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Painful Youth/C1 I like you
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C1 I like you

My friends are few, people who know me say I'm like a diaosi, except height is fine, nothing else. He didn't dress up, dressed normally, didn't have any spirit, and didn't have any goals or goals in his lifeless appearance.

I didn't think so, because I at least had the guts to confess to Li Lu. I knew that other than most of the boys in my class, there were also many guys in the grade who liked her. But they don't have any.

Li Lu was the biggest girl in the whole grade. She walked while swaying, her butt was also very raised, and her thighs were very long. No matter where she walked, she would attract the lustful gazes of the boys.

Li Lu and I are in the same class, she is the class monitor, her grades are very good, and her teacher is extremely fond of her, a proud daughter of heaven. During class, I would always look at her through the crowd.

"Hey, Luo Xiang, do you know that the class monitor has a boyfriend? Look at you staring at her all day, you look like a freak." chubby brother is my tablemate, and my best friend.

chubby brother and I had known each other since primary school. He and I were two completely different people, his parents had a very rich business family, so even if they spent all day attending class and sleeping, they could still use money to go to a good university.

But I was different from him. My family background was very ordinary, but we were similar in taste, so he took care of me.

Of course, I know that Li Lu has a rumored boyfriend. Rumor has it that he's the school boss of the school next door, that he's tall and handsome, that my dad is a shareholder in the school, and that he's also the leader of the city's education bureau. I can't compare with such a person.

However, that was just a rumor and no one had seen it before. So, I should still have a chance.

When I made up my mind, I felt like I had the biggest balls compared to the rest of the people in the dorm.

"Li Lu, I like you. I like you a lot." Under everyone's astonished gazes, I slowly walked from the last row to the stage, and forcefully patted on the table. Then, I started shouting out loud while looking at Li Lu from the stage.

Her head was lowered and her long black hair hung gently on her shoulders. She pursed her lips tightly. After I finished shouting, the entire classroom rumbled and everyone started to cheer, "Wow, awesome!"

"Hurry, hurry, hurry. Where's the phone? "Hurry up and take the photos."

"How could that cowardly Luo Xiang be so daring today?"

I stood on the podium and everyone looked at me. I enjoyed being in the spotlight and watched her slowly raise her head. Her bright eyes looked at me and gave off a strange light that seemed to suck me in.

The classroom immediately quietened down, and everyone was waiting for Li Lu to answer me.

"You look like a retard, how could I like you?" After Li Lu finished her sentence, the entire classroom flipped. The few girls beside Li Lu laughed so hard they felt as if they were going to pass out. They were sparrows by the Phoenix's side, so of course they had the right to mock the person rejected by the Phoenix.

Only chubby brother didn't laugh, he only looked at me and shook his head, as if telling me that he already knew this would happen.

In less than two minutes, I was called to the class teacher's office, "Luo Xiang,, are you crazy? What time is it now? If you don't want a good life, then I, Li Lu, won't want it? "

The homeroom teacher paused for a moment before speaking to me in a friendly tone, "Don't try to harm her. Besides, looking at your current appearance, you don't seem to be worthy of her. Sigh, I don't understand why you would be in the top five of your year."

When a person gets better and worse, he would always need to encounter some things. I wasn't like this before, I was bright and bright, my results were excellent, Li Lu and I were also at the same table. At that time, I always felt that Li Lu had a good impression of me.

However, the heavens were unpredictable!

In the second half of my senior year in senior high school, my father was on his way to work when he saw a small car being forcefully driven into the river by a truck. He jumped into the river to rescue the two people in the car and drowned in exhaustion.

My grandparents had long since passed away. I was now alone in a corner of the world, dark and gloomy. To my frustration, from beginning to end, the two people Dad had saved had never shown up, not even to say a word of thanks.

In the end, I only received a verbal warning from the homeroom teacher. It could be the college entrance examination, but if an ordinary family wanted to become outstanding, this was the only opportunity. The homeroom teacher didn't report this matter to the school for punishment. It's just that the head teacher's resentful gaze touched my heart.

The next day I went to class. As soon as I stepped into the classroom, the whole class looked at me.

"Wa, Luo Xiang is here!"

"Luo Xiangni is my idol."

"Why don't you take a piss and look at yourself? You even want to go and confess to Li Lu."

Some people even laughed out loud. The feeling of being pointed at and ridiculed by others really made them feel uncomfortable.

But what made me most uncomfortable was Li Lu's words ?

"You look like a retard, how could I like you?"

This is really too hurtful. I have thought of being rejected in front of so many people. I like her very much. It's very sad to be told the truth by someone I like.

"You are really awesome, Luo Xiang. There are so many people who actually dared to confess to Li Lu on the stage during evening self-study."

On the way back from school, chubby brother expressed his admiration for me while eating fried chicken legs.

"At the very least, I've already said it before. Look at all of you, all of you are terrified to death. You don't even dare to look at them in the eye. Give me a chicken leg. "

I reached out and took out the last chicken leg from chubby brother's bag.

"Aren't you afraid that's rumored school hegemon would teach you a lesson? I heard they're still in the underworld. " chubby brother said as he looked at me with a smile.

I thought for a moment and said, "Then come, but no one has ever seen him before. Even if he's real, how can he come and beat me to death?" chubby brother suddenly stood still.

He looked at me very seriously. "Luo Xiang, are we really good friends?"

I took a bite of chicken leg and nodded. "If I have any friends, it should be you."

chubby brother put his greasy hands on my shoulder and said: "Li Lu really does have a boyfriend. I have seen him before and furthermore, he might really cripple you. "Therefore, if you meet any crazy people, just don't be crazy and just run away."

I patted chubby brother's hands, "Alright, Li Zhijie, I got it. Why are you going home on the weekend? You're still going to the Internet Cafe? "

chubby brother casually threw away the trash in his hands, "How about this, tonight brother will bring you to broaden your horizons, I will buy everything."

My mind shook, my mind was filled with scenes of the vast island nation, I jumped up and hugged chubby brother, and said, "Then wouldn't brother be breaking a place tonight?"

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