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C2 Pass the cheats

The bus arrived the school at 8:45am. They had only a few minutes before the exams. Some of the girls went to the washroom to either pee or touch up their lipstick and hair. Camilla on the other hand ran to her boyfriend Kevin and started kissing him. This wasn't a surprise to anyone as she would always do this. Kevin gently pushed her away. “baby what took you guys so long?" He said while trying to avoid her kisses. Camilla frowned and pushed him away. “why are you avoiding my kisses Kevin?" She said looking at him angrily. “so now I disgust you. So much that you can't even stand kissing me. Huh?!" Kevin didn't have the energy to quarrel with her today. He smiled and grabbed her shoulders. “Baby c'mon. You know I didn't mean it that way. It's just that I didn't like the way people were staring at us". He said trying to make her feel better. Her eyes darkened. “who was staring?" She asked. “Tell me so I can take their eyes out"

Kevin knew that this Camila was crazy. If it wasn't for popularity, he would've never dated her. “Just leave it baby. Let's go inside and prepare for the exams". He said while gently pushing her into the hallway.

Paige went into the washroom to wash her face. She looked in the mirror and saw that she had dark circles around her eyes. “Ahh shit!". She exclaimed. “I've lost hours of sleep. As soon as this final paper is done, I'll sleep for a week." She dried her face and walked out of the washroom. She bumped into someone along the way and all her books scattered on the floor.

“Ahh! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to." The person she bumped into quickly bent down to help her gather the books. “Don't worry. It's my fault I wasn't looking where I was going." He said to her. She lifted her head and looked into a pair of beautiful green eyes. She was lost for a moment. The boy then waved a hand in front of her. “Hi. Please take your books. Sorry for bumping into you". She blinked and came back to her senses. She smiled awkwardly. “Hi! I'm Paige. Thanks for helping me with the books". She reached out her hand to greet him as she took the books from him and held them close to her chest. He gave her a handshake. “Nice to meet you Paige. See you at the exam hall". He said and silently walked away.

“Humph! What a strange fellow. He couldn't even introduce himself. Idiot". She secretly cursed him while watching his back. “Well why do I care?. His name doesn't even matter". She looked down at her books to check them. Hope he didn't hurt you my precious ones? She wiped the invisible dust off them with her hands then she walked away.


“Students please put away all your books and devices. You all know the school doesn't tolerate cheating". The voice of the female teacher was clearly heard in the hall. The students stepped forward and dropped their phones into a box that was on the table. They returned their books to their bags and took them to the back of the class.

“That's good". She said, when she was sure that all their surroundings were clear. She took out the exam script and started to hand it to all the students who were present. Suddenly someone ran into the hall panting. “I'm so sorry ma'am. I know I'm late". Everyone's attention shifted to the door. There stood the same boy who had bumped into Paige a while ago. Mrs Claire walked to the boy and scanned him with her eyes. “Hmm.... you're late indeed. Is there a specific reason why?" She asked the boy who looked at her apologetically.

“I'm sorry. My dad's car broke down on the way to school. I had to run all the way here". He made an excuse. When Paige heard this, her mouth slightly hung open. Wasn't this the boy who bumped into her a while ago in the hallway! He noticed her reaction, and raised the corner of his lips in a smile.

“Fine. Go and sit down the exam starts soon. Drop your device in the box on the table". He went in happily and did as the teacher said. He took a seat next to Paige. “Hey babe". He whispered softly. Paige quickly turned around wondering who he was talking to. “Who me?" She asked pointing to herself. “Yes. Who else am I referring to?" He asked. Her face instantly turned red. “You lying bastard. I can't believe Mrs Claire fell for your trick". She said angrily. “You were clearly at school long ago. Why did you lie to her?". He smiled at her. “What are you going to do about that?. Will you tell her I bumped into you a while ago?. If you try it, I'll kiss your lips shut". This boy was clearly a flirt. She didn't want to waste her time on him. She looked the other way, as her cheeks burned a bright red. He chuckled at her reaction. When the teacher was done with the scripts, she went to the front of the hall.

“Alright kids. Some of you brats are lucky I'm not invigilating today. You know I wouldn't let a single movement escape my sight". She said while looking at Camila who was looking at her face in the mirror. “Mr Powers would be here shortly. Before he arrives, go through the questions if you have studied. And if you haven't studied, say your last prayers". She took a seat at the front table, while watching the students.

Shortly after, Mr Powers walked in. “Thanks Mrs Claire. I'll take over from here". He said while smiling at her.

“Boy am I glad to see you!. I can't stand some of these kids". As she spoke, her gaze never left Camila and Brittany who were purposely touching up their hair and makeup to irritate her. She got up and walked out of the class.

" Good morning class". Mr Powers said. He was the physics teacher of their class and everyone said that his name suited his occupation. He smiled and walked to where Stella sat. He patted her shoulder and said “do your best kiddo". He knew her story, and always tried to encourage her He walked to Paige and said to her “I believe in you. My iron lady". He looked at the green-eyed boy beside her. “You. Why is it that each time I see you, it's impossible for me to remember your name?". He said to him. The boy smiled happily. He clearly wasn't ready to reveal his name to Paige yet. He was glad in his heart. Mr Powers noticed his smile. He shook his head and said: “You're a silly child. Do your best okay?". He turned to walk to his seat. Then he stopped and said: “ohh! And one more thing kids. You're free to ask questions, but I wouldn't tolerate any noise or gadgets". He then walked back to his seat and said: “you all may start to answer the questions carefully".

Camila turned to Pascale and smiled. “Pascale darling. Get ready to ‘pass the cheats' baby".

“Don't worry hun. You know I'm always ready". Pascale said while smiling at her.

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