Paige/C3 Pass the cheats' II
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Paige/C3 Pass the cheats' II
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C3 Pass the cheats' II

Paige said a silent prayer before she started writing. She answered the first section with ease. She then checked her answers before moving to the next section. The boy beside her watched as she was completely focused on the exam. He then decided to make a joke. “Paige” he whispered her name. “You're one hell of a sexy bookworm". He said and waited for her reaction. She coughed and adjusted the gold rimmed glasses on her nose.

She turned to face him. “Listen boy, I know you're trying to distract me so that I make a mistake, but I won't let you succeed". She looked away from him angrily and continued to answer the questions. He laughed as he watched her cheeks turn red as a tomato.

While some of the students were seriously answering the exam, the others like Camila and Sophie were cheating at the back. The teacher saw some suspicious movement, and stood up. He started to walk around the hall. The back seats suddenly became quiet again. He stood behind Camilla for a while. Then he said: “kids I forgot an important announcement this morning. Since you all offer 10 subjects, the school has decided that the students who gets at least 97% in the final scores can chose a university of their choice, and the school would take care of the tuition. Of course this is supported by the government. And whosoever cheats's best if I don't speak".

After the teacher left, Camilla quickly turned to Pascale. “You're sure that these answers are correct right? I don't want any problems with my results and I need to get that free education too". Pascale checked to see if the teacher was watching them. Then he said “Don't worry princess. I'm 100% sure that these answers are correct. I snuck into the principal's office two nights ago and I saw all the questions. I emailed them to me then deleted the activity. There's no way I'd make a mistake. I've prepared all the answers according to the questions. So relax" Camilla sighed “alright then check to see if the questions you have are the same as the script in front of you. Then I'll relax". Pascale flipped through the pages and scanned all the questions with his eyes. Then he smiled at Camilla and said “don't worry the questions are the same. You can relax now". Camilla's face instantly lit up. “since the questions are the same, then quickly pass the cheats. We're so going to ace this. Don't worry after the exams, I'll treat you to sushi at the famous Japanese restaurant on my street".

Pascale felt really proud and happy with himself. He excitedly answered all the questions with ease as he looked forward to the sushi Camilla promised him.

Paige was done answering all the sections and finally felt at ease. She put her head on the table to take a little nap before it was time to pass the scripts back to the teacher. She set the timer on her watch for 15 minutes. She never wanted to oversleep. The boy beside her saw her close her eyes and fall asleep. He smiled to himself “she really looks so beautiful when she's asleep. No one would guess she's a trouble maker. Who would've thought that a nerd like her could blush and smile". Though he didn't dare to say this out loud afraid that she was still awake, and that if she heard him, she'd tear his face off like an angry cat.

He answered the last question quickly and also put down his head to sleep. He couldn't help but smile while thinking of new ways to tease Paige as he closed his eyes.

Brittany saw how he was watching Paige and smiling. This made her blood boil. She whispered to Chris “why's he staring at her with so much admiration in his eyes? She's clearly not pretty. Its disgusting how she managed to attract him". Chris chuckled at her reaction and said “leave it babe. Besides she managed to attract him. And we both know that no other boy in class would fall for her. We can at least let her have this one". They both laughed and continued writing.

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