Palacio de Luna/C1 Batanes Island
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Palacio de Luna/C1 Batanes Island
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C1 Batanes Island

The sea breeze, waves, sunrise and the melodious sounds of birds is really relaxing in the morning.

I just woke up and i will make myself a coffee. "Chanel, Chanel!" a white pomeranian dog appeared and licked my feet while waggling her tail.

"Let's go for a walk in a bit, okay?" She keeps on waggling her tail. I opened the windows and let the morning air in. The cold air mix with sea scent filled my house.

Now, it's time for the coffee. I poured a coffee on my favorite mug and bring it inside my small room. I will unpacked my things.

I only visit batanes island during fullmoon, weekends or i'm stressed. I bought this house from the saving that i had from my late dad.

I was a full time scholar from one of the prestigious school in our countries.

I worked as a part time coach for children who wants to have swimming lesson, they paid me enough for foods and transportation.

As soon as i finished unpacked my things, i got up and called chanel to accompany me outside.

We went on the seashore and sit on the left side where is the sand is so white and smooth.

I looked on the another side of the seashore, it was a rocky part.

The rocks is so slippery and sharp, it's dangerous for the kids to go there, who would be on this island anyway? They are scared of this island.

There were a lot of tales about mermaids, mermans and scary sea creatures they said that lived here.

Its just a tales anyway well, hopefully it was just a tales.

Chanel ran toward the rocks and barked. She's keep on barking and it seems that something is behind the rock.

I ran toward chanel to checked and to my surprise it was a girl, a naked girl to be exact. She's just starring at me and to chanel, I reached my hands to her.

She grabbed my hands and stand-up. I closed my eyes tightly and removed my sando and hand it to her.

She wears the sando. "What happen to you? Why are you naked? Are you a raped victim or someone is chasing and trying to kill you?" I asked her hurriedly.

"No!" She said while looking into my eyes. I scanned her body but she doesn't have any wounds, she looked perfectly fine.

"I'm thirsty would you please give me something that can quenched my thirst, your higness?" She slightly bow her heads to me.

I pulled her to me and scanned her head but it was fine. "What are you doing, your higness?" She asked me again while i keep on scanning her head.

"You're head is perfectly fine along with your body." I told her as a matter of fact. "It's not yet time, your higness.

Could you please give me something to drink?" She slightly bowed her head to me.

I lead the way to my house and chanel is keep on waggling her tail while sniffing the girl.

I offered her a seat and went to my mini kitchen to get water and i went straight to my bathroom to get towel.

I handed her the towel and the water. She stood up and slightly bow her head again.

She's kinda weird, I just didn't mind her and went to my room to get a pajama and T-shirt.

"Dry yourself and wear this pajama and T-shirt" I handed her the pajama and T-shirt but she slightly bowed her head again to me.

"Could you please stop that? I'm not a prince. Just call me Trey, okay?" I was a little bit annoyed already.

Whatever that makes you comfortable, your high--- oh! Trey!" She looked into my eyes and smiled. She looks so pretty! I didn't noticed it a while ago.

Something inside my chest suddenly beat loud and fast, Something inside my chest is knocking hurriedly as if it wants to come out.

What is it? Why do i have this weird feeling.

"Trey?" She called my name and it pulled me back from my reverie. "Yes? Do you need anything?" I asked her trying to avoid eye contact.

"You're cheeks suddenly become red and you are just starring at me, you okay?" She asked innocently!

"Nothing. Just go and change in my room, i will just make breakfast for us." I turned around and walk away before she could say a thing.

Whats happening to me? I washed my face and head to the pantry and get some bread and spread. I fried some sausages and egg too.

I was preparing the table when what's her name? Yes! I didn't ask her name yet. "What's your name?" I asked her while she's walking towards me.

"You can call me, Aquanta!" She said while looking at me innocently. Im about to laugh when she cut me off!

"We have different names because we are not from the same world. You ate those foods and I only ate raw sea creatures." She looks serious.

Suddenly, The clouds starting to turn gray and the waves is hitting the shore so hard, following by a loud thunder that can scare anyone.

Chanel ran towards me, she looks so scared. I hugged her and starred outside the window since it was open.

The sea looks so different as if it is really mad the waves that hits the shore, the thunder, the sea breeze followed by the smell of the sea and the winds is crazy.

"She already knows that i have found you!" It was aquanta's voice.

She's looking towards the sea as iff she will about to fight whoever will comeout from sea. She looks so determined. Is this some sort of nightmare?

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