Paige/C9 This guy is your brother?!
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Paige/C9 This guy is your brother?!
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C9 This guy is your brother?!

After a few minutes of walking, they finally got to the old building. Paige asked Gabrielle to wait outside while goes inside to check for the phone. When Paige opened the door, she saw a trail of blood that led from one of the rooms in the corner, out the door. She remembered that she had broken the man's leg yesterday. "damn! I'm good". Paige said feeling proud of herself.

She went into the room. Luckily, the phone was just beside the bed. The screen was scratched, and the case was covered in dust. She took out the wipes in her bag, and used it to pick the phone. She went outside and handed it to Gabrielle after cleaning it. "The phone still has battery". Gabby said. Paige was happy. "Okay quickly send me your brothers photo so we can give it to the police to help you find him". Gabrielle unlocked the phone and sent the photographer to Paige.

Paige was stunned. It was the face of the guy no one could ever forget. "How could this cute little girl be his sister?!" Paige asked in her head. But now when she looked at it closely, they both had the same pair of green eyes. It just looked more beautiful on Uriel. "What's wrong big sister?" Gabrielle asked when she saw the shocked look on Paige's face. "Ahem.....sweet child this guy is your brother?!" Paige asked. She felt she was dreaming and needed to wake up. "Y-Yes - that's my older brother. Do you know him? Have you met?". Paige swallowed hard. " Yes - unfortunately I know your brother". Gabrielle didn't understand what she meant. "Big sis if you know my brother, how's that unfortunate?". She asked with her head tilted to the side. Paige patted her head. "It's unfortunate in a lot of ways kid. In a lot of ways".

Paige took her hand and led her to a bench by the side of the road. "You sit here while I search for your brothers contact details". She said to Gabrielle. Gabby sat down obediently. Paige went on their classes chat forum, and got Uriel phone number. She dialed the number immediately. He picked up after the third ring. "Hey hubby, couldn't wait till Saturday to see me?". Uriel said smiling stupidly while laying on his bed. "How did you know was the one calling?!". Paige asked. "It's called True caller baby". He replied smirking. "Okay that's enough fooling around. We have a problem. I'm here with your sister. A lot has happened so you better get your ass here".

"You're with my sister? How - what happened to her?!". Uriel asked surprised. "Relax Uriel. She's fine - I can't tell you everything over the phone. Come meet us at Green Bay Café". Uriel was already getting ready to leave the house. "Okay I'll be there in ten minutes". He grabbed his car keys and ran out of the house.

"I've called you brother. He'll meet us at that café over there". Gabrielle hugged her happily. "Thank you big sister". Paige hugged her back. "C'mon let's go. We don't want to keep your brother waiting. How do you feel about doughnuts and coffee?".........

A few minutes later, Uriel arrives at the café. Gabrielle was stuffing her face with the doughnuts Paige got for her. Uriel went in and hurriedly pulled her up to look at her from head to toe. She had a few bruises on her arms and legs, and a bite mark on her shoulder. Uriels face darkened. "Who did this to you?! Tell me immediately!". He asked in a demanding tone. "Sit down for a bit and let's talk. You'd attract the attention of the other customers". Paige said softly. Uriel obeyed and sat down immediately. Gabrielle started telling him everything from the start.

"It started a few years ago. Uncle would walk into the bathroom while I was bathing and.........he would touch me while I was asleep.........few times he kissed and said it was an accident.......I tried stopping him......then he said if I ever complained to anyone, he would get people to make you disappear......he took me to that old house and..... thankfully Paige saved me yesterday". Tears kept falling down her face as she spoke.

Uriel wiped her tears away with his hand. "I'm so sorry sis. It's my fault for leaving you with that animal. I swear if you gave me even the slightest hint, I would've never let you stay with him". Paige watched the siblings display their affection while sipping on her coffee. She suddenly wished she also had an older brother to protect her. "Thank so much Paige. I don't think I can ever repay you". Paige smiled. "It's okay - I would've done the same for any other girl also. Besides she's my little sister now. You don't have to repay me". Uriel was happy. He held Paige's hand and thanked her again. "We were on our way to the station. We're going to make a complaint". Paige said. "The police would be slow - let me go and bury him alive. That scum doesn't deserve to live". Uriel said angrily. "Don't worry Uriel. Paige already broke his bones yesterday". Said Gabby. Uriel was happy. "Damn wifey! I knew that I made the right choice. Come let's go register. Gabrielle you'd plan the wedding". Uriel said

Paige punched his arm and he giggled. Uriel drove them to the station. They gave the statement and left. Their Uncle Paul, was in one of the hospitals. He was arrested and charged with child abuse and attempted rape. He would be spending a really long time in prison.

Uriel drove them to a five-star restaurant. "I'll treat you to Chinese as thanks". He said to Paige. "Yayyy I want all the Sichuan dishes they have". Gabby said excitedly. Paige giggled. "you can't finish them all can you little one?" Gabrielle shook her head. They looked like a happy family of three. After lunch, Uriel drove Paige home before leaving with Gabrielle. But not before kissing Paige slightly on the lip. She didn't resist. She let him kiss her and she even responded to his kiss this time. Her face was as red as a tomato when she ran inside. She fell on her bed and buried her face in the pillow.

"I can't fall for him. I just can't. Wake up Paige". She said to herself while slapping her face.

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