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Paige/C6 Mom this is Uriel
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C6 Mom this is Uriel

"Now can you tell me who those boys were?!". Paige said impatiently. He told her that they used to be friends and classmates before he transferred to her school. But he stopped talking to them after they were expelled for molesting a female staff in the school lab. "But don't worry they won't come close to you again". He said reassuringly. "You're mine".

Paige was still trying to process what just happened. Uriel just casually said that she belonged to him. Does this boy know the depths of the words he says? She had completely zoned out. She didn't even hear him asking for her address. He had to pinch her arm. " earth to Paige ". He said waving his hand in front of her face. " What are you spacing out for? Silly girl ". Paige turned to look at him. " I'm sorry did you say something? ". He chuckled at her baffled look. " Yes I did say something. I was asking if we should use protection or if you want kids before university ". Her face immediately turned red. " What the fuck Uriel? ".

Uriel couldn't stop laughing now. Teasing Paige was the best thing in the world for him. Her reactions were always priceless. Paige crossed her arms over her chest and pursed her lips. After a few minutes, Uriel finally stopped laughing. He started the car, then he turned to look at her. " okay I'm sorry ". He said to her while grabbing her shoulders. " I was just teasing you. I was asking for your address, but you zoned out and I was literally talking to myself ". She didn't try to push him away. She felt safe in his hands. She looked up at him and found his beautiful green eyes staring at her with so much concern in his eyes. She realized he was actually very handsome. With a pair of perfectly sculpted lips any girl would die to kiss. He pinched her cheeks. He had been asking her something but she zoned out again.

" Ouch! What is wrong with you Uriel? ". She asked angrily while rubbing her cheeks. " I should be the one asking you the questions here ". Uriel said matter-of-factly. " Every time I ask you something, you just space out. Did those boys scare you? ". She shook her head. " No I'm not scared. I was just thinking about something ". She said quickly while trying to calm her heart rate. " My address is ...... ". After she told him her address, he reluctantly let go of her shoulders and started the car. He drove the car in silence for a while then he tried to start a conversation. " Um......I had no idea you lived on sycamore street. I live on maple street. I can come see you whenever you want ". He said while watching her expression.

" It's nice that you stay on the other street. I also didn't know you lived there. Did you guys move in recently? ". She said while trying to act like she knew the place and the people very well. In the real sense she never left her room. As soon as she got home, she would do homework and make dinner. Then she'd call her brother on Skype to chat for a bit. Her brother Trent, studied in a very prestigious highschool. The tuition fees were quite high, but luckily his scholarship covered most of it. So they only had to pay for the hostel and daily needs an Trent loved food a lot. Making him stay hungry would be torture. She didn't know anyone on sycamore street, maple street or the one after that. " I need a social life! " . She screamed internally.

" Okay then maybe we could have a housewarming party next week. And you're invited. We moved in a few months back but we haven't had time to throw a housewarming. Maybe that's why you don't know me. But I wonder how you never saw me at school until today ". Uriel said while looking back and forth from her face to the road. " Oh..... okay I don't really like parties but I'll try to be there. Its all part of being good neighbours ". She said with her head lowered. She skipped the other question. She knew that she never noticed him at school, but that was only because she ignored everyone and just stayed in her own little bubble. She only knew a few teachers and some students who couldn't just go unnoticed. Like Camila.

" Don't worry Paige it's not a loud or wild party. Its just with a few friends and new neighbours ". Uriel said while trying to make sure she doesn't have a reason to decline. After all it was Friday, and he wouldn't have any other opportunities to see her till prom the next two weeks. This was his only chance. Besides he had to spend more time with her, if he was going to ask her to prom. The fact that she just met him really sucks. It was giving him a headache. She thought about what he said for a while then she agreed. "Okay I'll ask my mom if its okay to go over. But I can't stay late okay? ". She said. They chatted for a while, then they finally arrived at her house. He helped her carry the shopping bags out, and they walked into the living room. The door wasn't locked. Why?! She carefully placed the bags on the table and went to find her mom. " Mom where are you? I'm back from school and I brought a few things form the supermarket. Oh and we have a guest too ".

After a while her mother came out to meet them in the living room. Paige had given Uriel a glass of juice and they were chatting when she came in. Paige saw her from the corner of her eyes, and quickly got up to push her wheelchair closer to couch. She helped her sit down and then sat next to her. She then introduced them. " Mom this is Uriel and Uriel this is my mom ". Uriel smiled at the middle aged woman and said hi to her. " Hello Mrs warren. I'm Uriel nice to meet you". Mrs Warren looked at him with judging eyes. "Hello young man". She said after a long minute. "Are you new in the area, did my daughter here trouble you? I'm sorry if she did. She's a silly girl". Uriel wondered what made her reach the conclusion that her daughter was in trouble. He took a deep breath and said "No ma'am - she didn't trouble me at all. I just wanted to help. She's a sweet person although she doesn't talk much". He took the opportunity to invite them to the housewarming party. But Mrs Warren said she couldn't make it. "it's okay kid" she said weakly. "this body is too old. I'd rather sit at home and watch soaps. But don't worry Paige would be there". Paige was silently hoping her mom would refuse but now it seemed her mother shared the same brain cells with Uriel.

The both of them chatted on and on. Paige slipped into the kitchen to make dinner. She kept it simple - pasta with meatballs, a salad and vegetables juice for her mom and two side dishes. By the time she was done cooking, it was already 6:00pm. Uriel was about to leave but her mom insisted he must have dinner. They had dinner quietly, only her mom and Uriel occasionally making small talk. After dinner, she cleaned the table and took her mom upstairs to rest. Then she walked Uriel out.

"Have you met my mom before?!" she asked while looking at him angrily. "Why were you getting alone so well?" Uriel stopped in his tracks. "No - I haven't met your mom before. But I have a way with people. That's why your mom liked my company". He got in the car and said goodbye to her. "I'll pick you up to the housewarming. Don't forget".

She walked back to the house and did the dishes. Then she took a shower and decided to try the skincare products Uriel had bought her. She did a complete facial treatment and literally saw her face glowing. The dark circles under her eyes were almost gone. She was happy with the results. She wrote the names of the products in her notebook so she could buy them later. She got on the bed but couldn't fall asleep. She went to the kitchen and made green tea.

She called her brother Trent, on Skype. "Hey sis!". Trent greeted excitedly. "How's you and mom? She doesn't miss me right?". He asked. "Come on Trent, you know mom misses you a lot. When do you guys have summer break?" Paige asked while sipping her tea. "Soon - don't worry". Trent replied. "Oh by the way, there's this new girl in class. I helped her with her homework a few times.. We just started dating". Paige was surprised and jealous. How could her younger brother already have a love life, when she hasn't even kissed anyone!. So annoying . "What's the matter sis - don't you approve of this?". Trent asked a little disappointed. "That's not the case Trent - it's just that this is your first year of high school. This isn't the time for relationships. The both of you are going to distract each other". She tried to reason with him but he didn't understand. He told her she was jealous and hung up on her.

She felt she'd let it slide. Maybe if it goes wrong he'd learn his lesson. She wasn't going to tell their mom either. She turned off her laptop and went to bed.

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