Paige/C5 She's mine!
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Paige/C5 She's mine!
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C5 She's mine!

Paige really didn't want this boy following her around. She decided to ignore him. Along the way, she remembered that she had to get a few items from the mall. She walked for about five minutes it felt like the boy behind her had left already. She was grateful. “I'll walk to the mall instead of hailing a taxi. I suddenly feel like I've gained some weight". She said to herself. She subconsciously pinched her cheeks and lower abdomen. “I'll have to start workouts. I can't afford to gain any weight before college. Uriel secretly smiled behind her. His footsteps were as quiet as ever.

She took about forty-five minutes before she got to the mall. As she was about to step in, her phone rang in her backpack. It was her mom. She quickly pressed the answer button. The call connected immediately. “Hello my sweet child". Mrs Warren's voice came from the other end of the phone. “How were your exams today hunny?" As she spoke, she coughed a few times. Paige frowned when she heard her mother coughing. “ Don't worry mom I'm fine and the exam went smoothly" she answered happily. “But you're not alright mom. You've started neglecting your health. You're coughing. I thought I told you to rest and I'll take care of everything. Do you want people to see me as a worthless daughter who can't care for her sick mother?"

The middle aged woman coughed a few more times. “Okay I'm sorry Paige. I promise I won't try to do anything else". She said with a bitter smile on her face. “But you forget something dear. I'm your mother. You had lived in my womb for ten months. I'm the one who should care for you and not the other way around”.

“Mom please I'm just fulfilling my duties as a daughter to you. Mom I'll be back a bit later I have some things to do. I love you - see you". “Okay" mother nodded. "I'll see you later then. Be careful okay". The woman hung up and went to sleep. She didn't want to think about certain things. That was exactly the same topic Paige hated the most. She didn't want to talk about her father. At least not in front of her mom. Mrs Warren's health was deteriorating and her blood pressure wasn't stable too. Paige couldn't take any risks.

Uriel stood behind her with a frown. He looked at Paige as she slid her phone into her pocket. He had overheard her conversation. This only made him want to get closer to her. “I wonder what she's been through all these years. There seems to be a lot of pain hidden in those beautiful eyes".

As she walked into the mall, people started staring at her. She wondered why she was attracting so much attention. “Oh my God!" She said and slapped her hand on her forehead. “I look like death. I haven't slept in weeks. No wonder people were staring". She remembered how she looked in the school washroom mirror this morning.

She ignored all the glares and went to put some things in her cart. She picked her favorite shower gel. It had cucumbers and watermelon. “I like cherries better baby”. Said a voice behind her. She turned around to see that it was Uriel. “I thought I told you to stop calling me baby. And don't you ever creep up on me again". She said angrily. Now she understood why people were staring at her. There was a super hot guy walking closely behind her. Why wouldn't they stare?

He walked closer and changed the shower gel in her cart. “From now on, I want you to smell like cherries you'd love it ". He said with a voice that made her feel weak at the knees. She almost agreed with him then she came back to her senses. “Excuse me Uriel-sama. What makes you think that you have the right to chose which fragrance I use?" This boy was starting to cross the line. She would kill him if she had a gun. She was fed up with him.

“Don't worry Paige I promise you'll like this fragrance. And if you're bothered about the price, I'll pay for your shower gel". He said softly. Just promise me you'll smell like cherries. "Let me ask you this. Do I smell bad to you Uriel?! ”. She felt he was trying to insult her. Not too far from them, stood a couple. The girl looked younger than Paige. She looked at the guy behind her, and punched him in the torso. “Do you see how sweetly he's talking to her? He's even helping her chose toiletries. You should learn from him even though he's younger. All you want is sex all night". The man held her by the waist. “Mm...of course I want sex all night. But that's only because my wife is so cute". He said and kissed her cheeks. Her face turned red. “I didn't ask you to give them a live broadcast at the mall". He smiled and reluctantly let go of her. “Let's go home Mary. I miss you". She lifted her head to look at him. “You idiot! I'm standing right here in front of you. How could you still miss me?" He moved closer to her and whispered in her ear “I miss you naked wifey. And how you call my name when you orga......". She quickly covered his mouth with her hands. “Okay, okay I'm coming home with you. There's no need for you to say all this. Shameless!". She pulled him along to go and pay for the items they bought.

Paige and Uriel still argued over the shower gel. When Uriel insisted on buying her toiletries, she tried to refuse him but she couldn't win. He explained to her that he never thought that she smelt bad. He just felt that the fragrance of sakura would suit her temperament. She finally agreed. She felt it was a way for her to save money. She took out all the money in her safe this morning. She planned on using it to buy some things. But now Uriel put in so much toiletries into the cart that would last her six months and the best part was that he was willing to pay.

“Okay then, since you insist I'll let you buy it this once. This isn't happening again okay? And also I'll pay you back soon". She said in a low voice as she looked at the floor. Uriel was happy. He could at least do this for her before he found out the other issues she had at home. He hugged her tightly. “Thanks baby. Thanks for letting me do this". She pushed him away. I thought we agreed that you wouldn't call me baby?"

He pulled her by the waist and pecked her lips. He left her lips before she could react. He pushed the heavy cart to pay the bills.

Paige stood frozen on the spot. She was trying to process what just happened. Her whole body heated up from the kiss. Uriel got some groceries and added to the cart. Paige slowly walked over and took some of the bags from him. They both walked out of the mall together. Uriel felt that the way she reacted to his kiss was strange. “What's wrong?" He asked looking at her as she walked with her gaze on the floor.

She stopped and looked at him with a red face. “That was my first kiss you idiot! And you stole it without my permission". She said with watery eyes. She had always wished that her first kiss would be with a man who truly loved her. She never expected that it would be stolen by Uriel.

“Oh baby that wasn't a kiss. It was just a peck. Sorry I'm not sorry". He said with a calm expression. Deep down inside he was glad that he was her first kiss. " Wow! Uriel ”. She said. "Do you think its okay to just kiss anyone?! without the person's permission?” He looked at her without saying anything. "Why was she so angry? Its just a peck on the lips".

They walked for a bit longer. It was getting dark. It was already 4.p.m. “I'll walk you home okay?". Uriel said." I'm sorry about the kiss. I could return it back if you want? ” She didn't say anything. He knew she was mad at him but he couldn't leave her all alone at night. He suddenly remembered something. “Wait here I left my credit card in the mall. I'll be right back. Don't move an inch". He ordered and ran back to the mall. The street was dark and not many people were passing by. She was waiting for almost thirty minutes. She wondered where he could've gone.

A group of boys who looked to be in their twenties, slowly approached her. She bent her head and looked at the ground. Her legs were starting to grow numb. As the boys got closer, she moved to the side. They all suddenly surrounded her. "Hey beautiful” said one of the boys with piercings. She didn't reply. She tried to walk away but her path was blocked by the boys. " Talk bitch!. He's just asking you something ”. Paige was getting really scared. She couldn't run away. "I just wish Uriel would come. What's taking him so long?!”. One of the boys grabbed her wrist. " Why don't you come play with us? Guys look how soft her skin is! ”. She felt disgusted by his touch. Let go of me you pathetic asshole! ”. She screamed. She tried to push him away, but she couldn't. There was no way for her to run.

One of the boys who had blue hair and eyeliner grabbed a fistful of her hair. " Ahh! " she screamed in pain. " We were just being nice to you. Now why don't we all go for a ride? It's gonna be lots of fun ". Said blue hair. Paige closed her teary eyes and braced herself for the worst.

" Hands off my girl ". Paige would recognize that voice anywhere. It was Uriel! She suddenly felt safe. The boys all turned in surprise. " Uriel its you. What are you doing here? " asked one of the boys. Uriel stood not too far away with his hands in his pockets. He walked towards the dark part of the street and the other boys followed. Paige was shocked. " what the flying fuck just happened?! " she asked herself. She tidied up her clothes and waited for Uriel. After a while he came back to meet her. "Are you alright? " He asked in a concerned tone while checking her arms and face. " I'm fine Uriel. But those boys just now um......"

She wanted to understand his relationship with those boys and why they listened to him. The other boys watched from the side. This scene was unbelievable. They had never seen Uriel care so much about anyone. Why was he being so nice to this girl from the street? "This ain't fair Uriel. You always get all the beautiful ones". Said the boy with piercings. Be safe though ". Uriel slowly turned to look at him. That stare was as sharp as a sword that passed thorough his bone. He suddenly became afraid.

" She's mine! ". Uriel said in a loud voice. The boys moved back a little. " Let's leave ". said blue hair. " He seems pretty serious about this one ". They all left in an instant. " I'll drop you off at home Paige. Let's go ". He took the bags from her and put the in the trunk. He brought her to the car and helped her sit inside. He drove off immediately. After a while, he held her hand and told her he'd always protect her even if she doesn't want him to. He parked the car at a corner and turned to look at her. She was just staring blankly at the road. He brought his hand to her face and directed her attention towards him. "Are you still upset about the kiss?" she nodded her head slightly. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I was....I just did it in the heat of the moment" . She didn't say anything to him. "can I kiss you?" he asked suddenly.

She didn't say anything. She was just looking at him. He held her chin and pressed his lips against hers. He thought she'd push him away, but she didn't. "That means she's not rejecting me right?". He asked in his head. He took the opportunity to slip his tongue in. A soft moan came from her throat and he suddenly let go. She was going to drive him crazy. She wanted more but she couldn't say so. She lowered her head to stare at her feet. "Ahem....we should head home. Now this is what we call a kiss". Uriel said. Her lips were swollen and he was happy with himself. He loved her taste and didn't want to let go, but he had to. If he didn't stop then, he might've taken her out right there in the car. But he didn't plan to have sex with the woman he loved in a car.

He knew his love language was bodily contact but he didn't want her to feel like he wanted her body. He promised to touch her less. She pulled on his sleeve an said "it's only a kiss if I take the initiative to kiss you". He smiled. At least she wasn't upset about how he pulled away.

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