Paige/C8 He's my uncle unfortunately
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Paige/C8 He's my uncle unfortunately
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C8 He's my uncle unfortunately

Early the next day, Paige woke up to the quiet sobs of the little girl. Paige had fallen asleep on the table while studying last night. She found the little girl in a corner of the living room. She had her knees to her chest. Her body shook violently as she tried to hold in her voice. Paige poured a glass of cold cold water from the fridge, and went to sit next to the little girl.

"what's wrong, little one?". Paige asked in a concerned tone. Only then did Gabrielle realize that there was someone sitting next to her on the floor. Her eyes were red and puffy. She wiped the tears off her face, and pushed the hair that had fallen over her face behind her ears. "it's nothing Paige, I'm fine". Paige smiled bitterly and patted her head. "Here, have a glass of water. All that crying must have made you dehydrated. There's definitely something wrong you can't cry for no reason". Gabrielle took the glass from her and took a sip. She placed the glass beside her feet and hugged Paige tightly. Her tears continued to fall down her face.

Paige patted her back, trying to comfort her. "What's wrong Gabrielle?". Paige wanted to know so badly. She wondered what could make such a bright child cry so much this early know the morning. She didn't even seem sad about what happened yesterday. Gabrielle continued sobbing for a few more minutes. After she calmed down a bit, she didn't let go of Paige. "Y-Yesterday wasn't the first time". Gabrielle said into Paige's shoulder. Her voice was a little muffled. "He has tried abusing me a few times before. I've managed to escape every single time and I thank God. But I've never thought of running away or making a complaint to the police". Gabrielle said with tears still rolling down her cheeks.

Paige lifted Gabrielle gently from her body, and helped her wipe her tears. She gave her more water, and helped her tie her hair in a bun. "Today was the first - the first time I actually really felt alone. I woke up to go back home, but how can I go back home to the man who almost took the most precious thing from me yesterday!" Gabrielle said with a shaky voice. "Gabrielle, is that man related to you? Where are you're parents, don't you stay with them?". Paige asked. Gabrielle shook her head. "No - My parents died in a car crash six years ago. Only my elder brother was the only one who survived. That man is my uncle unfortunately". "The court gave him custody of both of us, since he was our only relative".

"That man's your uncle?!". Paige asked surprised. "y-yes he is". Gabrielle nodded slightly. "My brother left home three years ago. I've tried finding him but he says I have to stay with my uncle until I'm older".

"Wait....your brother asked you to keep living with your uncle despite knowing what he's been trying to do to you?! What sort of person is your brother?". Paige asked angrily . "N-No. He doesn't know about it. I didn't tell him because I didn't want him to commit a crime. If I tell him, he'd definitely kill my uncle". Paige lifted her to sit on the couch.

"My mom still doesn't know you're here. I'll make breakfast for us first. We'd go make a police report after breakfast. That bike man has to be punished". Paige said in a determined tone. "I'll help you find your brother too". Paige ran to the kitchen and made a bowl of cereal for Gabrielle. She then went back to make rice for her mom. She put the food in the insulation flask and took it up to her room with a note and a freshly made bottle of vegetable juice. She took a quick shower and put on a pair of white shorts with a blue tank top and a pair of white sandals.

The weather was getting warmer and she didn't want to sweat. She tied her hair in a bun. She put in some money, disinfectant wipes, vitamin-C pills, some pain killers and a few tampons. She zipped it and draped her backpack over her shoulder. She ran downstairs. "Aren't you gonna have breakfast, Paige?". Gabrielle asked. "No I'm not really a breakfast person. I have some snacks in my backpack". " the way, do you have a photo of your brother? Send it to me I'd ask around since you say he's in this city".

"Yes I have his photo. But I think my phone fell down in that old building yesterday". Gabrielle said. "Oh okay, we'll go back there to check since its on the way to the station". They both left the house and walked towards the old building. Paige had her pocket knife and pepper spray in her backpack just in case.

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