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C4 Tails or Tales

My head suddenly ached again.

Maybe, it's just because im really pissed right now. I'm about to massage my neck but my hand suddenly touch the back of my neck that has something on it.

What is this? I pulled the whatever it is at the back of my head. It's a crushed leaves.

Yes! It's because of that woman. Who is that woman? I didn't see her face, it was already blurry maybe, it because i hit my head and i lose conciousness.

I forgot to ask those two weirds since the kitchen incident.

Whoaaaaa! I can't believe this. My curiosity is really killing me. Who is that woman? Yeah![gasped in surprise] Palace? Family? Alive? What are they talking about? Who are those weird woman? The waves, thunder and lightning is really crazy but they don't seem scared.

Are they trying to trick me again or they are filming something? But, they don't have any company. When they are doing the filming, they bring a lot of staff, right? They have a camera everywhere, too. That what i saw on the television. But, what if they are not lying?

No. I will ask them. I quickly went out the room but they are not outside anymore.

The house is so clean. The pantry and mess? It's just a few minutes.

Is it a hallucination? I quickly ran to the pantry and opened it but the canned goods is now gone, so it means that i'am not hallucinating or something.

I ran outside the house but, i can't see the ladies. I need to see them and ask them.

I ran to the rocks hoping that they are there. "Your higness, what are you doing there?" It was alodia.

She was still wearing my sando. They are in the sea waving at me. I waved back and ran to them. I cannot wait until my curiousity will be answered. When i reach the shore, i can't see -- "your higness?" It was alodia.

I turned to my left side and it was her. What is she wearing, a fish tail? No. My imagination is really driving me crazy.

C'mmon let's be nice and ask them kindly, okay self? Calm down! [Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, patting my chest] "what you doing, your highness?"

It was aquanta this time, she looked worried and when i looked at her feet, she was wearing the same as alodia a fish tail but her is color gold while alodia is blue.

"Where did you get that?" I asked them, trying to hold my anger or laughter? I don't know anymore.

I'am beyond confused with my emotion and what is happening right now? Could this be a dream.

I'm trying my best here to be kind, do not answer me with weird crap, please! I'm talking now to my mind.

"This is our tail, your higness." It was alodia.

I looked at her with a fake smile. "So are you trying to say that you have those tails since birth? You can be human in land? Most of all you can fool me? Where in 21'st century where mermaids, mermans, vampires, wolves, fairy, goddess, elves, goblin, dwarfs or whatever the hell it is.

It's just a mere tales, they don't exist. They just exist to those who persist to believe them. They are just made from the writers, bloggers, dramas and whatever it is for living.

People make a living, so some of them are trying to create extra ordinary creatures for it to be catchy, to gain more readers or viewers. They even use to scare for children in asia so they could take a nap or whatever.

There are many tales about them. Some of them is the most sought book for children. They are childrens favorite, too. Ariel, Snow white, cinderella, beauty and the beast, and so --.

I looked at them again and their tails is starting to dissapear.

I gasped in shock, don't tell me? Oh no, I'am not going to faint again. Not aga -- and it went black.

"Father, Father do not go. Do not leave me here. It's really scary." The little boy called her father while sobbing but, the boy's father really left him in the rocks.

Few hours passed, he fell asleep.

Hour passed, the sun is already shinning brightly but his father didn't came back.

He slowly opened his eyes and quickly got up. He was so surprised that he forgot what happen last night.

He looked at the sea, from a far he can see the wreck shipped. Bodies are scattered everywhere.

He look so scared. Did anyone survive? Yes! He's father. The boy ran to the shore while wailling. "Father, Father, Fatheeeeeeeeeeer Noooo!"

I gasped in shocked. What happen to the boys father? I want to ran and help but I cannot move.

I wan't to scream but i don't have any voice. What is happening? "Fatheeeeeeeeee----!

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