won't hurt me. I'm fine now, but I really need you. Please fuck me daddy". She kissed him again. Uriels eyes lit up. He lifted her as placed her back on the bed. "This is the first time you've taken initiative, and it's sexy as hell. Already had me turned on. Who taught you to be naughty?". Paige pushed him, so he was now on the bed, with her sitting between his thighs. "How can I not be naughty after spending so much time with you? ".

Paige turned around, and took his cock in her hands. She started teasing him with her tongue. Her pussy was next to his face, and he couldn't help but stick his tongue in. Although Paige's tongue movements were that of an amateur, it still felt like heaven. She kept on going till he was fully erected. He ended up coming in her face.

"I'm up for another round if you're". Paige seemed like a new person. Uriel like this daring side of her. "I love it when you take the initiative". Uriel pinned her down and teased her nipples. He thrust into her, and a soft moan escaped her throat. He was careful not to hurt her. "Aah.. I'm gonna cum!....".she said panting. He played with her clit as he moved, making her squirt.

She felt weak from the orgasms he gave her. Uriel cleaned up when they were done as usual. He inspected her injury to make sure everything was fine. When they were done cleaning up, Uriel carried her back to bed. She hugged his waist tightly. "I'd be going back home soon right? I kind of don't want to go back, but I miss my mom". Uriel kissed her forehead. "It's only normal that you spent time with your mom, or that she wants to have you around. Maybe when you get into college, you can move in with me".

Paige pouted. "I wish I could spend every moment with you". Uriel pecked her lips. "Be a good girl now - go to sleep. I'll treat you to Chinese tomorrow". Paige became happy instantly. She closed her eyes obediently, and started to sleep. Uriel smiled at her childish reaction. He hugged her tightly to sleep.

New chapter is coming soon
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