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Palacio de Luna/C3 Horribly Housy
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C3 Horribly Housy

I slowly opened my eyes because of the light that comes from the window. Maybe, i forgot to clos---!

Wait, what happen? I quickly got up but my head really hurt badly. I sat on the edge of the bed and hold my head as if its about to split.

"You are already awake, your highness?" It was alodia. She was wearing a sando now but, wait isn't it my sando? "Is that mine?" I asked her with an angry facial expression.

"Yes, your highness. Sorry that i took this, what do you call this, your higness? Aquanta suggested me to wear this.

She gave this to me, she asked me to wear this so you won't get mad at us again. You look so scary a while ago.

" She slightly bowed her head to me. "What? I didn't get mad at you just because your wearing your costume or whatsoever. I ge----" I did not able to finish what im about to say, she already cut me off.

"We don't have food, your higness." She said while still bowing her head.

[Heavy sigh] I can't believe this lady. "What do you call the food that i had in my pantry? They are not a picture they are real and for your additional information they are not even expired or whatsoever."

I rolled my eyes at her and about to got up but my head suddenly ached.

"You okay, your higness?" Alodia quickly hold my elbow and assist me to stand up. "Do not touch me, hands off!" I shouted at her.

She bowed her head again. "I'm terrible sorry, yo-----" I cut her off. "Whatever." I rolled my eyes.

I went out of the room to have some water but, I was surprised what i witnessed.

The pantry, sofa, my mini kitchen they look horrible. What did they do? The can goods are smashed. The lock of my pantry is broken.

The plates are scattered. The foods are everywhere along the sauce. The burner is really messy. Horribly housy!

"What did you doooooooooooo?" I shout as loud as i can to lessen the pissed.

"Your highness?" It was aquanta. "Stop that, would you? Stop calling me your higness! Your highness, my foot. Explain this? Why is it the canned goods are smashed and scattered? Why is it the sink like that? Why is the pantry like that? What happen to the foods here? What happen here?" I shouted again.

I didn't know how to hold anymore my frustration. I was fuming mad. "Abo abou aaa-" Alodia's voice stuttered as if she's really scared, she still bowing her head.

"What?" I asked her while raising my brows.

"About the canned goods, that one! [She pointed at the Corn beef and Meat loaf] I don't know how to open that, it was my first time seeing a what do you call that again, your highness? I stepped one of those and the canned flesh came out and splash. It smell good but taste different. I stepped on this, too [she was now pointing to a canned sardines] I thought it was a fish that trap inside but, when i stepped on it, they came out too but, why they are beheaded? It's really cruel, your higness.

Whoever did this would pay a valuable price. This is the foods of humans and sea creatures. Humans was really cruel, how could they do this? This one too, your higness [pointing at the sink] a lot of water comes out of it but, it taste different as if it mixed with chemicals. This one too [pointing at the pantry] I did not know how to open it until i accidentally break it. This one too [pointing at the burner] you know im just trying----]

I already cut her off. I really feel annoyed that any moment i might explode.

She was explaining as if she is so innocent. How can she pretend like this? Is she an artist or what? F*ck! "Clean this house as fast as you could and leave. Do you understand me?"

I dragged them both to the burner and open it. "You are both innocent, right? [ I looked them on their eyes but they are still bowing their heads]are you just pretending? What a pretentious b*tch! As you can see it's a fire.

This one is fire [ I open the burner and show them] It can burn the both of you, even alive. Do you understand me? I will burn you both of you, If won't clean this mess and leave.]

I walked out from the room and went inside my room. I was really annoyed. That's the only food that i had. That's my stocks for a week.

I just cannot simply leave this shore just because i want to leave. Those two! [ Sighs heavily] If they are just a guy. I already punched them.

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